Supreme Uprising Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Many Tribes

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Stepping into the Nebula-Grade Realm was not a big deal for Luo Yunyang. He believed that he was already up to that standard and could break through to the Nebula-Grade if he wished to.

However, breaking through to the Nebula-Grade would be a great leap for him. He hadn’t done so because he thought that there were some deficiencies in his Origin Source Law, especially in the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

Despite receiving plenty of assistance from the mystic techniques created by the geniuses, Luo Yunyang faintly felt that there was a flaw in his Great Chaotic Hole Path while his cultivation increased. It was actually a big flaw.

Although this flaw could be ignored, Luo Yunyang somehow felt that there would be a huge impact on his cultivation if he chose to ignore it and proceed.

Based on his evaluation, the best solution would be to browse through all nine sets of Sky Books.

“I’m going to the Cang Yuan System,” Luo Yuanyang said with a determined look.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master nodded. “If you’ve made up your mind, just make the necessary preparations. A spaceship will be heading from the Nine Paths to the Cang Yuan System in a month. You can follow it.”

“Bear in mind that when you are in the Cang Yuan System, you should never believe any other tribe besides the human tribe.”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master seemed very serious when he said that, as though he was beseeching Luo Yunyang to listen.

Luo Yunyang nodded. He knew that there had to be a reason that the Bloody Massacre Path Master placed so much emphasis on this matter.

When he saw Luo Yunyang’s response, the Bloody Massacre Path Master nodded and said, “You should spend these last few days in the library and take a look at the situation in the Cang Yuan System. Although the maps are not complete, they should help save you some trouble.”

After Luo Yunyang left, the Blood Space Ruler walked over to the Bloody Massacre Path Master. He glanced at the Bloody Massacre Path Master as he said, “Permitting Luo Yunyang to head to the Cang Yuan System makes me somewhat uneasy.”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master had a resolute expression on his face. “The edge of a treasured sword is sharpened through constant grinding. Without life-and-death situations, it’s hard to produce an elite martialist. Besides, the human race has no shortage of ordinary powerhouses.”

The Blood Space Ruler seemed like he wanted to say something, but he eventually decided against it. Instead, he nodded with a solemn expression.

According to the available archives, there were about six to seven explanations on how the Cang Yuan System had appeared. Luo Yunyang thought that they all made sense.

However, he ignored all other explanations and focused on the first one. According to this explanation, the Cang Yuan System was a landing site for a Metal Origin Sacred Beast. Because of the influence of the Sacred Beast, the system was able to produce the rare Gold Horn Crystal.

Many people agreed with this explanation, while others disagreed. Those that agreed felt that the Metal Origin Source Law there was much denser than the other Origin Source Laws. Those that disagreed believed that a lone Metal Origin Sacred Beast was not enough to have such a huge impact on the system.

The Cang Yuan System, which was 100 light-years long and 60 light-years wide, was shaped like a rectangle. Although this expanse was densely packed with stars, there weren’t many inhabitable places. This was a rough outline of the Cang Yuan System.

After reading every detail about the Cang Yuan System, Luo Yunyang went through some memoirs written by the people who had been there to collect Gold Horn Crystals. He spent his remaining free time with his family and Yunxi.

Nowadays, Luo Yunyang enjoyed a very high status in the Blood Spirit Sky. However, fully healing Yunxi’s injuries was still beyond his expertise.

The reason was simple. The Bloody Massacre Path did not have the right medicine. Even though Luo Yunyang had asked some of the rulers of the Bloody Massacre Path to look for medicine in the other eight paths, there had been no news from them.

Luckily, Luo Yunyang had obtained enough contribution points from the Five-Element Sovereign, so he was able to exchange them for sufficient medicine to keep Yunxi’s injury in check.

The items left behind by the Five-Element Sovereign hadn’t disappointed Luo Yunyang. Apart from some precious materials, he had also acquired some cultivation notes written by the Five-Element Sovereign himself.

In Luo Yunyang’s opinion, the Five-Element Sovereign’s notes on cultivation were his most important reward.

Although Luo Yunyang had defeated the Five-Element Sovereign, he had to admit that the Five-Element Sovereign had been a true powerhouse.

Time passed really quickly. One day, as Luo Yunyang was fishing by a pond in the Blood Spirit Sky with Yunxi, his communication device rang.

“The spaceship has arrived. Come here at once.”

The message had been sent by the Bloody Massacre Path Master. Luo Yunyang had already informed Yunxi that he would embark on some important mission beforehand. Thus, he explained with a smile, “Message from the Path Master. The spaceship is ready to pick me up.”

Although she was aware that Luo Yunyang was going on a mission, Yun Xi had no idea how dangerous the Cang Yuan System was.

She glanced at Luo Yunyang with her beautiful eyes as she said, “Have a safe journey.”

The spaceship flying to the Cang Yuan System was a star-alloy spaceship way more precious than the Blood Crystal Spaceship. Luo Yunyang felt that even 100 Blue Rain Empires couldn’t compare to this spaceship.

As he entered the spaceship, he was accompanied by the Blood Space Ruler.

“You have exchanged lots of materials, Yunyang. I have two portions of fast-recovery medicine here. Take it.” The Blood Space Ruler took a ring out of his sleeve and passed it to Luo Yunyang before he boarded.

Without waiting for Luo Yunyang to speak, the Blood Space Ruler said, “Hey, lad. Listen carefully. You have to come back alive!”

Luo Yunyang smiled at the Blood Space Ruler and said, “It’s just the Cang Yuan System. I should be fine.”

The Blood Space Ruler smiled. “Alright, I shall await your return then.”

The spaceship had only made a temporary stop, so Luo Yunyang did not have much time to speak with the Blood Space Ruler. He just nodded at the man and made his way into the spaceship.

No one was there to welcome him. There was only the artificial intelligence of the spaceship, which led Luo Yunyang to a room with a 100-feet circumference.

“The journey from the Ninth Star to the Cang Yuan System will take about 30 days. You are advised not to move around too much during the journey.”

Although the emotionless, mechanic tone of the artificial intelligence was stiff, Luo Yunyang was not bothered by it.

After checking out his surroundings, he decided to cultivate in seclusion. After all, this would be a very boring journey if he didn’t cultivate.

Beep, beep, beep

“Entering space jump-node, entering space jump-node. All passengers please stop cultivating now!”

After an indefinite amount of time, Luo Yunyang heard a warning. Although his cultivation session was incomplete, he decided to stop immediately.

The spaceship kept vibrating constantly for an entire day before the mechanical voice spoke again. “Entering the Cang Yuan System, entering the Cang Yuan System.”

“Reality Simulation!” Although Luo Yunyang knew some things about the Cang Yuan System, he was still curious to know more about it.

He wanted to know about the Gold Horn Crystal production and what its rejection of Nebula-Grade martialists was like.

As the wall of the spaceship transformed like water, in a split second, a sky appeared all around Luo Yunyang.

Vast skies and lands could make one feel lost. Meteorites of different sizes also appeared around Luo Yunyang. One particular meteorite made Luo Yunyang feel like reaching out to grab it.

After watching for 15 minutes, Luo Yunyang felt the impulse to kill someone well in his heart. Although this impulsion was small, he found it difficult to remove the thought from his mind.

He mentally recalled the information he had read about the Cang Yuan System. For some reason, the people who visited this expanse of space of the Cang Yuan System would feel irritable if they stayed for a long time.

Despite this impulse, Luo Yunyang didn’t look away. Instead, he stared at the starry sky even more intensely.

Since it was difficult to change the circumstances of this starry sky, it was better to adapt to them as soon as possible.

Five hours later, Luo Yunyang, who had been resisting this nagging feeling, started feeling tired. This exhaustion was completely worth it, as he felt no anxiety at the moment. Instead, he felt as calm as water.

“Humans, you are entering a controlled area of the Moxia Tribe with your spaceship. Hand over one piece of Gold Horn Crystal as a toll fee.”

Toll fee? One piece of Gold Horn Crystal? Moxia Tribe?

Luo Yunyang furrowed his eyebrows. This had not been mentioned in any archive. However, considering how confident the Moxia Tribe’s announcement was, it was obvious that they were not kidding.

When Luo Yunyang turned on the Reality Simulation again, he saw a golden, fist-sized, pentagonal crystal get thrown out of the spaceship.

The toll had been paid. The administrator of the spaceship, whom he had yet to see, had just paid a piece of Gold Horn Crystal.

“Luo Yunyang, you are entering the Cang Yuan System, yet you have not produced one-third of the toll fee. Therefore, you owe this spaceship one-third of a Gold Horn Crystal.”

Luo Yunyang felt very displeased. He was here to earn Gold Horn Crystals and get the opportunity to read the Sky Books of the Nine Paths. However, before he had even entered the base camp of the human race, he already had to pay one-third of a Gold Horn Crystal.

Plus, the toll fee was actually paid to the Moxia Tribe!

“As far as I know, the road to the base camp of the Cang Yuan System is controlled by the human tribe. Why are we supposed to pay this toll fee?”

“This fee collection was started 100 years ago, when we lost the multi-dragon galaxy,” a robotic voice replied calmly.

Behind this calm voice, Luo Yunyang could sense well-concealed anger.

Before he could ask any more questions, an announcement rang out within the spaceship. “We have arrived. Welcome to the human tribe’s base camp in the Cang Yuan System!”

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