Supreme Uprising Chapter 670

Chapter 670 Brewing Tea

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The Ten-Force Annihilation Formation had been left behind in the Donghua Ancient Sect by a cultivator proficient in array formations.

Luo Yunyang was unclear why the person in question had left behind this formation, but he had a feeling that it had taken them at least 1,000 years of effort to set up this array formation.

Meanwhile, he would only have 10 years for this current mission!

Luo Yunyang could come up with several reasons why this person had been able to stay in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos for 1,000 years. One of the most important reasons was that this person had been afraid to receive a tougher mission.

After all, Luo Yunyang had only made use of the Intermediate Training Center. There was still an Advanced Training Center.

In the face of the Kunwu Sword Unions overwhelming assault, Luo Yunyang didnt hesitate at all before deciding to use that array formation.

The main reason he chose to use it was because he didnt want to waste too much time on the Kunwu Sword Union.

Therefore, he had to solve this problem once and for all.

The small boat that was carrying his True Body had appeared in the Burial Plateau before. That was his only clue. However, after an in-depth understanding of this Burial Plateau, Luo Yunyangs inner excitement started to fade.

The Burial Plateau was extraordinary.

It was 100,000 meters high and its surface area could cover the sky!

This was the description of the Burial Plateau based on a book. The massive Burial Plateau posed a huge problem when it came to searching for that small boat.

To make matters worse, the Burial Plateau was the sixth most desolate place in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. According to the history of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, a Heavenly Venerate had once been buried there.

Therefore, the chances of finding the small boat within the Burial Plateau were very slim.

Furthermore, there were still many unanswered questions, such as whether the boat had returned in the past ten years, or if it had reappeared on the Burial Plateau

These problems simply meant that Luo Yunyang was still not ready to find his Heavenly Venerate True Body.

Ten years was too short a time.

While the probability of finding his Heavenly Venerate True Body was slim, Luo Yunyang had another problem.

How was he going to face the crisis in 10 years and what was he going to do then?

The idea of moving the entire Human Tribe or just the people of the Da Alliance into the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos subconsciously popped into his mind.

Although the relocation was going to be difficult, Luo Yunyang felt that the chances of it succeeding were much higher than looking for his Heavenly Venerate True Body, which was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

In order to move into the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, Luo Yunyang would have to build a better foundation there.

All the above reasons encouraged his decision to use the Ten-Force Annihilation Formation.

The Ten-Force Annihilation Formation, which had a power equivalent to a strike from a Universe-Grade Celestial Thearch, caused all the Donghua Ancient Sect disciples to view Ancestral Master Luo Yunyang with awe and reverence.

This sort of reverence also spurred the restoration of the Donghua Ancient Sects former territory and the rise of the Donghua Ancient Sect.

Some people even proposed to eradicate the sects that had betrayed or occupied the Donghua Ancient Sects territory.

Luo Yunyang wasnt too concerned about the situation within the Donghua Ancient Sect. What he wanted was the Tribulation Platform that belonged to the Donghua Ancient Sect.

The Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation generally occurred when a martialist in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos reached a level of cultivation grade advancement.

Luo Yunyang was only at the first level of the Celestial Domain Grade. If he wanted to invoke a Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, he needed to reach the peak of the Celestial Domain Grade.

The difficulty of advancing grade increased after reaching the Celestial Domain Grade. Many Celestial Domain-Grade martialists trained hard for thousands of years without even improving by a single level.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang needed the Tribulation Platform.

The Tribulation Platform could invoke the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation at any moment. After reading the entire historical records of the Donghua Ancient Sect, Luo Yunyang came up with the idea of using the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation and Tribulation Platform to refine his own cultivation base.

Although this method of invoking a Heavenly Tribulation was a lot less effective than cultivation grade advancement, it was better than not having any Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation at all.

"Ancestral Master, the previous Union Master of the Kunwu Sword Union, Sacred Sword of the Sky Luo Bingbai, is on his way here. He is heading here alone!" Gu Mingping and Yin Feihuan were both starting to panic.

Sacred Sword of the Sky Luo Bingbai?

This name wasnt unfamiliar to Luo Yunyang, as many records in the Donghua Ancient Sect mentioned this individual.

He was the founder of the Kunwu Sword Union, as well as the master of the Kunwu Nine Swords. Although he was only a Peak Sky Celestial, he had fought against a Celestial Thearch without getting defeated.

He also ranked 36th in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos Sky Celestial Rankings!

Although this ranking seemed rather low, this list referred to the entire Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. There were many highly-regarded Sky Celestials in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, most of them direct disciples of certain Heavenly Venerates.

It was rumored that the most powerful Sky Celestial was the son of a Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerate and a Sixt-Level Heavenly Venerate.

His cultivation should be exceptional if he ranked 36th under the circumstances. Some people even said that he did not advance into the Celestial Thearch Grade because he did not want to use the Tribulation Platform when a greater sect opened their doors to him.

As long as he joined the sect, he could use the sects top-notch Tribulation Platform to advance into the Celestial Thearch Grade.

However, Luo Bingbai did not do this because he wanted to invoke the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation by himself.

In the Kunwu Sword Union, Luo Bingbai had not acted for thousands of years. Some people had even forgotten that he existed. However, he had now decided to move out again alone.

Luo Yunyang grinned slightly at Gu Mingping and Yin Feihuan. He was rather curious about this entity who ranked 36th in the Sky Celestials combat rankings.

Although Luo Yunyang himself was only at the first level of the Celestial Domain Grade, he had the utmost confidence in himself. After all, he had once been a Heavenly Venerate and he also had the attribute regulator. He might not be able to defeat a Heavenly Venerate, but he certainly wasnt afraid of a Celestial Thearch.

Besides, Luo Bingbai had yet to become a Celestial Thearch.

However, Luo Yunyang did not plan on killing Luo Bingbai, not because he was soft-hearted, but because he didnt really want to attract too much attention in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

The massacre of the Kunwu Sword Union using the Ten-Force Annihilation Formation sounded like big news, but it really wasnt considered a big deal in the vast Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

The Mysterious Sky Land was a boundless wasteland in the center of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

The people that controlled the Mysterious Sky Land believed that this battle was just a battle among a few small factions.

The Donghua Ancient Sects influence had spanned the entire reaches of the star system back then, but it had only been about the size of a small hill in the Mysterious Sky Land.

Killing someone who ranked 36th would result in him immediately ascending the Sky Celestial Rankings. Perhaps even Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerates might start taking notice of him because of this, which wouldnt be a good thing.

Among Luo Yunyangs designated strategies was a strategy to delay a rise in power. It might seem like a contradiction to the strategy of swiftly defeating the Kunwu Sword Union, but in fact, it was necessary to grasp that degree.

"How long before he arrives?" Luo Yunyang asked.

"Given his current speed, it will only take him an hour to cross the galaxy." Yin Feihuan was the Sect Master of the Donghua Ancient Sect, so she had a good understanding of the situation.

"Great! Feihuan, youll brew some tea here while I wait for him in the sky," Luo Yunyang muttered to Yin Feihuan.

Yin Feihuan had been hoping that Luo Yunyang would use some unknown means to stop Luo Bingbais arrival. She had never expected that Luo Yunyang would actually make her brew tea while waiting for Luo Bingbai.

Although his actions looked very elegant, he would become a laughing stock if he was killed by the opponents sword right away.

After glancing at Gu Mingping, Yin Feihuan agreed. "Since the Ancestral Master has instructed me so, I will follow his orders."

Luo Yunyang did not pay attention to what Yin Feihuan was thinking. He sat on a meteorite that entered the Qianliu Star while Yin Feihuan pretended she was calm and started to brew tea.

However, although Yin Feihuan tried her best to calm down, she still involuntarily made several mistakes while brewing the tea.

Those were mistakes that shouldnt happen to someone like her, who was adept at tea brewing.

"This young lady doesnt seem to be doing too well," Luo Bingbai, who seemed to have sensed everything, said faintly from 10,000 miles away.

Yin Feihuan almost threw away the teacup in her hand when she heard this voice. She realized that she had made a huge mistake.

Feeling uneasy, she looked at Luo Yunyang only to hear him laugh. "She is just a silly girl."

Yin Feihuan bit her lip tightly. Silly girl? This was the first time someone had called her that in a long time.

However, she swallowed whatever she wanted to say when she saw the sword-light traversing through the void.

"I have come here ready to kill." Luo Bingbai was a tall but ugly man.

Yin Feihuan felt an immense pressure wrap around her heart when she heard this.

"You cant kill anyone." Luo Yunyang snickered confidently.

Luo Bingbai didnt get angry. He glanced at Luo Yunyang before gently patting the ancient sword on his back and saying, "Youre welcome to try me."

Luo Yunyang watched Luo Bingbai admirably. Although this man was a lot weaker than Bai Jingtian, his sword technique was still pretty good.

"Your sword technique is very good, but this piece of sky belongs to me." Luo Yunyang pointed to the space around him as he added, "The Donghua Ancient Sect once placed a large array formation around the territory it occupied. The entire sky will become a destructive force with just a single thought."

"Do you want to give it a try?"

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