Supreme Uprising Chapter 622

Chapter 622 The Swords Of The Ruler The King Of Blades

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The Heavenly Venerate Podium had appeared!

Countless origin source laws gathered towards the Heavenly Venerate Platform. When seen from afar, one could even faintly discern the Martial True Body formed by the trails of origin source laws gathering below the Platform.

It was ascending the Heavenly Venerate Platform and rising as the reigning Venerate!

Although the Heavenly Venerate Platform was an unattainable goal for most martialists, all of them still felt a sense of excitement in their hearts.

“The Blade Demon will emerge victorious from the battle between the blade and the sword!” exclaimed a man inside a restaurant within a huge city as he raised his wine cup.

The man’s voice was filled with rapt ecstasy and a five-feet-long blade hummed nonstop beside him.

The man’s loud voice reverberated all around him before someone snapped back coldly, “Nonsense!”

“The Sky Sword is invincible! Lord Bai Jingtian will never lose!” A robust youth with a sword strapped to his back objected.

“Lord Bai Jingtian will definitely become the next Heavenly Venerate.”

The man shot a cold glare at the youth when he heard this statement and snorted coldly. “Invincible? Is he invincible just because you say so?”

“The Lord Blade Demon single-handedly went up against five opponents and obliterated the Holy Divination Emperor. No matter how strong Bai Jingtian is, he will never be a match for the Lord Blade Demon.”

The robust-looking youth returned a cold stare as his hands reached towards the sword on his back.

The sword whistled and the blade sliced through the air before they clashed. In an instant, two parties who had been total strangers were already fighting.

This sort of battle was only one of the countless battles between the sword and the blade that were happening in the Tianyunshen Dynasty. People that ranged from ordinary martialists to Earth Celestial existences were fighting it out because of their different opinions.

The Heavenly Venerate Platform was becoming more distinct, yet the Celestial Thearches that had started making their way to the Platform hadn’t realized it.

The omnipresent supreme celestial realms of the Celestial Thearches did not even appear.

Nobody felt surprised by the situation, as almost everyone knew what the Celestial Thearches were waiting for.

They were waiting for the battle between the sword and the blade. They were waiting for both sides to suffer from the aftermath of the battle. Or rather, they were waiting for one of them to fall.

“It will be a pity if the winner of this battle gets ambushed by the other Celestial Thearches” lamented a young lady.

Everyone felt a similar sense of worry. Although the disciples of the Sky Sword Sect had absolute confidence in Bai Jingtian, they were also similarly worried about this sort of situation happening.

After all, Bai Jingtian was no immortal and the Blade Demon was exceptionally powerful. If Bai Jingtian managed to defeat the Blade Demon but suffered serious injuries, he might not just lose the Heavenly Venerate Platform, but his life as well.

After all, many eons ago, the seemingly invincible Sky Blade had fallen similarly after many Celestial Thearches had ganged up on him. However, Yuan Shenhui and the others had no solution for this kind of situation. After all, there were more than a dozen Celestial Thearches in the Tianyunshen Dynasty.

The Burning Emperor, the Black Emperor, and few other Celestial Thearches had gathered on an unnamed mountain peak. Every single one of them was silent, but they all knew each other’s intentions clearly.

It could be said that all of them were like hunters, quietly biding their time until their prey appeared.

Similarly, in another unnamed cave, a few Celestial Thearch beings were sitting quietly around a treasured mirror that showed the situation on the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

The Sky Sword Mountain was peaceful as usual.

However, nobody knew how long the calm before the storm would last. The number of people wanting to spectate from the surroundings was decreasing.

Thousands of swords whistled through the air simultaneously on the Sky Sword Mountain. The tens of thousands of disciples who had originally been suppressed by the atmosphere began to move almost at the same instant.

They had originally gathered below the Sky Sword Peak. However, all of them were directly looking up at the peak itself now.

A white figure emerged from the Sky Sword Peak. His hair was jet black and his robes were white. He held a sword with one hand and his steps were light, as if he was floating like a spiritual being.

Countless Sky Sword Sect disciples knelt on the ground at practically the same time. Their personally bestowed swords also flew out of their sheaths directly and began to surround the figure.

Thousands of swords were facing their ruler!

At the moment, Yuan Shenhui wasn’t just excited. He was also kind of worried. He was prepared to speak the moment he saw his Ancestral Master.

After all, he was the Sect Master of the Sky Sword Sect!

However, the moment he was about to speak, Bai Jingtian looked in his direction. Although it was only a glance, it was enough to make Yuan Shenhui swallow all the words he had been about to say.

The Ancestral Master knew what he wanted to say!

Just as Yuan Shenhui regained his composure, the buzz of swords began to echo all around. The buzz sounded razor-sharp, and massive battle intent also started to gather frantically through this buzzing sound.

Yuan Shenhui already knew who was about to appear. He swiftly turned his head and immediately saw a person in blue robes mysteriously appear on a mountain peak that wasn’t too far away.

The thousands of swords that had gathered around Bai Jingtian were making high-pitched sounds full of incisiveness and unyieldingness

Yuan Shenhui’s face stiffened, as he already felt a terrifying sensation coming from that person.

This sort of fear came from the bottom of his heart and made him extremely afraid.

“King of Blades!” Unknowingly, these words escaped Yuan Shenhui’s mouth.

“You didn’t disappoint me.” Bai Jingtian finally spoke. His voice was calm as he added, “Your 10 reincarnation cycles and the Sky Blade Technique are the strongest I’ve seen.”

Luo Yunyang smiled gently as he said, “You didn’t disappoint me either. However, I must obtain the Heavenly Venerate Platform this time.”

“It’s pointless to speak with such confidence!” Bai Jingtian snapped as he shifted his sight onto the Heavenly Venerate Platform that was floating in the sky.

He was also looking forward to obtaining the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

“Although the battle between the two of us cannot be avoided, we must not let those treacherous fiends take advantage of us.”

While Bai Jingtian spoke, he pointed at the sky and said, “The Heavenly Venerate Platform has appeared and those Heavenly Venerates have been restricted outside the Tianyunshen Dynasty. Why don’t we have a competition to see who will be able to kill more of those people?”

“My sentiments exactly!” Luo Yunyang took a step forward and disappeared into the void. Meanwhile, Bai Jingtian waved his sleeves lightly and a sword-light ripped open the void as he transformed into a streak of sword-light and vanished through the ripped void.

Yuan Shenhui and the others only recovered from the shock after Luo Yunyang and Bai Jingtian had left. As he was looking at the almighty Heavenly Venerate Platform, Yuan Shenhui’s voice sounded a bit delighted. “Something big is going to happen!” he said.

In the depths of the Tianyunshen Dynasty’s Imperial Palace, a man wearing a crown was sitting face to face with a scholar. Judging by their posture and seating arrangement, it seemed like they were conducting some sort of academic study.

The scholar was fondling two jade balls the size of fists while the old man waited in silence.


Following this sound, the two jade balls shattered and fear filled the scholar’s eyes.

“It seems like I have to congratulate you. Your Imperial Dynasty can continue.” The scholar raised his head again. Although he sounded very calm, his eyes showed that he was terrified.

“Scholar, I know that you have never exaggerated in your entire life. However, I do not believe you this time. How could an Imperial Dynasty intimidate its surroundings without support from the Celestial Thearches?” the old man with the crown said sadly.

“There’s no longer any need. In the next 1,000 years, you and I will only need to intimidate those Sky Celestial existences. After those 1,000 years, if we still can’t reach the Celestial Thearch Level, then your Tianyunshen Dynasty will truly deserve to fall.”

The old man’s eyes shimmered brightly. Although he appeared extremely calm during this meeting with the scholar, the calmness he displayed didn’t mean that he did not care about the issue at hand.

“What did you see? What exactly did you see?” The old man grabbed the scholar’s hand on impulse.

“I saw fallen Celestial Thearches, I saw a bloody sky, I even saw the clash between the blade and the sword. The only thing I did not see is who will ascend the Heavenly Venerate Platform.”

The scholar then added, “I also saw an opportunity for us to become Heavenly Venerates.”

“Fallen Celestial Thearches? Who could it be? Although killings happen frequently on the Heavenly Venerate Platform, it is a tough task to kill a Celestial Thearch.” The man who wore the crown seemed struck by a thought when he finished speaking. Then, he added in disbelief, “Could it be”

“Yes, you’re right. That’s it!” The scholar said, “It should be starting soon.”

“Is it going to work if both of them do that?” The man who wore the crown sounded unconvinced.

“As long as a Heavenly Venerate doesn’t take action, they’ll be the strongest. To them, normal Celestial Thearches are just like ants.”

As soon as he said that, the scholar added emotionally, “It is a sad thing to not be able to become a Celestial Thearch with them, but dying at their hands is also a great blessing.”

“It’s starting!”

As the scholar spoke, the Burning Emperor and the rest of the people seated in the small space opened their eyes almost at the same time. Their cultivation bases were very high and they were incomparably sensitive to danger.

Just as Luo Yunyang and Bai Jingtian set out, they received a mysterious and inexorable warning.

“They actually dare” The Burning Emperor sounded angry. However, no one responded, as a man bearing a blade on his waist had just appeared in the small space they were residing in.

“Gentlemen, I’m here to send all of you off to your grave.” Luo Yunyang looked at the people with calm eyes that were devoid of emotion.

He spoke as though this matter was totally insignificant.

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