Supreme Uprising Chapter 471

Chapter 471 The Cycle Of 100 Swords

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“Chief Tu, what happened?” asked the double-knife leader called Li Youmeng, who was looking at Tu Xiang.

After escaping alive, Li Youmeng and the others had witnessed the tentacles piling up like a small mountain.

If Li Youmeng and his squad still didn’t know what had happened by this point in time, then they did not deserve to survive in the Cang Yuan System.

“One of our brothers is in there!” Tu Xiang said, sounding like he was in great distress.

Li Youmeng and his squad were still shocked, even though they could guess that there was a reason the tentacles had recoiled when the squad had already been backed into a corner.

However, they hadn’t expected that someone would actually dash into the restricted domain of the Ten-Millennia King Beast.

This person had undoubtedly saved them. However, their savior was now in danger.

“Which brother is it, Chief Tu?” Li Youmeng asked with slightly red eyes.

“Luo Yunyang, a brother from the Bloody Massacre Path who had just arrived in the Cang Yuan System!” Tu Xiang said mournfully.

Li Youmeng rose into the air. Although he wanted to dash forward, he was held down and kicked by Tu Xiang, who scolded him, “What are you trying to do? Do you want to throw away your life again? You stupid b*stard! If you go there again, Brother Luo’s sacrifice will be pointless!”

In the past, calling Chief Tu had been okay. However, under normal circumstances, one would call him to coordinate the relationship between each squad. Chief Tu’s harsh words made Li Youmeng feel like he was getting swallowed alive!

Of course, he knew that he would definitely die if he rushed over like that. However, how could he live in peace if he just stood there indifferently?

Duo Lusi walked over quickly and said, “Use your brains! Stay calm! If you sacrifice yourself in vain, then Brother Luo’s sacrifice will go to waste!”

“There are already very few of us in the Cang Yuan System. If you don’t think of yourselves, then you have to think of the human tribe of the Milky Way!”

Li Youmeng nodded. As Squad Three and the others calmed down, the bulky man swore, “I will definitely kill this Ten-Millennia King Beast in the future!”

Given his cultivation base, slaying the Ten-Millennia King Beast would be no easy feat for the bulky man. Despite this, his emotions resonated with everyone.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes

Time was ticking by and the Ten-Millennia King Beast’s tentacles were still rapidly retracting. Those giant mountains of flesh formed a cage that kept getting tighter as it was sealed.

“Let’s go back!” Tu Xiang sighed helplessly. “We can’t get involved with this Ten-Millennia King Beast again!”

Li Youmeng and the others looked up simultaneously, taking a look at the giant mountain of flesh before turning their backs slowly.

Even though they were unwilling to leave like this, their hands were really tied this time.

The last one to turn around was Duo Lusi, whose green eyes were flickering. He felt some guilt. After all, he had egged on Luo Yunyang to strike before taking a good look at the grade of the Ten-Millennia King Beast.

If it hadn’t been for him, the young man would not have jumped in so fearlessly and lost his life on his first day in the Cang Yuan System.

This thought made him feel even guiltier!

However, as he was turning around, he caught sight of a golden ray that was shining out of that endless mountain of tentacles.

Duo Lusi’s heart trembled the instant he saw that golden ray. His whole jaw suddenly tightened.

“Wait, Chief Tu!”

Actually, Duo Lusi didn’t need to shout. Tu Xiang and the others had also turned, as they had felt the startling energy that had just burst out as well.

As they turned around one after the other, they saw a giant golden axe wrapped in golden rays emerge from the mountain of tentacles.

Of course, the actual object of interest was the silhouette that dashed out from behind the golden axe.

The golden axe, which was a few hundred meters long, changed direction as it flew out and cleaved at the colossal body of the Ten-Millennia King Beast.

The body of the beast was like a gigantic ball of flesh entirely wrapped by thick tentacles. In the past, the Ten-Millennia King Beast had been positioned in the center of its tentacles, safe and secure just like a spider on its spider web.

However, Luo Yunyang’s giant axe had advanced and gotten very close to it.

It took Luo Yunyang a huge amount of effort and cultivation to reach the tenth form of the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle.

Besides the concentration of Luo Yunyang’s massive mind power within it, it also contained the power of the Chaotic Hole, which absorbed power frantically from the surroundings.

The Ten-Millennia King Beast let out a deafening howl. As it roared angrily, its giant body, which was unable to move in time, was sliced into half by Luo Yunyang’s axe.

“Yunyang, the Ten-Millennia King Beast still has great vitality. These beasts are hard to kill, even if they’re cut into 10 pieces!” Tu Xiang sounded exasperated.

They had initially thought that Luo Yunyang would surely die this time. Little had they known that this young man, whom they’d had too little time to thoroughly understand, would manage to escape from the Ten-Millennia King Beast’s entrapment. This made Tu Xiang inexplicably excited.

“Come back now! You’ve already punished the Ten-Millennia King Beast harshly. That fella won’t dare provoke us now. Come back, Yunyang!”

Duo Lusi, Li Youmeng and the others were also yelling at Luo Yunyang to retreat quickly.

After this brush with death, they now felt a renewed joy to be alive. Everyone believed that if Luo Yunyang could come out of this alive, this would be something worth rejoicing over.

As Luo Yunyang watched the Ten-Millennia King Beast rapidly folding, he had an idea. The golden axe transformed into countless swords within the void. This was the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle’s sixth form: the Cycle of 100 Swords.

If this was just the beginning, these innumerable swords wouldn’t be able to hurt the Ten-Millennia King Beast. However, the Ten-Millennia King Beast was already injured.

Paths of sword-light cut across the Ten-Millennia King Beast’s body nonstop. The beast roared angrily as its body was cut up.

“This is not very effective. The Ten-Millennia King Beast’s vitality is just too strong!” Tu Xiang shook his head as he watched the pieces of the Ten-Millennia King Beast’s body reassemble rapidly.

However, he no longer tried to stop Luo Yunyang, as it seemed like he was not in danger.

Meanwhile, Li Youmeng’s Squad Three exclaimed, “Let’s go and take revenge too!”

This suggestion was met with an immediate response from the crowd. After all, this Ten-Millennia King Beast had nearly sent them to meet their maker. An opportunity to beat this beast up should not be wasted.

However, as they hollered loudly, the hundreds of swords controlled by Luo Yunyang had already formed layers of Chaotic Holes in the void. The slashed-up bits and pieces of the Ten-Millennia King Beast’s body were rapidly absorbed by the Great Chaotic Holes.

In just 15 minutes, the Ten-Millennia King Beast’s colossal body was pulled into Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole.

Meanwhile, the void resumed its former tranquil state.

“My eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, are they? This This Ten-Millennia King Beast It has really died!” someone said in shock.

Tu Xiang rubbed his head as he told Duo Lusi, “Seems like the Path Masters really sent us an extraordinary being. D*mn it, from this day onwards, I’m really giving up my seat! You are all going to pull me down anyway!”

Duo Lusi also laughed. “I’ve been eyeing the position of chief for a long time. Seems like I won’t need to try to seize your power anymore!”

The two of them laughed heartily. Meanwhile, the black Chaotic Holes had transformed back into the Flaming Heavenly Shuttle and landed in Luo Yunyang’s hands again.

The moment the black Chaotic Hole shrunk, everyone present watched pieces of golden crystals fall from the Chaotic Hole.

“Those are Gold Horn Crystals!” Li Youmeng exclaimed jealously as Luo Yunyang caught the golden crystals in his hands.

Everyone else was also terribly envious, as more than 30 pieces of Gold Horn Crystal landed in Luo Yunyang’s hands.

100 Gold Horn Crystals could be exchanged for a chance to study the Sky Books. Luo Yunyang had gained over 30 pieces in one go, whereas they could only collect about 10 pieces a year at best.

However, no one was jealous. Luo Yunyang definitely deserved them.

Besides the Gold Horn Crystals, Luo Yunyang had also picked up a fist-sized black crystal that had been among the fallen items. Luo Yunyang believed that this crystal contained even better things than the Gold Horn Crystal.

Although he didn’t know where this thing had come from, he put the black crystal away instinctively.

“Chief, you you’ve really left me speechless. You killed that Nebula-Grade Ten-Millennia King Beast so fast! Even a gifted person from the Thunder Ray Tribe wouldn’t have been able to kill it as easily as you did. Chief, from now on, I’ll be a member of your squad,” Tu Xiang said seriously.

Luo Yunyang laughed heartily upon hearing Tu Xiang’s confession. Then, he waved his hands and said, “I’m just a warrior, Chief Tu. You are the general. We can’t mess with the rules!”

Tu Xiang was even more impressed upon hearing Luo Yunyang’s words. Despite Luo Yunyang’s young age, he believed that he had a mature way of handling things. Thus, he immediately said respectfully, “I’ll follow the Chief’s instructions.”

“Chief, you saved my life. If you are ever in danger in the future, just call me. I’ll definitely be there!” Li Youmeng said, cutting Tu Xiang off.

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