Supreme Uprising Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Startling The Meru Realm

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“Master, I advise you to have a good rest, as you will be entering the Meru Realm tomorrow. If you break the current records, you will be able to get 100 contribution points!” Badebu, who stood atop the screen in the manor, shouted in Luo Yunyang’s direction while physically transformed as a small fiend.

The Meru Realm was important indeed!

It was an important aspect of the Bloody Massacre Path. Due to the vastness of the galaxy, numerous matters regarding the Bloody Massacre Path had to be discussed in a virtual world. The Meru Realm was a virtual world made by a mystic object belonging to the Bloody Massacre Path.

Not only could this virtual world communicate with the world outside, but it could also work independently on its own.

Luo Yunyang took a look at Badebu and laughed. “Only 100 contribution points? Isn’t that a little stingy?”

“My noble owner, these 100 contribution points are very hard to earn. Let me give you an example. There are actually many people in the Blood Spirit Sky willing to use 10 star dollars just to buy one contribution point. However, the problem is that nobody wishes to sell.”

Luo Yunyang was well-aware of the value of the star dollar. One star dollar was actually sufficient to buy an entire planet. However, one contribution point cost 10 star dollars. Luo Yunyang started to understand the value of contribution points better.

“That really makes me want to break those records!” Luo Yunyang rubbed his chin as he mumbled to himself.

“Master, your confidence is as vast as the stars and the ocean. You really make me feel inferior!” the little fiend said in an effort to flatter Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang sensed a tinge of sarcasm in his flattering words.

He did not bother arguing with the little devil. Instead, he picked up a book about the Blood Spirit Sky.

Entering the virtual world of the Meru Realm required using a communication device. Luo Yunyang could still use his old communication device, but he needed to submit a series of passwords in order to enter.

“Welcome, Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang!” A delicate female voice rang out next to Luo Yunyang’s ear. “This is your first time entering the Meru Realm, so a test will have to be run on your various qualities.”

As this voice spoke, Luo Yunyang discovered that he had appeared in an expanse of space. All around him was a bunch of lifelike stars.

Every planet was so huge that he felt like a tiny ant among all these stars.

“Blood Disciple, please use all your strength to strike the stars all around you. Their grades get higher from left to right. Usually, most initiated Star-Grade entities choose the first star!”

Luo Yunyang studied the huge star for a bit before striking the leftmost star with his fist.

Although he was within a virtual world, the moment Luo Yunyang thought about striking, he felt all the power within the realm inside his body gather onto his virtual hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A fist was thrown, causing the star to shatter. Glittering particles rapidly dispersed in every direction.

“Blood Disciple, you have destroyed a star. Would you like to continue?” The mechanical voice rang out in Luo Yunyang’s ear again.

If Badebu had not warned him, given his temperament, Luo Yunyang would have tried to keep a lower profile.

However, he wasn’t prepared to do so in the Blood Spirit Sky.

Luo Yunyang immediately spoke up. “What is the highest record set during this strength test?”

“Usually, the martialists accepted into the Blood Spirit Sky are at the Star-Grade Realm. Therefore, the Star-Grade record is the most difficult to break. The answer to your question is six stars. This record was set more than 10,000 years ago by Blood Disciple Lanwei.”

Six stars?

Although destroying the first star didn’t seem difficult, the remaining five would probably be even harder to destroy.

Luo Yunyang pulled his fist back and struck a second time. It still wasn’t that difficult to shatter the star. However, Luo Yunyang believed that this star was at least twice as hard to destroy.

Then, he shattered a third, a fourth, and a fifth star!

When he shattered the fifth star, Luo Yunyang sensed that his power was nearly consumed. Although he still had some left, it definitely wouldn’t be enough to break a sixth star.

Unfortunately, there was no reward for destroying only five stars. Those points were worth 10 star dollars each!

Luo Yunyang immediately opened the attribute regulator in his mind.

Power: 55 (Fire: 54)

Mind: 1

Speed: 2

Constitution: 8

Origin Source Law: (Wind: 12, Earth: 17)

Luo Yunyang was left a little speechless when he glanced at the golden words. His own Mind, Speed and Constitution wouldn’t be able to provide much support.

He had also tried using Origin Source Law before. Although its grade wasn’t too high, the points of his Origin Source Law couldn’t be transferred to his main four attributes.

Luo Yunyang only left 0.5 points in his Mind, Speed and Constitution, causing his Power to reach 64.5 points. Although he didn’t know whether 64.5 points would be enough to break the sixth star, he still decided to give it a try.

His strength had been boosted by absorbing an entire Fundamental Planetary Source, as well as the seven realms of the Star-Grade Realm.

However, a predecessor of the Bloody Massacre Path had actually completely relied on his strength to smash six stars.


Luo Yunyang’s sturdy punch smashed hard against the sixth star. In an instant, the sixth star shook vigorously. The resonating shockwaves made Luo Yunyang’s body vibrate continuously.

Just as Luo Yunyang thought that he had probably failed, the sixth star split into three pieces within the void.

When the first star had been destroyed, glittery stardust had been strewn everywhere. However, this star looked like a split melon in comparison.

It seemed like this record really wasn’t that easy to break!

As Luo Yunyang whined about not being able to get the 100 contribution points, a voice rang out beside his ear. “Congratulations for breaking six stars, Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang. You have surpassed all previous results and set a new record!”

What was going on? Wasn’t the previous record six stars? Luo Yunyang had only

As if someone had read his thoughts, an image appeared before Luo Yunyang. This image depicted a star that had been split into two parts.

Luo Yunyang was speechless when he saw the star that was split into two. This had worked!

When Luo Yunyang left that expanse of stars, all the Bloody Massacre Path martialists that had registered with the Meru Realm received a message.

“Congratulations to Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang for breaking six stars and setting a new record!”

This news was little more than a tiny ripple to actual higher-ups like the Bloody Massacre Path Master. However, it was very shocking for all the blood disciples.

The Bloody Massacre Killing Arena was held every 100 years. As of now, there were more than 1,000 blood disciples cultivating in the Blood Spirit Sky. Every single one of them had experienced all sorts of tests upon entering the Meru Realm.

When it came to breaking stars to test their strength, many people were full of anticipation. However, no one could ultimately break the six-star record.

In District One, three youngsters were sitting in chairs on a beach. As they watched the rising tide, one frowned and cried out, “This fellow is a real sicko!”

One of his comrades, a guy with a golden dragon scale on his forehead, chuckled. “It’s pretty normal for his strength to be slightly greater. He has absorbed an entire Fundamental Planetary Source after all.”

“Given the boss’ cultivation base, defeating him and entering the Top Blood District will be easy.”

The person referred to as ‘the boss’ was a rather gentle-looking young man who was flipping through a book silently. At first glance, he looked like a student who loved to read.

“Don’t underestimate anyone!” The young guy closed the book in his hands and turned to the guy with the golden scale on his forehead. “Although we are unparalleled in District One, the Top Blood District is a different matter”

Just as the guy was about to say something, yet another voice rang out. “Congratulations to Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang for surpassing the speed of sound by 100 times and setting a new record!”

Practically everyone who received this message stiffened. A person’s strength alone wasn’t scary. However, when a person had both a powerful base of strength and great speed, they were terrifying.

“This is the most annoying type of opponent, Boss,” the first young man said frankly.

The man known as the boss nodded his head. “You are naturally quick, but your offensive strength is weak. Speed is your forte. However, now that Luo Yunyang has broken both the power and speed record, he will be a formidable opponent.”

The guy with the dragon scale on his forehead snorted. “So what if he is quick and powerful? I really want to have a match with him and let him have a taste of the dragon-man clan’s Combat-Dragon Tyrannical Body!”

The so-called boss frowned but didn’t say anything. Perhaps this was just the way people werethey didn’t envy strangers soaring high, but fretted over the people nearby that were stronger than them.

Although he could understand his comrades’ displeasure, he didn’t like their wild ways. Deep down, he believed that what his comrade had said didn’t really make sense.

Not only did the dragon-man race have great combat abilities, but their bodies could also withstand great pressure. This sort of robust bodies brought the dragon-men many benefits and made them extremely tough.

“Congratulations to Luo Yunyang for withstanding the pressure of the ninth gravity planet and setting a new record!”

The dragon-man, who had been about to speak again, choked when he heard this news.

Although he could currently withstand even more pressure than the ninth gravity planet, his initial results had been lower than Luo Yunyang’s by four whole gravity planets.

“He’s a real sicko!”

As a chain of messages circulated continuously between all the blood disciples, many people felt threatened.

When someone was all the rage, people would talk about them nonstop. Luo Yunyang was no exception. Some people even predicted that yet another absolute powerhouse of this generation was going to rise up the Blood Spirit Sky.

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