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“Vice-Chairman, it won’t just be Jin’fu City. Judging by the rate at which dire beasts are entering, it won’t even take them a month to increase a hundredfold in the 13 Eastern Cities,” Zhuge Yi said gloomily. “Furthermore, the majority of the dire beasts entering through the crack are Bestial Flying Locusts. If they continue to enter for three more days, then we will see massive changes.”

Just thinking about Bestial Flying Locusts everywhere sent shivers down one’s spine.

“Therefore, we should probably make a decision fast!”

Zhuge Yi’s voice was icy and emotionless. The suggestion he had made earlier had basically been a death penalty.

Jin Zaitian, Lu Qubing, as well as the other army leaders shuddered in their own seats. The 13 Eastern Cities still had quite a number of secret bases within those little cracks in space.

However, once the 13 Eastern Cities were lost, those bases would simply have no more resources and would ultimately die.

What else could they do without any preparations, though?

“We could avoid this. When the Martial God returns, perhaps everything will go back to how it was before!” a middle-aged man said. His mellow face was calm, but his trembling legs betrayed him.

Lu Qubing coughed acutely.

The middle-aged man’s expression turned ugly when he heard that cough. He stared at Lu Qubing like a wounded beast.

He knew very well what he had said, but the fact that Lu Qubing wasn’t treating him with respect made him feel really angry.

Besides, Lu Qubing wouldn’t live much longer!

He had heard from a confidential source that Lu Qubing only had 20 or so days of life left.

He had originally decided not to offend someone who was on their deathbed. Even if they went crazy on him, it still wouldn’t be worth it.

However, he also didn’t care much about someone who had 20 days left to live.

How could a person who was about to die make any difference?

This was an unstable period of time. Practically the entire Rising Dragon Army was pressing towards Jin’fu City, so he couldn’t afford to be apprehensive.

“What did you mean by that cough, Viceroy Lu? Do you think that I’m wrong? Or perhaps you have an even wiser idea?”

Lu Qubing had never liked this middle-aged man, but he had always let him be because he was a trusted aide of Jin Zaitian.

He hadn’t liked what the other man had said right from the start. If they followed his suggestion, then they would be abandoning the 13 Eastern Cities and 90% of their population.

“What you’re saying is just bullsh*t!” Lu Qubing’s voice contained a boundless fury. As he spoke, he had another violent coughing fit.

“Why are you shouting at other people? If you don’t have a better idea, then I-I won’t let you off!” The middle-aged man then told Jin Zaitian loudly, “Vice-Chairman, a gentleman like me would rather die honorably than live disgracefully”

Jin Zaitian waved his hands. “Alright, now is not the time to bicker. What do you have in mind, Old Lu?”

“I have an idea that isn’t really an idea. We should try asking Luo Yunyang!” Lu Qubing said resolutely after pondering the situation for a second.

“The Skyfall Stronghold, which he oversees, is currently the safest stronghold. The Jade Bone Bird hasn’t been active lately!” Lu Qubing coughed. He took a yellow handkerchief out of his sleeve and covered his mouth.

“He is our best hope. He is the only god-grade powerhouse we can call upon right now!”

When Lu Qubing was done speaking, the room fell silent. Nobody made a sound or uttered a word. All they did was stare at Jin Zaitian without blinking.

Jin Zaitian was their backbone after all. This was a crucial period that would decide the fate of the 13 Eastern Cities, so only he could make a decision.

“Luo Yunyang ranks 10th on the Divine List. Although he isn’t considered an ultimate powerhouse, he is pretty close.”

A man in his 50s with delicate features said softly, “We also asked another god-grade powerhouse for support, but Lie Fangfeng unfortunately was defeated by the Primordial Diabolical Bull’s horns.”

“Luo Yunyang’s strength is an important aspect, but the Skyfall Stronghold really affects the safety of Shen’du City.”

“Shen’du is the fundamental capital of the 13 Eastern Cities,” the chubby man with the mellow face said in an unquestionable tone. “If Shen’du faces a problem, the situation will be way trickier than in Jin’fu City.”

“Your suggestion is a gamble, Viceroy Lu. It would put our lives at stake! Lu Yunyang simply can’t handle the Primordial Diabolical Bull!”

Lu Qubing’s cough became even stronger as the assembly’s atmosphere became even more rigid. For a moment, it even felt as if the air had frozen up.

Lu Qubing stopped coughing with some difficulty and said, “I would like to ask everyone to believe in Luo Yunyang. He”

Just as Lu Qubing was about to try convincing them again, a Rising Dragon Army Lieutenant Colonel came rushing in.

Given his rank, he shouldn’t have come in. However, he was sweating as profusely as if he had been running for a long time, so no one said anything.

“Reporting, Viceroy!” the man walked up to Lu Qubing and said, “Commissar Luo has already left the Skyfall Stronghold and is headed towards Jin’fu City!”

This news stunned everyone who had found it hard to reach a consensus. Many people found this unexpected.

The mellow middle-aged man snarled loudly. “What is going on? Why Why did he leave the Skyfall Stronghold on his own accord? Does he know what sort of place the Skyfall Stronghold is? He He is simply undisciplined! Deal with him. He must be disciplined properly!”

As the mellow middle-aged man’s shouts echoed around the conference room, nobody said anything.

“He ranks 10th on the Divine List. Although he isn’t among the strongest powerhouses, he is still a god-grade powerhouse. How do we deal with him?” asked Zhuge Yi.

Although there was no hint of mockery in his words, everyone was able to sense how ridiculous this was.

The middle-aged man felt as though he had been smacked in the face by a door.

However, he couldn’t say a thing now.

While he had been hooting, he had forgotten a basic fact: Luo Yunyang was a god-grade powerhouse he could not afford to offend.

Whether Luo Yunyang could be mobilized or not wasn’t a decision that the Da Alliance could make. That decision was up to Johann.

“He He must have a death wish!” the mellow middle-aged man said rather indignantly.

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