Supreme Uprising Chapter 30

Chapter 30


After all these purchases, Luo Yunyang suddenly realized that he had already spent 32,000 points.

This meant that he was currently only left with 3,000 points.

At first, he had been a nouveau riche with 35,000 points, but in the blink of an eye he had become a pauper with only 3,000 points. In any case, he still had to eat.

Luo Yunyang clicked on gourmet food, but did not look further down. He immediately clicked on the option to arrange it from cheapest to most expensive so he would not get another heart attack.

“Golden Deer Meat 50 kilos, 100 points!”

“C-grade Dire Beast Blood-Eyed Bull Meat 0.5 kilos, 300 points!”

“C-grade Dire Beast Groundhog Meat 5 kilos, 3,000 points!”

“B-grade Dire Beast Steel-Scaled Python 5 kilos, 30,000 points!”

At first, Luo Yunyang had thought that the Basic Telekinesis Cultivation manual was really expensive, but now it seemed like food was way more expensive than that.

How would he eat? Just as Luo Yunyang was about to purchase some Golden Deer Meat just to get by, he realized that he actually had over 25,000 points left.

To be specific, he actually had 25,400 points.

This was because of the 70% discount the Newcomer King received for any purchases.

Ecstatic, Luo Yunyang clicked on the 5 kilos of Steel-Scaled Python Meat. If he only paid 30% of the original price, then he could actually afford it.

As soon as Luo Yunyang clicked on it, he heard a knock on the door.

When he opened it, he was greeted with a breathtaking sight. A beautiful woman with unforgettable features was tilting her head and staring at him. Her beautiful eyes were like autumn waters filled with curiosity.

“Why are you staring at me this way?” Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t a reserved person, being stared at by such a beautiful woman made him feel a little uneasy.

“He he Who would think that the Newcomer King would be embarrassed? Oh, I just wanted to see what this group’s Newcomer King looked like,” the girl said gently as she extended her fair hand. “This is all the stuff that you ordered. I have delivered them. All you need to do is sign for them. Oh, I forgot. These cultivation techniques all have an owner, so if you share them with others in private, you will be violating the owners’ rights. You must be aware that the consequences are very serious. You are the only one who can use these cultivation techniques.”

Luo Yunyang hadn’t thought that the cultivation techniques he had purchased would be delivered that quickly. He accepted the parcel, thanked the girl and closed the door.

“What an idiot! He is on a whole new level of insensitivity!” The girl’s soft gaze seemed to become ice-cold.

The girl pouted and lifted up a small mirror to look at her refined face before she mumbled to herself, “My charm hasn’t decreased. Why is this guy trying to get rid of me? Is he too young? That must definitely be the case. You just wait! We shall see how long you will be able to hold out!”

After his recent experience with computers, Luo Yunyang had thought that all these cultivation techniques would be inside a tiny storage device.

When he opened the box though, he realized that his guess had been wrong.

They were actual books!

Books had an ancient charm that gave people a sense of enjoyment. Luo Yunyang picked up the first book and read the words written on it: “Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques, Luo Kai!”

Although this book was a duplicate, as Luo Yunyang read those six words, he could feel a firm aura reflected in his mind.

When Luo Yunyang had read the seven words at the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters, they had been so sharp that they could have shattered the skies.

Now, the six words that were imprinted in Luo Yunyang’s mind were so forceful, that it felt as if they could split both Heaven and Earth.

As soon as he saw those six words, Luo Yunyang shut his eyes unconsciously and raised his Mind Attribute to the max.

Power: 0.1

Speed: 0.1

Mind: 23.4

Constitution: 0.1

Thanks to his formidable Mind Power, that blurry feeling suddenly became clear. Luo Yunyang felt like an incarnation of the Earth. He was incomparably forceful.

This sort of forceful enlightenment was a little worse than the way he had comprehended the words at the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters. Luo Kai’s true intention was not inferior, but what Luo Yunyang was reading was a mere duplicate.

The Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques were exceptionally fierce. When used, they met force with force and pitted strength against strength.

The first words made Luo Yunyang’s eyes light up, but what followed made him frown.

This technique required immense strength. If one’s strength wasn’t sufficient, then splitting a mountain would be impossible. If one’s strength wasn’t sufficient, they would just hurt themselves. Therefore, in order to cultivate the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques in the martialist realm, one had to have a strength of 15,000 kilos.

They had to meet that requirement at all costs!

Luo Yunyang pondered this seriously for a while and eventually decided not to read the book for the time being. Martial God Luo Kai was the number one person in the Da Alliance, so this was definitely no joking matter.

He would wait until his strength reached 15,000 kilos before making a decision.

It seemed like the Da Alliance was full of strong people!

Luo Yunyang set the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques down and flipped open another book. It was the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps manual.

Although this book was a thoroughly printed copy, it was very thin. There were only about 10 lines explaining the technique and seven illustrations.

Luo Yunyang’s Mind Attribute was at 23.4, so when his eyes swept across the illustrations, he understood the movements depicted completely.

He got up immediately. He wanted to cultivate the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps, but he realized that he was moving very slowly.

He set his attributes back to normal right away.

Power: 9.9

Speed: 2.2

Mind: 1.8

Constitution: 10

Luo Yunyang jumped around quickly. As he practised this skill, he alternated between three locations in the room.

According to the book, being able to jump to three different locations in under 10 seconds meant that he was able to cross the basic threshold.

His ability to cross the basic threshold was naturally related to Luo Yunyang’s amazing perception. If he hadn’t been able to comprehend the true intent of the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps, even crossing the basic threshold would have required a certain period of cultivation.

Luo Yunyang could only jump to three different locations because his speed was too slow. According to the manual, if one increased their speed, they would only need to practise.

This was too much trouble, so Luo Yunyang decided to raise his Speed Attribute.

He thought about it for a bit, and then used his attribute regulator to raise his Speed to 10.

When he used the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps again, he realized in astonishment that all it took was a gentle leap for him to bounce between eight locations.

This clearly exceeded the limits of the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps.

Luo Yunyang was pleased. All he had done was follow the book’s instructions and he had mastered the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps in no time.

Pleased with himself, he patted his head and muttered, “What am I learning the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps for? Aren’t I doing it to improve my speed and increase my attributes?’

He hurriedly decreased his attributes and got ready to train from top to bottom.

If he started training from the bottom, he would encounter some difficulties and experience surprises. However, if he started training from the top, he would feel like a waterfall flowing down fast without any obstructions.

When he reduced his Speed Attribute to 6, he almost failed to create seven after-images. A problem had occurred there.

When he lowered his Speed to 5, he managed to move between six locations in under 10 seconds. His attempt was still a little disjointed, though.

Once, twice, thrice…

As Luo Yunyang trained, he lowered his Speed Attribute more and more. As a result, his Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps Technique became more and more proficient. Eventually, when Luo Yunyang lowered his Speed to 3, he could still move between seven locations in under 10 seconds.

When Luo Yunyang lowered his Speed Attribute once again, he realized that no matter how hard he worked, the best he could do was move between seven locations in under 10 seconds.

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