Supreme Uprising Chapter 46

Chapter 46


Luo Yunyang stared at Bai Yushui as he said with a hint of sarcasm, “I thought the stakes here were equal, but it seems like you want gain without pain. If you don’t have the guts to do this, then why don’t you just scram?”

Bai Yushui’s face turned dark right away.

Someone on the second floor said dully, “Even though we are only older by a couple of years, I have to say that I already feel outdated.”

“How could he be able to utter such shameless words so vehemently? It sounds like Bai Yushui doesn’t have any guts! Ha ha!”

“I expected nothing less from the leader of the Ardent Sun Group. His skin is really thick…”

“Old Bai looks terrified. Ha ha ha! If a kid scares you, then why bother hanging around here?”

The short-haired competent woman laughed heartily. “This is exactly my type of guy. His skin is thick, and his words are slick. He sounds so pompous and righteous! He is really anxious to make his mark!”

“Ha ha ha! What a joke!” Bai Yushui said. He had already taken out a purple ginseng. “The value of this purple ginseng is one million points. Several of us had to strive to obtain it. Didn’t you want a bet? Alright, if I lose, you can have this.”

The purple ginseng, which was as thick as a fist, looked like a little human-shaped figurine. As Luo Yunyang looked at it, he could sense the huge amount of sixth factor it contained.

As soon as the purple ginseng made an appearance, the sixth factor rapidly converged on it.

“Don’t you have fists, kid? Come on, let’s see if your fists are strong than my Frost Palm!” Bai Yushui said cockily as he threw the purple ginseng onto a table.

Bai Yuming stood in a corner, watching his heroic uncle expectantly.

Luo Yunyang was going to get thrashed, and he was just going to enjoy the show.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the purple ginseng and muttered something to himself before throwing a Nanshan punch in Bai Yushui’s direction.

He hadn’t used his attribute regulator for this move. He wanted to see what sort of difference there was between him and a martial master in terms of strength.

“Good hit!” Bai Yushui roared with laughter. He didn’t make a fist. Instead, he just brandished his palm over at Luo Yunyang.

The instant their fist and palm collided in the void, Luo Yunyang felt cold Qi penetrate his arm.

Suddenly, traces of light blue ice started forming on his arm.

“Martial masters possess source cores, Big Brother Yunyang, so their power can be supplemented with all sorts of attributes. You will lose if you meet their force with force!” Chen Yong shouted.

Unfortunately, he had shouted a little too late.

Luo Yunyang felt as if his arm was being pricked by needles. He shook his left arm vigorously in an effort to drive away the frost, but it didn’t have much of an effect.

Thus, he decided to use the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move.

Luo Yunyang leapt in the air and struck down with his arms. As all the muscles in his body vibrated, the icy feeling dissipated by half.

When their fist and palm had collided, Bai Yushui had been pushed back two steps, despite the fact that his power had an ice attribute. It was this ice attribute that had caused his strength to increase to 7,500 kilos.

However, the strength in Luo Yunyang’s fists made him feel as though he had been hit by a mountain.

Luo Yunyang was really strong!

It was a pity that he didn’t have a source core. How could Luo Yunyang hope to compete against him with only that much strength?

“The victor has already been decided. What’s the point of continuing? We only got to watch one round…” The young martialists sitting beside the window got up to leave.

They thought that the result of the match had already been decided, so there was nothing left to see there.

The lady in black frowned. She seemed a little disappointed. Judging by her expression, it seemed like she hadn’t expected much more from this sparring match.

Chief Instructor Lu shook his head and sighed. “These tactics aren’t bad!”

“Take my palm too, kid!” Bai Yushui was somewhat furious that he had been pushed back. He had wanted to oppress this newbie successfully, yet although he had the upper hand now, the young man’s punch had still forced him two steps back.

To him, this sort of action was a form of humiliation.

Luo Yunyang’s mind went to work quickly. He had already realized that, although he was better than the average student, fighting a martial master would be really difficult.

The only thing he could do was adjust his attributes.

He would definitely be able to strike Bai Yushui if his Power reached a certain level, but he wouldn’t be able to gain the upper hand if Bai Yushui used his Frost Palms.

Using his Speed was the only way to make up for their difference in strength.

Luo Yunyang quickly adjusted his attributes.

Power: 20

Speed: 15

Mind: 2.5

Constitution: 8

Luo Yunyang was able to fully unleash the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps with a Speed Attribute of 4 points. Now that his Speed had been raised to 15, he was already four times faster than he normally was. Luo Yunyang didn’t believe that Bai Yushui would be able to catch up with him.

The speed that Bai Yushui brandished his palms at was astonishing. All he wanted was to smash Luo Yunyang against the ground with one palm and prove that he was superior.

As he aimed his palms at him though, Luo Yunyang leapt lightly and disappeared from view.

“Where is he? Don’t tell me that one of Bai Yushui’s palms…” A few of the elite martialists that had entered the base started cracking jokes.

Before they could even finish speaking, they were all stunned. Luo Yunyang had already appeared behind Bai Yushui.

Bai Yushui was the one in danger now. By the time they cried out in alarm, Luo Yunyang’s fists had already smashed hard into Bai Yushui’s shoulder.

Bai Yushui had never expected to be struck from behind while he was in control of the situation.

His Frost Palms suddenly blasted forward. Although traces of white Qi appeared on his palms, Bai Yushui was pushed forward into a doggy position.

The sight shocked the spectators.

How is this possible? How can that young man be so fast?

Even Chief Instructor Lu was astonished. “How could the Alert Monkey’s Seven Leaps be performed that fast?”

“He’s already rotated through seven positions in less than a second! Not bad!”

Xu Zhong laughed secretly at the sight of Bai Yushui clambering up. Even though his job as the new group’s instructor would end after a while, having a talented martialist like Luo Yunyang train under him would be amazing.

“Awesome!” The young members of the Ardent Sun Group started singing Luo Yunyang’s praises. They were all looking at Luo Yunyang as if he were some sort of hero!

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