Supreme Uprising Chapter 567

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The number one figure on the Supreme Wind Cloud List!

Luo Yunyang’s expression was somewhat cold. He could feel the deep malice behind the appearance of the Supreme Wind Cloud List.

This sort of killer flattery was utterly treacherous. No applause or praise would accompany the emergence of the Supreme Wind Cloud List. Instead, it would attract the unwanted attention of people he would generally not have any relation with, as he had become a thorn in their side.

Actually, many people who knew about the malicious intention of the Supreme Wind Cloud List would still involuntarily attempt to demolish those that ranked ahead of them due to their pride.

Ranking someone at the top was akin to grilling them over the fire.

In the past, there had also been different Lists in places like the Divine Union. For example, the Qianlong Register was one. However, this sort of lists only appeared internally in the different factions.

Moreover, due to the strength of the people on the list, the degree of attention attracted by these lists was not so dazzling.

However, the Supreme Wind Cloud List just released by the Wind Shadow Pavilion actually included Universe-Grade Saints and even the leaders of the four great factions, thus instantly creating an overbearing influence.

In the virtual world, four heavenly pillars thousands of miles tall had appeared. The names of all the martialists across the Nebula Grade and the Universe Grade on the Supreme Wind Cloud List were carved on the pillars.

In particular, the name on the number one spot took up almost two-thirds of the entire heavenly pillar.

This method elicited hostility!

Even Luo Yunyang seemed to have an incomparable feeling when he saw the awe-inspiring name that was shrouded in golden light.

However, it was better to be cautious about such incessant flattery, because it was clear to Luo Yunyang that this was the most flamboyant means to deal with him. They were trying to flatter him before killing him.

“My lord, this Supreme Wind Cloud List is a little…” the Bloody Blade Monarch said after hesitating. He and the others had been summoned by Luo Yunyang for a meeting.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the Bloody Blade Monarch and nodded his head slightly. “Indeed, there must be some problem with this Supreme Wind Cloud List! This is a subtle way to kill someone without bloodshed!”

Immediately, the Bloody Blade Monarch felt at ease, as he knew that he must have been overthinking. How could someone like Luo Yunyang not see through the fishy tactics hidden behind the Supreme Wind Cloud List?

He glanced at the Golden Bat Monarch and the others and said, “My Lord, I am afraid that trouble is coming for you.”

“Let’s go. We’ll take a trip to the Wind Shadow Hall!” Luo Yunyang stood up with a cold glint in his eyes.

Upon seeing Luo Yunyang’s steaming killing intent, the Green Scale Monarch couldn’t help but ask, “My Lord, why do you want to head to the Wind Shadow Hall?”

“Just yesterday, all the shops of the Bug Race, including the Wind Shadow Hall, paid the tributes you required. In addition, they even contributed an extra 20%.”

The expressions of the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others turned unsightly. They felt sullen at the moment.

They believed that they could have had the chance to vent their frustration just a moment ago, before Luo Yunyang had mentioned heading to the Wind Shadow Hall. However, their anticipation was cut short now.

The helpless feeling of knowing that the other party was out to create trouble, yet they were unable to do anything was very unpleasant.

“My Lord, quick! Look at the message from the virtual realm!” A marquis elite came in and spoke in a panicked manner.

When Luo Yunyang switched on his communication device, an image appeared in the virtual realm. On the screen appeared a short purple-ish figure.

“Luo Yunyang, I hope you don’t disappoint me!”

The figure was located in one of the galaxies of the universe. Every step he took created cracks in the void as he strolled across the galaxy.

The cracks were very long. Even when the figure was long gone, the cracks in the void remained there.

The Divine Ax Monarch fixed his eyes on the cracks and unexpectedly felt a faint trace of the cultivation pinnacle he was actually pursuing.

However, this pursuit was something that he had to work tirelessly for, whilst the person who had spoken had been able to achieve it with a mere step.

“It’s Amethyst Tianzi!” the Divine Ax Monarch mumbled deeply.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. He had also heard of this name. The person in question was a gifted individual that others found incredibly tough to surpass.

However, he was almost unmatched by his peers. In the entire Purgatory, it was rumored that as long as he reached the Universe Grade, he would have enough power to suppress a Supremacy.

Usually, people of such a level would wait for Luo Yunyang and the others to advance to the Celestial Domain Grade or higher before having any form of interaction. However, he was striding over across the void now.

The reason was without a doubt the Supreme Wind Cloud List!

“My Lord, do you want to give a response?” the Golden Bat Monarch asked. “This matter has exploded in the virtual realm.”

Luo Yunyang switched to the virtual realm forum and immediately discovered that the elites from the Purgatory and the Divine Union had already started their flame wars.

The Divine Union martialists were obviously favoring Luo Yunyang, but the martialists from the Purgatory felt that the Wind Shadow Hall was just boot-licking this City Lord.

Although Luo Yunyang was considered pretty good among the Galaxy-Grade martialists, he was still far from being comparable to Amethyst Tianzi.

Some people even displayed Amethyst Tianzi’s battle success chart. Among the results was a case when Amethyst Tianzi had single-handedly defeated an army led by a Celestial Domain-Grade existence.

The Divine Union martialists posted an image of the Primeval Underworld Monarch being slain by Luo Yunyang as a form of retaliation.

“Fight, fight, fight. The Divine Union will be a bunch of p*ssies if they don’t go to battle!”

“He he he… Who’s afraid? When the time comes, if Amethyst Tianzi doesn’t dare accept the challenge, his entire tribe will be considered a bunch of p*ssies!”

“I’m more afraid that Luo Yunyang won’t dare take on the challenge.”

All sorts of discussions were spreading like wildfire. The Bloody Blade Monarch and the rest looked at Luo Yunyang as if he was already in the middle of a bonfire.

“Alright, cut it out already. We should just take a trip to the Wind Shadow Hall.” Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves as he walked out of the palace hall.

The Wind Shadow Hall was located in the west area of Samsara Star City. It was exactly 3,000 miles away from the City Lord’s Palace. By the time Luo Yunyang arrived with his subordinates, the Bug Race martialists from the Wind Shadow Hall had already been notified of his arrival.

“Greetings, City Lord.” The person in charge of the Wind Shadow Hall was a tall, bulky Worm Tribesman who had four feelers growing out of his head. He smiled earnestly as he said, “It’s the Wind Shadow Hall’s pleasure and honor that the City Lord has graced us with his presence.”

“Please do not hesitate to request anything. As long as the Wind Shadow Hall is capable, we will definitely deal with it swiftly.”

Although the man looked hideous, his words were smooth and slick. Luo Yunyang looked at the person in charge and said smilingly, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Hu Telu, City Lord. You can also call me Old Hu!” the man said with flattery.

Luo Yunyang suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. He immediately collapsed on the ground before pointing at Hu Telu and bellowing, “Guards! Hurry up and arrest him! He actually dared to attack me!”

“Round up all the people in the Wind Shadow Hall and bring them back to the City Lord’s Palace. I want to see if any of his accomplices are among them.”

Hu Telu was stupefied. He knew that Luo Yunyang was here for an explanation. Hence, he had been very careful in his response. However, this incident had caught him off guard.

Damn it, what was happening? He still had other cards up his sleeve that were unused. How could Luo Yunyang do this?

Just as he was about to retaliate, the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others rushed forth. The Bloody Blade Monarch and the four other Monarchs were waiting for action as they held back their power. If he moved an inch, they would immediately strike forth with all their might.

“He he… Your Highness Yunyang, what are you trying to do?” A woman with a spring in her step emerged from the crowd. Her words sounded rather interrogative.

Luo Yunyang looked at the woman and squinted for a moment. She was Nuya, the head of the Bug Race in Samsara Star City. She and Hemings, who had been killed by Luo Yunyang, were part of the four big shots of Samsara Star City.

The Supreme Wind Cloud List had to be her work.

“Could you also have been involved in the assassination of the City Lord?” Luo Yunyang shot a glance at Nuya as a pair of huge hammers appeared in his hands.

They were the Water Fire Sky Quake Hammers, one of the treasures he had obtained from the Samsara Auction Firm. This was a priceless treasure that had become Luo Yunyang’s weapon of choice.

Nuya’s expression changed as she felt the might coming from Luo Yunyang’s Water Fire Sky Quake Hammer. She immediately told Luo Yunyang coldly, “City Lord, are you going to start a war with my faction?”

“I admit that the Bug Race’s strength cannot compare to yours. However, if you were to behave in such a tyrannical manner, then our only option would be to leave Samsara Star City.”

“Without our three factions, Samsara Star City would become a wasteland. You must be aware of the consequences of such a decision.”

Luo Yunyang’s expression turned cold as he glowered at Nuya, who looked grave and stern. “So what if it becomes a wasteland? I’ll just have to hand over the things I have to contribute yearly and I’ll be fine. He he… I wouldn’t remain a City Lord forever anyway.”

“Arrest all of them. Kill anyone who resists!” While speaking, Luo Yunyang stepped forward with the twin hammers in his hands and stared closely at Nuya, ready to slay her if she dared to budge.

Although Nuya’s cultivation was at the Galaxy Grade, she knew that her combat abilities lacked compared to Luo Yunyang’s.

She would die if she tried anything.

Even though there were a few Celestial Domain-Grade guards around her, the consequences of causing an all-out war with Luo Yunyang weren’t something she could undertake.

Nuya, who had originally thought that she’d had the upper hand, felt depressed all of a sudden. She used her communication device to quickly contact Fei Lilie and her comrades while thinking of ways to stall Luo Yunyang.

However, just as she successfully contacted Fei Lilie, Luo Yunyang suddenly swung his hammer at Hu Telu.

Hu Telu only had a peak Galaxy-Grade cultivation. Therefore, he had zero chances of retaliating while facing the unrivaled Luo Yunyang.

As soon as Nuya had shown up, he had completely relaxed his guard and hence never thought that Luo Yunyang would strike at that moment.

The intense strike of that discordant force smashed Hu Telu’s body into many pieces. His self-preserving treasures couldn’t even be activated in time.

“Luo Yunyang, you….” Nuya fumed as she watched Hu Telu die.

“From this day on, all the taxes the businesses of the Bug Race have to pay will double. Anyone who refuses to comply will be kicked out of the city!” Luo Yunyang ignored Nuya completely as he shouted.

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