Supreme Uprising Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Going Through The Motions

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"Bloody Massacre Path Master, although our Sacred Eagle Tribe has suffered a crushing defeat, your Human Tribe isnt any better. You might be able to beat our Sacred Eagle Tribe, but you cannot triumph over the Thunder Ray Tribe or the Demigod Tribe!"

The leader of the Blood Eagle division bellowed furiously. His body had already been cut in two by the Bloody Massacre Path Master, yet his will was still loud as ever.

As the Path Master of the Bloody Massacre Path, the Bloody Massacre Path Master rarely acted personally. Of course, he also wasnt a soft-hearted person who would hesitate against the leader of the Blood Eagle division, who had a similar cultivation to his own.

Sword-lights like starry rivers slew the Blood Eagle division leaders soul.

The battle in the void had already reached its end. Under the Military Masters commands, the Nine Milky Way armies swept everything before them.

The Human Tribe was in absolute control.

This huge victory was something the Human Tribe had never experienced in the past few hundred thousand years. The Sacred Eagle Tribe, which was the top second-grade tribe, could no longer rise.

Despite the support of the Thunder Ray Tribe, the Sacred Eagle Tribe had already lost whatever footing theyd had in the Divine Union. They had already lost their Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses after all.

Actually, they didnt even have any Nebula-Grades left.

This was a fatal blow. This was an absolutely perfect rout and victory. However, the Bloody Massacre Path Master had a heavy heart.

What the Blood Eagle Division leader had said weighed in his heart like a mountain.

Although he understood what the leaders words had meant, they had still left some demons in his heart.

These demons were so deeply rooted in his heart that he couldnt stop thinking about them even though he wanted to.

"You will all handle any follow-up matters. I will leave first," said the Bloody Massacre Path Master before taking to the skies and bothering a small spaceship flying off into a distant expanse of space.

Half an hour later, the Bloody Massacre Path Master arrived at a huge planet. Luo Yunyang was currently within a treasury.

Upon seeing this empty treasury, the Bloody Massacre Path shook his head and said, "There should be a third of the Sacred Eagle Tribes riches here."

"This is what I ought to receive." Luo Yunyang chuckled without any modesty.

When he heard his laughter, a thought formed in the Bloody Massacre Path Masters mind. Was Luo Yunyang going to leave the Divine Union straightaway after doing this?

In that case, he would be free to roam the wide skies. But what about the Bloody Massacre Path? What about the Human Tribe in the entire Milky Way?

Many a time, cultivators, especially higher-level cultivators, did everything for selfish profit with no regard for anyone else.

What about Luo Yunyang? Would he act like the Bloody Massacre Path Master thought?

Many thoughts went through his head. After mulling this over for a bit, the Bloody Massacre Path Master finally said, "Yunyang, I wish to know how you are preparing to deal with the Thunder Ray Tribe and the Demigod Tribe afterward."

"Dont say that we will adopt measures that suit the situation best. If that were the case, you wouldnt be this relaxed."

Luo Yunyang met the solemn gaze of the Bloody Massacre Path Master and immediately understood his meaning. It seemed like the Bloody Massacre Path Master was worried.

Actually, the Bloody Massacre Path Master believed that Luo Yunyang would forsake the Human Tribe and flee on his own.

It would be a lie to say that he hadnt thought about it. However, that was in the past. Now, things were different.

Luo Yunyang took some time to process his thoughts before sealing the surroundings with his consciousness.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master raised an eyebrow but didnt say anything. However, Luo Yunyang could tell from his expression that the Bloody Massacre Path Master was on the defensive.

"Path Master, are you afraid of me?" A calm voice was heard from behind the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master was facing Luo Yunyang. When he heard this exact voice coming from behind him, a strange expression appeared on his face.

He instantly became more guarded. It wasnt that the Bloody Massacre Path Master didnt trust Luo Yunyang, but rather that he had made a habit of not trusting anyone in the process of becoming the Path Master of the Bloody Massacre Path.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master was used to thinking of the worst-case scenario in any situation.

However, when he turned his head, the Bloody Massacre Path Master saw another Luo Yunyang, a Luo Yunyang seated on a white bone throne and wielding a blood-red sword.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master froze for a second when he saw this. When he saw this Luo Yunyang, he wondered if this was the Primeval Underworld Monarch he had just seen.

"This is just a clone of mine!" Luo Yunyang said calmly. "Have you noticed the differences, Path Master?"

When Luo Yunyang said this, the Bloody Massacre Path Masters expression stiffened. He carefully surveyed Luo Yunyangs clone and suddenly realized that this aura wasnt weaker than the Primeval Underworld Monarchs had been. This was actually a Nebula-Grade martialist.

This meant that this Nebula-Grade martialist possessed the Primeval Underworld Monarchs cultivation base!

How could this be possible? The Bloody Massacre Path Masters heart shuddered slightly when he saw this before he asked eagerly, "Can Can he enter the Divine Martial Hall?"

"Not only he can enter it, but he can also enter with the identity of a Nebula-Grade martialist," Luo Yunyang added. "He just came out of the first stage of the Divine Martial Hall not too long ago. It only took him half an hour!"

He had cleared the Divine Martial Hall in half an hour? This This was a little too crazy.

"That means that you can help the Supremacy obtain that item. Ha ha ha! This is great! This is really great!" the Bloody Massacre Path Master exclaimed as his cheerless demeanor brightened up.

Luo Yunyang also laughed. He hadnt meant to hide this fact intentionally. After the various reactions developed following his advancement, the first thing that Luo Yunyang thought about was how to react.

When he had calmed down completely, he thought about his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone and the embodiment of the Primeval Underworld Monarch that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had created.

Because the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was really important to Luo Yunyang, he had chosen the embodiment of the Primeval Underworld Monarch first.

It would be fine if this embodiment was lost. Given the attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, if this embodiment was lost, it could be replaced.

What delighted Luo Yunyang was that the requirements of the Divine Martial Hall were targeted at an individual. The challenge his clone faced when entering the Divine Martial Hall was at the Nebula Grade.

This made Luo Yunyang ecstatic. He had recalled the Primeval Underworld Monarch clone after it had completed the first stage.

Although he wanted to finish this in one go, in his opinion, since the situation had turned out this way, doing so and playing the Celestial World Supremacy right away would be too magnanimous on his part.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master appeared delighted upon discovering Luo Yunyangs hidden trump card. "Yunyang, I never imagined that you would actually have a clone. Good! This is just great!"

To the Bloody Massacre Path Master, this turn of events felt like clouds dispelling and revealing the sun. It was just refreshing. The Human Tribe could regain the support of the Celestial World Supremacy, so it naturally wouldnt have anything to fear.

The Human Tribes main forces regained their fighting spirit thanks to the Bloody Massacre Paths directions very quickly and strategized on how to deal with the Sacred Eagle Tribes territory. Meanwhile, an important meeting had convened in the Divine Union.

The Thunder Ray Tribes special envoy, the Electric Awn Tribes special envoy, and the Giant Slab Tribes special envoy raised their palms quickly. Each of their raised palms implied that a massive power was agreeing to punish the Human Tribe.

The high and mighty Demigod special envoy seated right at the top finally spoke in a mellow, rich tone. "The notion to punish the Human Tribe has passed. The Demigod Tribes Brilliant Sun Sage will act as Commander-in-Chief, while 300,000 Demigod elite warships will be mobilized. The Thunder Ray Tribe, the Electric Awn Tribe, the Giant Slab Tribe and all the other Primary Tribes will each deploy 100,000 elite troops."

The Human Tribes special envoy had already been placed under house arrest. Although he could hear the details of this resolution, he wasnt allowed to say anything.

"We are finished!" This was the only thing going through the humans mind. As the Human Tribes special envoy, he knew all too well the resources of his own tribe. Although the Human Tribe was a second-grade tribe, these powerful combined forces would be a disaster for the entire Human Tribe.

This calamity would be off the charts!

Commanding the extermination of a tribe was also an extraordinary accomplishment for the Demigod Tribes top brass. Although the Brilliant Sun Sages status within the Demigod Tribe wasnt low, his emotions were surging.

He would be able to chop off Luo Yunyangs head before countless tribes of the Divine Union. The thought of accomplishing such a feat delighted the Brilliant Sun Sage. After what had happened at the Bloody Space River, the Brilliant Sun Sage had felt like he had been living under Luo Yunyangs shadow for a while.

However, he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually court disaster and ascend to the Galaxy Grade.

Vast numbers of massive spaceships rushed through space. The Brilliant Sun Sage stood at the bridge of a starship that was several thousand miles long, overseeing more than 1,000 top fighters of this alliance.

Surrounding him were more than 100 Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses. Besides a few Demigod Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses, the other Celestial Domain-Grades all viewed him with respect.

He wielded great power and authority!

As the chief commander of this coalition, the Brilliant Sun Sage was high and mighty. He wielded the power of life and death, so even Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses wouldnt dare defy his orders.

Military orders had to be obeyed. Any violators had to die.

The Brilliant Sun Sage didnt employ any ploys, tricks or plans for this operation.

A prowess several thousand times greater than the Human Tribes was like a huge rock about to crush them. There simply wasnt any possibility of something unexpected happening.

This time, he was going to get revenge for his own humiliation. He was going to turn the entire Human Tribe to dust with this array of unstoppable forces.

"Reporting, Commander. The Milky Way lies ahead!" a Celestial Domain-Grade Demigod powerhouse reported deferentially.

"Good, announce their crime and the Divine Unions decision!" The Brilliant Sun Sage gestured with his hands before he said, "My orders are to end this war in three days!"

"Yes, sir!" everyone replied in unison.

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