Supreme Uprising Chapter 555

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By observing the vast oceans, one could picture hiding the skies and earth; by observing the height of Mt. Tai, one could measure the heavens; by observing creation and destruction in the universe, one could discover new meanings.

As he observed what was akin to a situation of primal chaos, life and death in the Sky Worm Nest, Luo Yunyang felt his own Mind Power rapidly expanding.

After an indefinite amount of time, he discovered that he could use his mind power to observe the entire Sky Worm Nest.

He scanned hundreds of thousands of miles!

This was how large Luo Yunyang perceived the Sky Worm Nest to be by using his mind power. In the beginning, it had only occupied a 1,000-mile radius.

Before entering the Sky Worm Nest, Luo Yunyang’s mind power had only been able to survey up to 1,000 miles. However, his mind power could now survey the entire Sky Worm Nest.

Luo Yunyang thought that these changes should be a result of observing the Sky Worm Nest. As whatever comprehension he gained fused with his mind power, he overcame the formless barriers that obstructed him in the Sky Worm Nest. Meanwhile, his mind power also improved tremendously.

In the expansive Sky Worm Nest covering hundreds of thousands of miles, Luo Yunyang could sense indistinctly other worms like him that were mostly evolving.

If these worms were to go out, they would be many times stronger than Star-Grade telekinesis users. Furthermore, they would possess a higher grade.

However, to Luo Yunyang’s knowledge, there weren’t many Queens in the Bug Race.    ( B oxnovel.c om )

“Big Bro, Big Bro, don’t cultivate all the time! Come and play some games with me!”

“Big Bro, Big Bro, I just comprehended a small technique! He he… Look, aren’t there more bubbles around me now?”

“Big Bro, Big Bro, you just told me your name. I thought about it and now I have one too. Call me Bubbles in the future!”

A voice flowed continuously into Luo Yunyang’s mind. Luo Yunyang wasn’t really interested in this sort of juvenile conversation.

Originally, he didn’t like paying any attention to it. However, as time passed, he also felt a little lonely.

Thus, he started to grudgingly give a short reply or two every once in a while.

Meanwhile, the little bug called Bubbles kept chattering on and on.

“Big Bro, Big Bro, you said before that there are many delicious things there. Is that true?”

“Big Bro, Big Bro, when we go out, I will also eat a lot of good stuff!”

Luo Yunyang shook his head after listening to Bubbles’ crazy jabbering. He ignored it before continuing to observe the changes produced in this seemingly chaotic cosmos.

However, as he observed, he pondered more the scene of destruction he had glimpsed when he had obtained the Blood Divine Sky Source.

Although Luo Yunyang had been constantly studying the techniques of the Shattering Heavens, unfortunately, his mastery of it was only basic.

Even though his mastery of the Shattering Heavens was only at its initial stages, Luo Yunyang only needed a thought to be able to kill a telekinesis user right away, even if the other party’s mind power was 10 times stronger than his own.

Even ordinary Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses would be unable to escape unscathed in the face of the Shattering Heavens. However, although the Shattering Heavens was not a bad move, it still hadn’t become Luo Yunyang’s trump card.

The reason was that Luo Yunyang’s other aspects of offense made the Shattering Heavens little more than something trivial. This had also been one of the reasons why Luo Yunyang had chosen the Sky Worm Nest.

He was using the formless, nascent environment within the Sky Worm Nest to temper his own Shattering Heavens in order to allow this technique to progress.

Waves of formless mass continuously spread within the Sky Worm Nest as the formation of various Origin Source Laws continued. Luo Yunyang felt himself becoming even more detached as he experienced the enlightenment of creation and destruction.

His originally scarlet body had already become a darker shade of red, while his worm-like body had rapidly grown.

In this region, where the rules of time didn’t apply, Luo Yunyang also felt like he had forgotten about time.

“Big Bro, guess whose head has grown bigger again!”

“Big Bro, I contacted a friend, but he just ignored me. He was really fierce. How scary! I am no longer contacting him. He’s acting all proud… Big Bro is still better!”

Luo Yunyang generally didn’t know how to react to these juvenile remarks. However, sometimes he couldn’t help but be bothered by this wrench and groan in acknowledgment or randomly give a perfunctory reply if he was familiar with the subject.

“Big Bro, my… my head hurts. I think my head is going to split…” After an indefinite amount of time, Bubbles’ voice was heard once again in Luo Yunyang’s head.

Luo Yunyang didn’t find Bubbles’ reaction unexpected. He knew exactly what this little bug who had named itself Bubbles had encountered.

This was a mind power antiphasic reaction!

While there were huge benefits to observing the formless primal chaos, there were also huge risks.

When their body wasn’t able to sustain the massive mind power formed from various evolving laws, then these bugs would fall from the nest.

( B oxnovel.c om )     Some time ago, Luo Yunyang had already discovered that many bugs faced this sort of problem. Practically all the bugs that encountered this situation would basically die.

This was also the reason why there were only a few ascended bug Queens despite the many larvae in the Sky Worm Nest each time.

Luo Yunyang didn’t really care about the life and death of a bug, so he didn’t say anything. He just quietly comprehended what interested him.

“Big Bro, I can’t hold on much longer. You… You must be careful! I wish… I wish I could see the outside world. I want to know whether it… is really as beautiful as you say it is!”

The continuous sounds got weaker and weaker. Its life force was dissipating rapidly, so perhaps this little bug named Bubbles would breathe its last breath in the Sky Worm Nest soon.

The fate of most of the larvae in the Sky Worm Nest had already been decided. They weren’t destined to become bug queens. They would only spend their whole lives growing in the Sky Worm Nest before fading away.

“Big Bro, I… I am leaving. You must definitely persevere, because… because Bubbles still wishes to know more about the outside world…”

Luo Yunyang sighed as he listened to its parting words. Then, he used a wave of mind power to envelop Bubbles’ body.

“Big Bro, you mustn’t help Bubbles. This is… bad for you…” said Bubbles’ resolved voice. However, Luo Yunyang didn’t care. Thanks to his powerful mind power, he forcefully suppressed the mind power that Bubbles had already lost control over.

After an indefinite amount of time, Bubbles’ mind power stabilized and became stronger.

“Big Bro, thank you. However, I don’t want you to exhaust your own energy because of me…”

Luo Yunyang chose to ignore Bubbles’ deeply grateful chatter. He was already at an important juncture of his comprehension of the Shattering Heavens Technique.

The formless mass kept evolving into various Origin Source Laws. This process, which seemed unchanging since time immemorial, seemed to contain small changes every single hour.

Time passed as the two seemed to change. Luo Yunyang slowly started to forget everything about the outside world. His eyes slowly began to contain the intent of the Shattering Heavens.

“Big Bro, Bubbles’ body feels much stronger than before.”

“Big Bro, Bubbles seems to feel something. Yes, Bubbles feels like its body is going to metamorphose!”

“If Bubbles is able to metamorphose, Bubbles will surely become the most beautiful being!”

Bubbles’ chattering intensified. However, the voice coming from Bubbles started to slow down.

Luo Yunyang could sense that the little bug named Bubbles, which had already become an even darker shade of jade-green, was much stronger than before.

Its mind power had already broken through to the Nebula Grade and showed indications of breaking through to the Galaxy Grade. According to the present signs, breaking through to the Galaxy Grade would only be a matter of time.

Based on Bubbles’ progress, Luo Yunyang sensed that only a handful of bugs that possessed life force still remained in the humongous Sky Worm Nest.

Even so, the remaining bugs weren’t in a good state, so they could fall at any time.

“Big Bro, are you still there? I can sense your life force. Why aren’t you saying anything? Bubbles is very worried about you!” Bubbles’ voice was heard once again.

However, this time, its voice was no longer young and puerile. It was now crisp and melodious, just like the voice of a young girl.

Luo Yunyang didn’t pay any attention. He was currently at a crucial point. It could be said that, besides some instinctive defensive capabilities, his mind no longer had any capacity to pay attention to anything else.

After an indefinite amount of time, a voice echoed in Luo Yunyang’s head. “Time’s up, leave!”

Although Luo Yunyang still wished to continue comprehending, his consciousness was starting to get expelled. At the moment, he had already left his bug-like body, which had turned an extremely dark shade of black.

Just as Luo Yunyang was leaving, he had an idea. He immediately used his mind power to scan the area in the direction where Bubbles was.

Bubbles’ mind power was tremendous. However, at the moment, the accumulated power was stored up within her jade-green body. There was also a life present that was gradually becoming stronger.


Luo Yunyang’s mind jolted before he was completely expelled from the Sky Worm Nest. Three days after Luo Yunyang left the Sky Worm Nest, a dazzling green glow illuminated the entire Sky Worm Nest. Under that boundless green light, a figure emerged from a cocoon.

A young girl fluttered about frantically, all the while shouting loudly, “Big Bro, Big Bro, Big Bro…”

“Your Highness, in 10,000 years, only you emerged from the cocoon!” said a respectful voice.

“Big Bro is so powerful! Why hasn’t he broken out of his cocoon?” The young girl’s voice was filled with disbelief.

“Your Highness, I have already helped you investigate. There is only one body in the nest chamber you were in. It had already died out by the time you gained consciousness,” the respectful voice said firmly.

Bubbles calmed down. When she ignored that subordinate and entered the Sky Worm Nest once again, she saw the black jade-like, bug-like body not too far away from where she had emerged from her cocoon and clenched her fists gently. “Big Bro, Bubbles understands now. You didn’t die, you have just gone somewhere else!”

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