Supreme Uprising Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Eight Saints Combine Forces To Shatter Voids

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Blue Lotus Daozi’s word was the law. Although Black Shenzi and the others were rather displeased, they weren’t going to cause any internal strife at this point in time, when they had just joined hands against a common foe. Thus, they all rushed in Luo Yunyang’s direction immediately.

On the Amethyst Star System’s main planet, which was the Violet Gold Star, the Divine Incarcerate Legion’s subordinates were like avaricious locusts pillaging all the resources.

As Luo Yunyang stood silently within the void, he hoped to acquire any piece of Origin Divine Crystal on the Violet Gold Star.

After all, three crystals weren’t a lot.

“My lord, we have already been surrounded!” the Bloody Blade Monarch reported.

Luo Yunyang just smiled faintly at the Bloody Blade Monarch’s reminder. He already had considerable confidence now that he had three Origin Divine Crystals in his hands.

“Got it. Everything will be fine!”

The Bloody Blade Monarch didn’t say anything else. He had been following Luo Yunyang all this time, so he already understood Luo Yunyang rather well. In his opinion, Luo Yunyang wasn’t the sort of man that would speak without thinking. If he said it would be fine, then he definitely would have a well-thought plan.

However, what he didn’t know was that Luo Yunyang’s current enemy wasn’t Blue Lotus Daozi but rather the Supremacies.

They treated the realm as their chessboard in a bid to find out the Celestial World Supremacy’s secret. According to Luo Yunyang’s estimations, as long as they weren’t sure whether his cheap master was around, they wouldn’t make any direct moves on him.

An hour later, over 100 million troops of various factions had already gathered outside the Violet Gold Star. Blue Lotus Daozi stood on the bridge of a humongous warship.

Around him, the defeated Forsaken Desolation Saint, the Beheading Light Saint, and Xin Jinlong were standing respectfully by his side.

Although they were Universe-Grade saints, they were still subordinates compared to Blue Lotus Daozi.

Even the unruly Forsaken Desolation Saint didn’t dare make a sound at this point in time.

They’d had no intention of coming, yet Blue Lotus Daozi had added a line when he had issued the ordernon-compliance would result in death!

These words had been very scary. Although Blue Lotus Daozi couldn’t kill them, the Blood Lotus Supremacy could kill them as easily as squeezing the life out of an ant.

Blue Lotus Daozi didn’t say anything regarding the failures of these three. He had a cold glint in his eyes as he watched the Divine Incarcerate Legion pillaging the Violet Gold Star.

He simply didn’t care about ordinary resources and wealth. However, as the Divine Incarcerate swept through, hundreds of top-notch ore veins collapsed due to Luo Yunyang and his men’s violent gathering.

Meanwhile, Blue Lotus Daozi was also facing considerable pressure.

“Move out together and slay Luo Yunyang!” Blue Lotus Daozi didn’t look at anyone. However, at his order, practically everyone took to the void at once.

Xin Jinlong, the Forsaken Desolation Saint, the Beheading Light Saint and the three Saints from the Machine Empire practically appeared on the Violet Gold Star at the same time.

The Ocean Watcher Saint, the Sky Tone Saint, and the Thousand Beast Saint were the three Saints of the Machine Empire. They didn’t show any contempt towards Xin Jinlong and the others for being defeated by Luo Yunyang.

As they saw the Violet Gold Star, the two Saints from the Bug Race, the Extensive Thread Saint and the Thousand Eyes Saint, landed at the same time.

“Everyone, attack together and shatter the void!” Xin Jinlong said.

Although the three of them had lost rather embarrassingly, they were still from the Purgatory so they had to act like hosts.

The Ocean Watcher Saint and the two other Machine Empire Saints had massive bodies, whereas the Extensive Thread Saint and the Thousand Eyes Saint seemed rather small and feeble. However, these feeble-looking bodies contained traces of eerie power.

“Good!” As the Ocean Watcher exclaimed, his two huge mechanical arms rotated and a vast majestic power gathered in his arms.

Shattering a void was an extremely easy task for any Universe-Grade. Now that eight of them were present, the Violet Purple Star could be destroyed in the blink of an eye, despite the fact that it wasn’t ordinary.

“Are you all trying to start a flock?” This nonchalant remark was followed by Luo Yunyang’s appearance in the sky.

On the huge Violet Gold Star, practically every Nebula-Grade martialist and stronger entity had sensed the arrival of these eight Saints.

When the eight of them stated that they were going to shatter the void, many people started to quake in fear. A Saint shattering the void was basically a nearly inescapable calamity.

However, they all knew very well that, in the face of these Saints, their own power was simply too inferior.

Forget about stopping them. They didn’t even have the right to speak to these Saints. Just as everyone started feeling apprehensive, they saw Luo Yunyang’s figure.

Luo Yunyang’s appearance allowed them to heave a sigh of relief.

“You will definitely die! No doubt about it!” The Forsaken Desolation Saint hated Luo Yunyang to the core. Thus, his voice was reeking with animosity when he saw Luo Yunyang.

Amongst the three Saints of the Purgatory, the one who hated Luo Yunyang the most was definitely the Forsaken Desolation Saint.

Although Xin Jinlong had become a laughing stock after his battle with Luo Yunyang, this was because he hadn’t been cautious.

On the other hand, the Beheading Light Saint was probably the one who held the fewest grudges against Luo Yunyang. After all, Luo Yunyang had relied on true strength to beat him in combat.

He had the courage to admit he was inferior.

Only the Forsaken Desolation Saint had challenged Luo Yunyang because of his pettiness and desire to humiliate Xin Jinlong. Ultimately, Luo Yunyang had completely destroyed his internal universe and he had been utterly embarrassed in front of the many people watching. If he had the ability, he definitely wouldn’t even let Luo Yunyang live a second longer.

“No matter how much trash flocks together, in the end, it is still trash!” Luo Yunyang eyed the Forsaken Desolation Saint as he spoke calmly.

The Ocean Watcher Saint and the others were watching the exchange in jest. To them, the verbal war between Luo Yunyang and the Forsaken Desolation Saint was just entertainment.

However, Luo Yunyang’s last words had infuriated them all. How could he have used the word “trash” to describe them?

Even a Supremacy wouldn’t say that these people were all trash.

The elites of the Divine Incarcerate Legion all felt their hearts tremble. They already feared these eight Saints a little. However, Luo Yunyang had just uttered a sentence that had felt like a smack across their faces.

Calling Saints trash was really

While many thought inwardly that Luo Yunyang was really crazy, they also viewed Luo Yunyang with much greater respect.

After all, someone able to say such words definitely wasn’t an ordinary person. The felt rather pleased while watching the eight Saints outside that would decide their fate.

“Ha ha ha! Such big words!” The Forsaken Desolation Saint wasn’t angry. On the contrary, he threw his head back and roared with laughter. “When you get killed in a bit, I wonder if you will still be able to utter such words.”

“Old Forsaken Desolation, have your brains turned to mush? Why don’t you use your head and think properly? Of course I won’t be able to utter such words if I get killed by the bunch of you. How can you actually not understand simple logic? Seems like the bunch of you are just a bunch of brainless things!”

“Oh right, Blue Lotus Daozi is even more brain-dead.” As he said that, Luo Yunyang turned his gaze to the humongous warship far away, where Blue Lotus Daozi was. “Would you dare face me?”

Although Blue Lotus Daozi was itching to teach Luo Yunyang a lesson, he also understood that he definitely wasn’t a match for Luo Yunyang. If he forcibly tried to fight Luo Yunyang, the biggest loser would surely be him.

Even though he knew that lots of people outside were watching this situation unfold inside the Purgatory, he still didn’t utter a word.

In the virtual realm, the people watching the Sky Vision didn’t know much. Some of them had already started placing bets.

“This Luo Yunyang fella seems rather confident. I think that he definitely has a contingency. Perhaps the Celestial World Supremacy will come and save him.”

“Most of the time, Supremacies aren’t supposed to interfere with fights between the Four Great Factions. Of course, if their own disciples are about to fall, they might ignore these rules.”

“I guess that Luo Yunyang won’t die. Look at how calm he is. It’s clear that he seems confident. He he How long has it been since this youngster rose to prominence? To think that he can actually butt heads with so many Saints!”

“Damn, I just need to be half as good as him. That would be more than enough!”

In the Da Alliance, practically all the top brass was staring fixedly at the virtual realm screen displaying the situation. These were the people closest to Luo Yunyang. They knew that the moment Luo Yunyang fell, the human race would experience a great calamity.

Meanwhile, on the cultivation grounds of the various Supremacies, the Supremacies were all watching this calmly. However, it was evident that there was already a faint doubt in some Supremacies’ eyes.

The Celestial World Supremacy’s aura was getting weaker and weaker. Some people even came to the conclusion that the Celestial World Supremacy had already fallen.

However, Luo Yunyang’s unbridled manner made them suspicious. They didn’t fear the Celestial World Supremacy now that so many of them had joined forces. However, killing the Celestial World Supremacy was impossible.

Despite mutual scruples, none of them was willing to fall out with the others.

“Considering that this fellow is so unbridled, it seems like there is still something we do not know about the Celestial World Supremacy’s aura.” The Shenluo Supremacy cast a sidelong glance at the Jueluo Supremacy.

The Jueluo Supremacy was the one who was most certain that something had happened to the Celestial World Supremacy. However, the Jueluo Supremacy didn’t dare say with certainty that something had definitely happened to the Celestial World Supremacy. After all, the way Luo Yunyang behaved was way too rampant.

“Let’s watch more first.”

“Attack!” Blue Lotus Daozi, who was overseeing from the back, commanded.

At this command, even the Ocean Watcher Saint and the others, who had some slight misgivings about this, rapidly made hand seals. Universe-Grade attacks were earth-shattering.

The combined earth-shattering attacks of eight Saints could flatten everything.

Luo Yunyang didn’t hesitate upon seeing these eight make their move. He immediately reached into his own storage bracelet!

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