Supreme Uprising Chapter 463

Chapter 463 Battle Battle Battle

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Bloody Massacre Path, Blood Spirit Sky

Luo Yunyang, who had just completed his training for the day, walked out of his cultivation room looking emotionless and extremely cold.

Bloody Massacre Path, Blood Spirit Sky

District-Three Disciple Luo Donger was no longer the weakling she had been in the past. Although she was still miles away in terms of strength compared to the true elites and geniuses of the Bloody Massacre Path, she was already a Star-Grade martialist.

Star-Grade martialists could dominate over most people.

However, Luo Donger knew very well that she was still light years away from challenging the opponent that was currently approaching.

Beep, beep, beep "Donger, your brother has returned from the Extreme Mysterious Realm. Quick, switch on your communication device and enter the Meru Realm!"

As soon as she switched on her communication device, which had been turned off during her training, a message arrived. When she read the message, her expression changed slightly.

It wasnt a prank. This message was from Sister Yunxi.

Soon, hundreds of messages from people like the Flame Emperor, the Eagle King and other members of the Da Alliance arrived.

Of course, her mother also messaged her!

In the end, the message that triggered her emotions the most was the one from her brother.

"Donger, Im back! How are you doing?"

Although the message was only one short sentence, it was enough to make Luo Donger tear up. She had waited too long to discover her brothers whereabouts! Her heart was beating extremely fast as she dialed that ever-familiar number again.

The call didnt go through. Too many people were trying to call that number at the same time, so she was unable to contact her brother.

Luo Donger felt slightly disheartened as she quickly entered the Meru Realm. She was immediately greeted by a row of bright-red words.

"Who shall be the crowned victor? This is a clash between the strongest rulers!"

Without any hesitation, or reading the posts below, Luo Donger responded by posting: "Luo Yunyang will definitely win!"

Luo Donger was no longer the small frail girl of the past. She was currently a Star-Grade martialist. Thus, she knew clearly what a strong opponent her brother was going to face.

Although she did not know what her brothers cultivation base was right now, based on what she knew about her beloved brother, she believed that he would definitely emerge victorious. This wasnt blind faith. She was truly confident about Luo Yunyangs abilities.

The Blood Space Ruler and the others had gathered in the palace hall of the Meru Realm. The Blood Thunder Ruler was currently speaking.

"Back then, in order to enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm, the Five-Element Sovereign self-severed his cultivation and burned up all his potential. He was really determined!"

"However, he had also received a massive amount of resources from the Acute Metal Path on his path to recovery. All other types of resources aside, the amount of golden magnetic fruits given to him by the Acute Metal Path alone, which they had exchanged with the Divine Union, was enough to help him achieve a full recovery. The Acute Metal Path had invested heavily in him indeed!"

The Blood Thunder Rulers tone turned serious as he added, "Its good to feel shame and improve on what one lacks. Although the Five-Element Sovereign was very talented in the past, he definitely did not invest enough into his cultivation."

"However, he has now improved tremendously by investing more effort than anybody else in cultivating. Except for when he caused trouble for Luo Yunyang, he has rarely been seen all these years."

"According to the Acute Metal Path, he has been training in seclusion all this while. I estimate that he should be much stronger now than before he self-severed his cultivation. There are even rumors going around that hes already creeping up onto our level."

Then, the Blood Thunder Ruler said gravely, "Hence, I suggest that we ask Luo Yunyang to retreat and avoid this confrontation. If he disagrees, we should send people to bring him back."

The Blood Thunder Rulers words silenced the people around him. The Bloody Massacre Path would never choose to retreat if there was another solution. However, things were different now.

"What is Luo Yunyangs stance?" the Bloody Massacre Path Master asked.

"He is committed to this battle. Its also too late for us to send anyone over. The two of them are too close to each other!"

One of the rulers waved his hands and said, "Even if we were to head there by using intergalactic teleportation or some other means, we wouldnt reach the Blue Rain Empire before they confronted each other!"

"Have we contacted the Acute Metal Path? Are they able to stop the Five-Element Sovereign?" the Bloody Massacre Path Master asked again.

"Yes, we have contacted them. The bastard on the other end of the line claimed that they couldnt reach the Five-Element Sovereign. Based on his attitude, he must have thought that they are sure to win. He probably never had any intention of contacting the Five-Element Sovereign," the Blood Thunder Ruler said furiously.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master pondered this for a moment before glancing at the Blood Space Ruler. "Do you think that Luo Yunyang has any chance of winning this time?"

"Yes. Although Luo Yunyang has only been cultivating under me for a short time, I think that I know him pretty well. He isnt a reckless person, He would never put his life in danger if he wasnt confident about winning! Plus, he has been in the Extreme Mysterious Realm for years!"

The Blood Space Ruler then added confidently, "Therefore, I believe that he will surely emerge victorious this time!"

The Bloody Massacre Path Master nodded his head and said, "In that case, we wont stop this battle. However, you and the Blood Thunder Ruler will head over and make sure that no one is there to interrupt the battle. Of course, if"

Although the Bloody Massacre Path Master didnt finish his sentence, no one present was a fool. They all knew instantly what he meant.

Meanwhile, in the Acute Metal Paths Meru Realm, a similar meeting had convened. In the Acute Metal Path Masters opinion, the Five-Element Sovereign was poised to win this battle.

Although he had suffered a setback during the battle for the Extreme Mysterious Token and wasted a huge amount of resources, the Acute Metal Path had managed to supply him with enough resources to recuperate his losses.

The Five-Element Sovereign was currently stronger by leaps and bounds.

"The people from the Bloody Massacre Path will not make it in time. The Metal Peak Ruler and the Broken Metal Ruler will head out right now and make sure that no one from the Bloody Massacre Path is able to interfere."

The Acute Metal Path Masters eyes flashed with a trace of coldness as he said, "Although we have never acted directly against Luo Yunyang, the enmity between us is already set in stone!"

The two rulers who had been appointed by the Acute Metal Path Master replied in unison, "Rest assured, Path Master. We know what to do!"

The Fiery Sun Path, the Autumn Water Path, the Deep Earth Path

All the paths had heard that the two elites who had failed to obtain the Extreme Mysterious Token in the past had ended their private training. Everyone had their eyes glued on this situation, waiting for news regarding Luo Yunyang and the Five-Element Sovereign in their virtual realms.

"The Five-Element Sovereign has stepped into the space jump-node. He is 30 minutes away from the Imperial Planet of the Blue Rain Empire!"

"Luo Yunyang is leaving the Blue Rain Empires Imperial Planet. Could he Could he be planning to escape?"

"You fool, hes headed in the direction of the Five-Element Sovereign. Think before you speak, idiot!"

"Luo Yunyangs return is phenomenal. However, I heard that the Five-Element Sovereign has become much stronger than he was before he self-severed his cultivation!"

"Of course. Did you know that in order to restore the potential he burned, the Acute Metal Path exchanged fruit with the Divine Union?"

"He he I do not know what this fruit is, but Ive heard that its worth 10 nebula systems!"

Time passed quickly as people chattered and commented. However, most people were still concerned about the distance between the two fighters.

10,000 miles, 5,000 miles, 3,000 miles

The two men sensed each others presence when their spaceships were 300 miles apart. Between them was a deserted planet.

Although no one said a word, they both flew out of their spaceships at the same time and headed straight for that deserted planet.

The planet wasnt small. Actually, two huge mountains were towering up into the clouds. Although there was no form of life on the planet, it still managed to look imposing.

"Luo Yunyang!" As the Five-Element Sovereign landed on the left mountain first, his eyes were filled with burning hatred.

He only felt hatred for Luo Yunyang, the offender who had stolen his greatest opportunity.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang was also staring at the Five-Element Sovereign. As he set foot onto the planet, he started to slowly adapt to its environment.

Sinners shouldnt involve their families. Luo Yunyang hadnt thought that the Five-Element Sovereign would harm his family just because of his failure to obtain the Extreme Mysterious Token.

However, what he had seen after returning from the Extreme Mysterious Realm had enraged him. His friends and family had thankfully been protected by the Bloody Massacre Path and kept safe. However, the Da Alliance had become the punching bag that the Five-Element Sovereign had vented his anger on.

As he looked at his unyielding, resentful eyes, Luo Yunyang felt a flame burning in his chest.

"You despicable old piece of sh*t!" Luo Yunyang sneered coldly at the Five-Element Sovereign, who was eyeing him like a starving wolf.

The Five-Element Sovereign had never thought that someone at a similar level with him would call him out this way while the entire Milky Way was watching.

As he remembered the way Luo Yunyang had humiliated him in the past, the Five-Element Sovereigns rage got out of control in an instant.

"You must have a death wish!" the Five-Element Sovereign shrieked as a long sword about five-feet long appeared in his hands.

The sword was ice-cold!

As he looked at the long sword in the Five-Element Sovereigns hands, a blade appeared in Luo Yunyangs palm as well. This was the practice blade that he had taken before leaving the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

However, Luo Yunyang and the blade in his hand fused with the tall, looming mountain in an instant.

Dense killing intent radiated from their bodies, shrouding the planet before they even collided!

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