Supreme Uprising Chapter 514

Chapter 514 A Sweeping Torrential Sea Of Blood

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When he had gone through the first six halls of the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang had experienced thousands of battles and come up with three mystic techniques: the World-Engulfing Finger, the Universe-Breaking Snap and the Chaotic Hole Light Wave.

Even if it was hard for Luo Yunyang to obtain victory, these three moves would still enable him to retreat with relative ease.

However, the moment the World-Engulfing Finger swallowed up the sword-light, an unprecedented look of surprise appeared on Luo Yunyang’s face.

There was only one reason he looked like this. The sword-light that had originally been swallowed by the World-Engulfing Finger had actually broken through the black hole formed by Luo Yunyang’s finger.

Most importantly, the World-Engulfing Finger came from the fundamental base of the internal galaxy within Luo Yunyang’s body.

That immense absorbing power was actually the power of the black hole within Luo Yunyang’s body. Before breaking the laws of the black hole, that sword-light had also left a deep scar on the black hole power in Luo Yunyang’s internal galaxy.

How powerful!

Regardless of whether he was willing to admit it or not, the power of the person who had attacked him made Luo Yunyang feel inferior.

Thus, without any hesitation, he took off in the opposite direction.

Luo Yunyang could manage to streak through the void. In just a flash, he had already traversed beyond nine successive solar systems.

The instant Luo Yunyang faded away, the silhouette of the Primeval Underworld Monarch appeared at the spot where the two of them had exchanged strikes.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch’s gaze lingered on the spot where Luo Yunyang had vanished. With a sneer, he rose into the air and headed in the direction Luo Yunyang had gone.

Given the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s strength, streaking through the void was naturally child’s play for him. In just a moment, he had already followed Luo Yunyang’s aura and landed on a planet a great distance away.

Luo Yunyang’s aura was even stronger now.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch knew that he was getting closer to Luo Yunyang. He definitely wouldn’t let the person who had slain his own brother get away.

He streaked through the void once again.

Run, flee, escape!

Luo Yunyang fled frantically. Although he was really fast, the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s speed didn’t seem slower than his.

Once, twice, thrice

Luo Yunyang had already forgotten how many times he had ripped through the void. He couldn’t even remember how many stars and planets he had passed. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about hiding on a star. However, considering the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s power, if he got close to his hiding spot, he would surely discover him.

Thus, the only thing he could do now was flee!

Close, closer, closer The Primeval Underworld Monarch could sense Luo Yunyang’s presence, while Luo Yunyang could sense the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s presence. After passing a planet full of gloomy, cold lights, Luo Yunyang suddenly stopped.

Running incessantly wasn’t an option either. This sort of passive action didn’t feel good. Therefore, Luo Yunyang prepared a counter-attack. The moment he came to a halt. He retracted his aura. In the blink of an eye, the Primeval Underworld Monarch appeared not too far away from Luo Yunyang.

“Die!” the Primeval Underworld Monarch shouted when he caught sight of Luo Yunyang. His eyes were filled with a deadly stillness.

However, while his white bone sword was sweeping in that direction, Luo Yunyang suddenly glanced over. The Primeval Underworld Monarch immediately felt his entire body stop.

Luo Yunyang currently had a white eyeball in the spot between his brows.

It was the Space-Time Eye!

If Luo Yunyang had used his Space-Time Eye under normal circumstances, it would have only lasted for one second. However, Luo Yunyang had converted all his adjustable attributes into points for the Space-Time Eye. Therefore, its duration now was three seconds.

Although the Primeval Underworld Monarch was very powerful, he was still locked within the void due to the effect of this mystic ability.

His white bone sword, along with everything else of his, had frozen in mid-air. Luo Yunyang definitely couldn’t miss such an opportunity!

At practically the moment the Primeval Underworld Monarch was locked in the void, Luo Yunyang immediately started attacking, using the Universe-Breaking Snap against the Primeval Underworld Monarch.

Although the Primeval Underworld Monarch didn’t move, when Luo Yunyang’s Universe-Breaking Snap landed on him, all that appeared on his body was a cut.

Even though this cut wasn’t big, when he saw the cut appear, Luo Yunyang put his head down and charged over frantically.

He immediately made rapid adjustments to all his attributes. By using his Speed and Wind Base Laws, Luo Yunyang ripped through the void and disappeared without a trace.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch finally regained his mobility after two seconds. The cut on his body had also healed up rapidly.

However, he couldn’t care less about anything else right now. His body flickered as he rushed over in the direction Luo Yunyang had left in.

This time, he had to slaughter Luo Yunyang, no matter what!

However, when he appeared on another planet, he discovered that Luo Yunyang had already disappeared. Even he couldn’t find the slightest trace of him now.

As various thoughts filled his mind, a vast sea of blood rose from the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s body. Although the image of this sea wasn’t real, it could substitute Origin Source Law and control the space it shrouded.

As the controller of this sea of blood, the Primeval Underworld Monarch was the one in control of this expanse of space.

In a short moment, his sea of blood had already pervaded half a solar system. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single trace of Luo Yunyang within this solar system.

“Great, great, great!”

The Primeval Underworld Monarch sneered and shot out like a bolt towards the Ninth Successive Galaxy. Although he couldn’t find Luo Yunyang, if Luo Yunyang wanted to return to the Human Tribe’s domain, he would have to pass through the Ninth Successive Galaxy.

The boundless sea of blood once again rose and filled the Ninth Successive Galaxy!

Although he was a great distance away, Luo Yunyang could still sense that boundless sea of blood fill up the Ninth Successive Galaxy.

He wasn’t very close to the Ninth Successive Galaxy, as it would be too dangerous. Luo Yunyang knew that he couldn’t deal with the Primeval Underworld Monarch for the time being.

He was an existence beyond the Consummate Boundary, so his cultivation base must have probably reached the Extreme Boundary. Although Luo Yunyang’s Space-Time Eye could lock him in place for three seconds, dealing any serious damage to the Primeval Underworld Monarch was still an extremely difficult task.

Completing a billion achievements and good deeds within 100 years seemed to have become much harder because of the Primeval Underworld Monarch.

Luo Yunyang kept waiting. He knew that the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s motive was to seal off his path of return to the Human Tribe’s domain.

However, he also knew that the Divine Union would never allow this sort of tyrannical action and would surely send people to break the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s seal. Then, Luo Yunyang would return.

Just as Luo Yunyang had thought, two days after the Primeval Underworld Monarch had sealed the Ninth Successive Galaxy, the Divine Union responded.

Five out of the eight Galaxy Monarchs were dispatched. They all had an omnipresent stance as each of them stood outside the sea of blood.

There was a huge devil with a sword that could split the heavens, a massive tree full of boundless vitality

“Primeval Underworld Monarch, countless people will die if these rivers of blood fill the skies. All parties have to comply with the rules!” said a six-headed giant snake made of light and shadows that had taken shape behind the Green Scale Monarch.

Although he wasn’t the strongest member of this group, he wasn’t blamed for speaking on behalf of the Divine Union.

“I am waiting for someone at the Ninth Successive Galaxy. I haven’t violated any rules. If you aren’t happy, you can bite me!” The Primeval Underworld Monarch’s voice was cold and eerie.

The Green Scale Monarch’s expression changed, while the all-encompassing six-headed giant snake started to thrash about wildly in the void.

Each of its six heads could swallow a star. Although it didn’t attack, this threatening gesture was terrifying.

“He he Primeval Underworld Monarch, you should know that by acting this way, you are provoking the Divine Union. Why bother?” the Golden Bat Monarch advised him.

“Come fight me if you aren’t happy!” the Primeval Underworld Monarch said icily. “If you aren’t going to attack, then scram right this instant!”

His words were clearly laden with contempt. As soon as the Primeval Underworld Monarch spoke, the Green Scale Monarch was the first to attack. Although the silhouette behind him was a giant six-headed snake, his attack was clear and powerful.

A sharp sword sliced through!

As the Green Scale Monarch made his move, the endless sea of blood swept through the void. Nobody could see clearly what was going on in the Ninth Successive Galaxy.

Even though he was very far, Luo Yunyang could also sense that the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s sea of blood was becoming stronger by the minute. At this rate, even the forms of the Five Monarchs dispatched by the Divine Union were difficult to discern.

“Primeval Underworld Monarch, I will either get revenge or die!” A furious roar shook the void as the Green Scale Monarch flew out frantically from the sea of blood. However, he was only left with half a body at the moment.

Although the Green Scale Monarch, who was a Galaxy-Grade entity, had already reached the Consummate Boundary, he hadn’t suffered such a setback in many years.

The form of the giant snake that could substitute condensed Origin Source Laws had been engulfed. It could get better with cultivation, but the situation that had befallen them had terrified him.

“That’s the Extreme Boundary! Your cultivation path has already reached the Extreme Boundary!”

The Golden Bat Monarch, who had also rushed out of the sea of blood, didn’t seem to be in good shape either. Although he hadn’t suffered as much as the Green Scale Monarch, this situation also made him slightly fearful.

The other three Divine Union Monarchs had also charged out. Each of them had suffered varying degrees of injuries. When the Golden Bat Monarch shouted, most of them remained silent.

“I just achieved it recently,” the Primeval Underworld Monarch said indifferently as his body rose up. His gaze scanned the entire Ninth Successive Galaxy as he said coldly, “I will never leave the Ninth Successive Galaxy if I don’t slay Luo Yunyang and avenge my brother.”

“If anyone helps me slay Luo Yunyang, I will owe him a favor after I ascend to the Celestial Domain Grade!”

His voice permeated the void. In just the space of 10 short breaths, it had already spread throughout the entire Bloody Space River!

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