Supreme Uprising Chapter 600

Chapter 600 The Single Guardian

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Ning Shenxiu was very arrogant, and Luo Yunyang definitely felt some sort of threat. A threat to his own safety.

The desire to battle surged in Luo Yunyangs heart as he chuckled. "Alright then!"

Ning Shenxiu held the sword in his hands for a long time while glancing at Luo Yunyang before saying, "I was taught the Seven Sword Path and I specialized in annihilation. Hope to hear what you think about it!"

While speaking, Ning Shenxiu drew out his sword slowly. Just as he unsheathed the sword, Luo Yunyang discovered that the aura on Ning Shenxiu had changed greatly. If one had considered Ning Shenxiu proud and arrogant previously, then now he was like a god of death.

Instantly, Luo Yunyang conjured the Purple Energy in his body. In no time, a pair of giant purple hammers appeared in his hands.

"Sever!" Ning Shenxiu bellowed. As soon as he yelled, Luo Yunyang felt like the sky around him had been directly divided into two.

The razor-sharp sword intent seemed to contain an infinite amount of might and awe. Everything that was in front of this sword was directly split into two halves.

"How terrifying!" Emperor He said fearfully, "The sword evolved into a small boundary, and the sword intent that followed was used to destroy the small boundary. Then, the energy generated by the destruction of the realm was used to spur the sword intent, destroying the opponent who was contained within. This is already beyond what we can withstand."

Emperor He was referring to the dozen Sky Celestials that were present. Which one of them wasnt lofty and arrogant? However, right now, none of them objected while listening to what Emperor He said.

It was because they knew that they could never withstand that move.

"What a pity for this lad!" Some Sky Celestial-Grades sighed aloud after seeing the boundless annihilation sword intent.

Although they were Luo Yunyangs opponents, they also felt a lot of admiration for this amazing young man.

It was a pity that such a fine man would die so young.

In the Scarlet Sun Sect, many disciples were disgruntled. Although they couldnt sense the power of Ning Shenxiu, the mirrors they were using to watch the battle broke in half the moment Ning Shenxiu executed his move.

They could feel how strong the opponent was just based on this.

A bitter-looking middle-aged man muttered, "Why would we do this if we knew that he was a Sky Celestial? Why should we"

The middle-aged man was very vexed. However, he also knew that the current situation was difficult to salvage.

When Luo Yunyang fell, their Scarlet Sun Sect would have to rely on them and pray that their Patriarch would hurry up.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A huge roar came from the bronze looking glass. At that roaring boom, the bronze looking glass used for observation shattered into pieces.

This was a sect that had once stood at the apex of the world, so the things used in the Scarlet Sun Sect were pretty good, especially this treasured looking glass hanging in front of the square. This was a treasure crafted through many years of hard work by a top-notch refiner.

However, would the Scarlet Sun Sect be able to withstand the power that had even broken through the seal of the looking glass and shattered it into pieces when it was only acting as a channel to view this battle?

"Everyone get ready! We do not have much time left," said the Scarlet Sun Sects sect master. He had seen the situation developing afar and had swiftly made a decision based on his judgment.

Each and every Scarlet Sun Sect disciple gripping their weapon tightly felt their heart pound at an alarming rate.

12 Sky Celestials along with Ning Shenxiu was too much to handle even for their Patriarch, let alone them.

After all, Ning Shenxiu was a disciple of one of the 12 Sacred Celestials

One minute, two minutes, 15 minutes

No one came. The sect master initially felt that the longer things were delayed, the better it would be for them. However, the current situation was extremely nerve-wracking and unsettling for them.

Finally, the sect master could no longer calm himself down and decided to send his most trusted disciple forward to take a look, even if the current calmness was threatened.

He knew very well that the calmness before them was false.

The disciple took a deep breath and rushed out. Just as he was about to reach the Swirling Ridge, he discovered that the bottom of the Swirling Ridge had become totally barren. The person he had considered dead was actually standing quietly atop the Swirling Ridge.

The gathering of 12 Sky Celestials and their subordinates was a magnificent sight. However, everyone was now staring in fear at the figure atop the Swirling Ridge.

"Whats happening?" As a disciple favored by the sect master, he was a very competent fellow. He squinted his eyes and carefully inspected the surrounding area before discovering his fellow disciple who was hiding in the distance.

"See for yourself!" His fellow disciple mulled for a moment before pointing towards the sky and saying, "Heaven and Earth have been scarred!"

Moments after the disciple spoke, a bleak light emerged in the sky and the disciple was able to see the image faintly.

He saw two giant purple hammers crash together heavily. The shock wave that ensued caused the sword-light pressing forward to shatter along with the person who had executed the move.

Although the person who had executed the sword-light quickly regenerated his physical body, he also left hurriedly without saying a word.

He had fled!

The image of the person who had executed the sword-light was fuzzy, but the young disciple was able to make an accurate judgment upon seeing this figure.

It was Ning Shenxiu! The acclaimed figure known as the Ocean-Splitting Sword, who was adept in swordplay, had been defeated.

The young disciple felt a sense of exuberance in his heart compared to the pressure he had harbored on behalf of his sect when he had come out to scout.

He could be defeated! He had actually lost!

"It is really rare for someone to scar heaven and earth. In the past, only heaven-defying elites were able to do so. Do you think Mr. Yuanchu wants to become one of those elite powerhouses?"

The disciple, who was still in shock, was in no mood to gossip. Thus, he snorted, "There isnt anything to discuss. Its a shoo-in. Ill report the pleasant news to the sect master now."

As soon as he said that, he rushed towards the Swirling Ridge. He had been heading towards the Swirling Ridge in a sneaky fashion previously, but now he wasnt afraid that anyone would intercept him.

Many people had started to gather under the Swirling Ridge. The people who came afterward were not subordinates of Emperor He or the other Sky Celestials. They were there to capitalize on the Scarlet Sun Sects misfortune.

Although the bulk of the rewards would be seized by Emperor He and the others, these people would still be able to attain some stuff.

They were there to pick at the leftovers.

Of course, the best scenario for them would be if Lady Luck smiled at them and they coincidentally received a treasured inheritance from the Scarlet Sun Sect. However, such an occurrence was hard to come by.

Many people reckoned that this attack on the Scarlet Sun Sect would definitely result in obliteration. Even if the Scarlet Sun Sect had any hidden tricks or means up their sleeves, they would stand no chance against the combined assault of the 13 Sky Celestials.

However, when they saw the scarred heaven and earth upon arriving at the Swirling Ridge, most of their hopes of passing through the ridge were extinguished.

Although the treasures of the Scarlet Sun Sect were very valuable, how could they compare to their lives?

Emperor He was a little anxious this time. He glanced at Luo Yunyang, who was quietly sitting on a large stone on the Swirling Ridge as though he was asleep and felt a boiling rage surging in his heart.

He very much wanted to grab hold of Luo Yunyang and smash him into pieces, but while he was fuming, he also understood that he wasnt a match for this person.

Hence, he could only glance at his comrades, hoping that they could find a reliable powerhouse that could match him. Otherwise, their ploy to eliminate the Scarlet Sun Sect would become a joke.

However, when he made eye contact with the other powerhouses, he realized that all of them had similar helpless expressions.

Of course, there were some elites stronger than Ning Shenxiu. There were actually plenty of them. Take, for example, the 12 Sacred Celestials. Any one of them could route the Scarlet Sun Sect entirely if they came.

However, how could the simple Scarlet Sun Sect garner the attention and arrival of such strong figures?

"Brother He, lets give this up!" a tanned Sky Celestial told Emperor He, "We wouldnt have any claim to the rewards even if we brought help to annihilate the Scarlet Sun Sect now."

"We might even suffer some losses! In my opinion, we should just leave!"

Emperor He was no fool. He had already assessed the situation. However, he was really unwilling to accept it.

Still, he had given up entirely now. He took a deep breath and, just as he was about to leave, a thought arose in his mind. Immediately, he thought of Luo Yuanchu, who was seated on top of the Swirling Ridge.

Would Luo Yuanchu allow him and the others to leave? With that in mind, Emperor He began to discuss with his comrades.

"Mr. Luo, were going to leave. Is there anything else here for us?" Eventually, Emperor He took a step forward and spoke respectfully.

Luo Yunyang was pondering over his exchange with Ning Shenxiu. Ning Shenxiu had been defeated by his move, but also partly because of the Heavenly Venerate Will contained within.

When Ning Shenxiu had broken through the void while trying to land an attack on Luo Yunyangs body, the Heavenly Venerate Will had actually retaliated, blocking Ning Shenxius attack and even counter-attacking Ning Shenxiu.

As a result, Luo Yunyangs Mountain Partition Nine Fragmented Peaks had struck Ning Shenxius body.

The Heavenly Venerate Will had unlimited uses, so it was unknown if there were more treasures like the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone in the Scarlet Sun Sect.

Upon hearing Emperor He, Luo Yunyang replied nonchalantly, "Well, you guys could actually wait. Ill leave this place in a day."

"Thank you for your advice, Mr. Luo. I guess well still take our leave first!" Emperor He replied with a smile, even though he felt bitter deep down.

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