Supreme Uprising Chapter 444

Chapter 444 The Blood Of Geniuses Floods The Heavens

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“Where is Luo Yunyang?” In the Bloody Massacre Path’s Meru Realm, the Bloody Massacre Path Master and a few other rulers were sitting in a hall only they could enter.

The Meru Realm itself had a hyper-intelligent system, so following the Blood Space Ruler’s words, a mockup of the meteorite field appeared in front of their eyes.

“Luo Yunyang is currently in an 80,000-mile-long Meteorite Corridor. It’s impossible for spaceships to pass through this corridor. The only option is to physically maneuver through the field.”

The mechanical voice echoed throughout the hall.

“According to our intelligence, elites from the Nine Paths have gathered within the 80,000-mile Meteorite Corridor and are preparing to ambush Luo Yunyang.”

“Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou have the highest rank in terms of combat power, as they have joined forces.”

“Yuan Jimie from the Dark Shadow Path has entered the 80,000-mile Meteorite Corridor!”

“The three elites of the Green Wood Path, the Phantom Mirage Path and the Acute Metal Path have entered the corridor together!”

“According to the surveillance array formation in the meteorite corridor, the number of Star-Grade martialists inside exceeds 500!”

“The probability of Luo Yunyang successfully passing through the meteorite corridor is down by half.”

As mechanical voices spoke repeatedly, the Blood Space Ruler’s expression was solemn and grave.

He knew that this would be an extremely dangerous war, as countless people were willing to sacrifice their lives. Luo Yunyang was currently in a very bad position.

Great heroes were vying for supremacy!

As he held the token in his hand, Luo Yunyang slaughtered his way through the meteorite field. Even though he seemed invincible, the true elites were still hiding and awaiting his arrival.

“Blood Thunder, you oversee the meteorite corridor. Have you seen anyone beyond the Star-Grade Level?” the Blood Space Ruler asked a cold-looking man who gave off a crazy aura.

The Blood Thunder was amongst the top rulers of the Bloody Massacre Path. In order to ensure that no one beyond the Star-Grade would appear at the last moment, the Blood Thunder had been tasked to oversee the Kun Yu Planet.

He was not the only one. There were actually 10 rulers based on the Kun Yu Planet. Even though they were not making any moves, their presence there was still very intimidating.

“Yes, there are nine Nebula-Grade existences!” the Blood Thunder said coldly.

The Blood Space Ruler was stunned by his answer. He had asked just in case there were any intruders, yet he had not expected that there would really be some individuals beyond the Star-Grade in the meteorite corridor.

“So why aren’t you guys taking action?” Luo Yunyang had always been important to the Blood Space Ruler. Thus, knowing that there were such dangerous existences lurking there really dissatisfied him.

“They have self-severed themselves by destroying their Nebula cultivation and returning to the Star-Grade,” the Blood Thunder Ruler said coldly, “They are considered Star-Grade entities now.”

Self-severed Star-Grade entities?

“Take into account what the Blood Thunder Ruler said and recalculate Luo Yunyang’s chances of leaving the meteorite field successfully!”

“One percent!” the mechanical voice said automatically.

The Blood Space Ruler, who could no longer take it, blew up. “Shut the f*ck up! No one will assume you are a mute if you remain silent!”

“Ruler, you’ve attacked the Meru Realm. I cannot attack a ruler like you, so I will decrease your scope of authority in the Meru Realm by one grade effective immediately.”

This time, the voice of a little girl was heard instead.

The Blood Space Ruler had an ugly expression on his face. Although he wasn’t unhappy that his scope of authority would decrease, he felt humiliated when the machine threatened him in front of everyone.

While the Blood Space Ruler was sulking, the Blood Thunder said, “After discussing this with nine other rulers, we have decided that we can make use of the communication device positioning system to broadcast the situation on the meteorite field.”

“Meru! Connect us!” the Blood Space Ruler commanded. At his command, a large screen appeared in the center of the hall.

Countless meteorites appeared on the screen, giving off a rather claustrophobic feeling.

There were also some flickering light spots among the meteorites.

“Take a look at Luo Yunyang’s situation!” the Blood Space Ruler bellowed.

“My apologies, Ruler, but you do not have the authority to do so!” the mechanical voice said again, echoing throughout the hall.

The Blood Space Ruler felt like blowing his top. However, he was helpless. He could do nothing about the Meru Realm’s intelligence system.

“Display Luo Yunyang’s location and current state,” the Bloody Massacre Path Master, who was seated in the center, instructed.

Although Luo Yunyang’s position appeared shortly, he was not the only one there. There was another flickering light spot close by.

Without any further instructions from the Bloody Massacre Path Master, the two light spots transformed into two fighting individuals.

“That’s Lie Qingcheng from the Wild Gale Path!” a ruler said as a spear gathered 1,000 layers of waves and tunneled overwhelmingly towards Luo Yunyang.

Lie Qingcheng was the number one genius of the Wild Gale Path. All the Bloody Massacre Path Rulers had heard of his name, even though he had never visited the Bloody Massacre Path.

Lie Qingcheng, who specialized in Wind and Metal Origin Source Laws, was known as the Berserk Attacker. This was because he practiced the third-grade cultivation path called the Heaven-Splitting Berserker Path.

10 years ago, when someone had ranked all the elites of the youngest generation of the Nine Paths, Lie Qingcheng had ranked second.

He had ranked even higher than Ke Linqi.

Countless spear-lights covered the entire space, all containing the incisiveness of Metal Origin Source Law.

Luo Yunyang was extremely composed as he faced Lie Qingcheng’s crazy attacks. Just before the countless spear-lights could reach him, he moved his palm towards them.

Chaotic Holes formed one after another, forming a vortex around Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who looked like a god within the circle of the Chaotic Holes, gave off an incomprehensible vibe.

Although countless spear-lights flew towards his Chaotic Holes, all of them eventually disappeared in an instant.

In a split second, Lie Qingcheng’s berserk attacks had been neutralized completely.

Meteorites shattered continuously during this exchange, while the meteorites that were very close to the two men were attracted by Luo Yunyang’s Chaotic Holes.

Lie Qingcheng attacked again without waiting. Unlike his previous berserk attacks, this time, he executed an exceptionally simple spear strike.

He used the Space-Fracturing Spear!

The wind ripped apart the void, while the metal blew everything else away!

The combination of Wind Origin Source Law and Metal Origin Source Law was like a spear that could split the sky.

Although this spear strike was simple, it was enough to rip apart the void in a strange and profound fashion!

The Blood Space Ruler and the others, who were in the Meru Realm, were astonished by the strike of the spear. They suddenly realized what it was.

“Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole Path is in danger! It has broken through the seal of the void!”

Although the Great Chaotic Hole was able to devour everything, in the face of this void-ripping spear strike, its devouring ability seemed to disappear.

However, just as everyone got deeply worried, a massive repulsive force came blasting out of the Chaotic Hole.

Countless meteorites were brought forth by this earth-shaking force and pushed along with the spear-lights containing the power of Wind and Metal Origin Source Laws towards Lie Qingcheng.

Lie Qingcheng’s expression changed. He suddenly chose to focus on defense without waiting for his Space-Fracturing Spear to finish. Countless spear-lights converged to form a wind barrier.

Although the wind barrier was ubiquitous and gap-less, the spear-lights and meteorites repelled by the Chaotic Holes managed to leave cracks on it when they came into contact with it.

With a wave of Luo Yunyang’s arm, the Myriad Convergence Ring transformed into four Chaotic Holes and enveloped Lie Qingcheng.

Although Lie Qingcheng was brandishing his spear frantically, his defeat had already been set in stone.

Lie Qingcheng, who was surrounded by the four Chaotic Holes, felt an extremely strong ripping force constantly consuming his energy.

Fear slowly crept into his face.

“Lie Qingcheng has been defeated!” said a ruler in the Meru Realm coldly.

Meanwhile, the Blood Thunder Ruler seemed to have received a message. After pondering it for a moment, he said solemnly, “I’ve just received a call from the Wind Song Ruler of the Wild Gale Path. He wants us to ask Luo Yunyang to stop.”

“They will withdraw themselves from the fight over the Extreme Mystic Token and compensate us with a treasure worth a million star dollars!”

Everyone’s expression changed upon hearing the Blood Thunder Ruler’s words. However, they immediately turned to the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

The look on the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s face was exceptionally cold. He pondered this offer for a second before replying frostily, “Everything was already set in stone the moment the Nine-Path Galaxy Decree was issued. Life and death are determined by fate, and wealth and honor are granted by the heavens. Therefore, there is no need to intervene. Let nature take its course!”

A ruler’s face fell upon hearing this. He turned towards the Bloody Massacre Path Master and said, “In that case, we might be treating the Wild Gale Path with hostility”

“They didn’t worry about offending us when they decided to join the hunt for Luo Yunyang’s Extreme Mystic Token. Therefore, we have no obligation to pay attention to this message.”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master interjected coldly before that ruler could finish his sentence. The Bloody Massacre Path Master felt that he had to be fair to Luo Yunyang and support him fully. Otherwise, how would Luo Yunyang feel like he belonged at the Bloody Massacre Path? He was someone with limitless potential that would definitely become a prominent figure in the future.

If Luo Yunyang thought that the Bloody Massacre Path could not give him the support he needed at such a crucial moment, then even if he still hung around in the future, he would not get along with everyone else. This wasn’t what the Bloody Massacre Path Master wanted.

After hearing the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s resolute decision, the ruler didn’t dare say anything else.

Meanwhile, the screen transitioned to a struggling Lie Qingcheng, who had been surrounded in an instant by four Chaotic Holes.

In the blink of an eye, the Chaotic Holes dissipated, leaving behind only drops of blood and a spear in the void.

Lie Qingcheng was dead!

In the Wild Gale Path’s Meru Realm, the expression of the many high-level executives who saw the remaining droplets of blood turned extremely ugly.

The Fiery Sun Path, the Green Wood Path, the Dark Shadow Path

Almost all the higher-level executives of these respective paths felt their hearts drop upon seeing the droplets of blood floating within the void.

This blood belonged to the geniuses they had painstakingly nurtured. Besides, this was only the beginning.

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