Supreme Uprising Chapter 8

Chapter 8


100,000 dayuan!

According to Luo Yunyang’s speculation, this 100,000 dayuan would only be the beginning of his potential financial path. When he touched the five-dayuan note in his pocket, he felt somewhat excited.

His mother had just lost her job, and although he had already become a martialist, he hadn’t gone out to hunt yet. Earning money suddenly didn’t seem that easy.

However, that problem seemed to have been solved in an instant.

Zhu Yan had given him the means to resolve this desperate situation.

Nevertheless, what Luo Yunyang cared about the most was actually the vial of body-forging medicine.

Relying on food and cultivation to improve one’s strength was a slow process. Plus, in three days, Zhu Yan would be taking him to participate in another important assessment.

That assessment was an extremely rare opportunity. If Luo Yunyang wanted to succeed and move his mother and little sister to the city, then he needed to increase his strength even more.

“I want to withdraw it!”

At Luo Yunyang’s affirmative answer, the manager swiped the card fast through a small box. The information displayed on it astonished the manager.

This wasn’t an ordinary elite card. On top of the card was the insignia of the Rising Dragon Army.

This ordinary-looking young man was actually scheduled to join the Rising Dragon Army!

In a flash, all sorts of thoughts popped into the manager’s mind. This young man would become a capable man in the future. If he grabbed this opportunity and managed to ride on the young man’s coattails, he would surely benefit from it in the future.

As he thought about this, the manager became even more compliant. He suddenly asked loudly everyone around him, “What are you all standing around here for? Hurry up and bring the gentleman some tea!”

Then, he asked Luo Yunyang politely, “Can I have your identification number, sir?”

The question stumped Luo Yunyang, who didn’t know his own identification number, as he had never used it before. When he frowned, the manager, who had been observing him, immediately understood and said politely, “Don’t worry, sir. I can check it over here. All you have to do is let me know which school you attend and what your name is.”

The ladies sitting behind the bank counters looked as if they had seen a ghost. As the little box kept flashing continuously, the manager sat down behind a monitor and got busy. This time, Luo Yunyang started to look around the bank.

He could see black marble floor tiles and transparent windows that looked like crystals. Every single thing in there seemed to make the grace and grandeur of the place even more prominent.

Although the ladies behind the counters could not be considered absolute beauties, their soft skin and tender features made them look delicate.

When Luo Yunyang looked at them, a couple of them who appeared to be in their 20s shot him some seductive glances.

Their plain gazes made Luo Yunyang’s heart beat faster and his face turn red.

Although he had no intention whatsoever of pursuing these ladies, he was still a young man. How could he resist this sort of teasing?

“The working conditions here seem pretty good!” Luo Yunyang commented unconsciously as he thought about his mother’s hard job.

“We are actually lacking a staff member, sir. The monthly salary isn’t that high. It’s only 500 dayuan. If you know anyone that is looking for a job, feel free to recommend them to us.”

When the manager was done authenticating Luo Yunyang’s identity, he used this opportunity to suck up to him.

Recommend someone? That could be arranged!

Luo Yunyang paused for a bit. He understood the manager’s intent and silently admired the man’s professionalism. However, all he said was, “Is that so? Then I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you!”

“It’s no trouble at all. My family name is Fang, but you can call me Fang Zhongyuan. Please keep me in mind in the future.”

As he spoke, Fang Zhongyuan took a notice out of his drawer and handed it to Luo Yunyang. “This is our bank’s job application form. You can tell the person you want to recommend to come over tomorrow.”

Then, the manager added, “Everything is ready, Mr. Luo. I’ll just ask someone to get the body-forging medicine for you!”

Luo Yunyang took the application form and made sure that everything was in order. There was no name filled in yet.

“Thank you, Manager Fang. Oh, I forgot! I would like to withdraw 50,000 dayuan.”

“Sure!” Fang Zhongyuan moved efficiently and returned with a vial of green medicine and 50,000 dayuan.

50,000 dayuan was a big stash of money. When Fang Zhongyuan handed it over, he also gave Luo Yunyang an exquisite little bag. “This is a gift from our bank. You can use this for the time being.”

Luo Yunyang nodded. He understood Fang Zhongyuang’s kind intentions and took the bag before leaving.

“I’ve heard that using body-forging medicine is really painful. However, the longer the user is able to withstand the immense pain, the better they absorb the medicine. I would suggest that you persevere for a bit, Mr. Luo,” Fang Zhongyuan said in a low voice before Luo Yunyang left the bank.

Luo Yunyang nodded. He had heard a lot about body-forging medicine. There were also manuals on this kind of medicine.

“Oh, I forgot, Mr Luo. Given your circumstances, I think you will also need a computer.” Fang Zhongyuan clapped his hands together as if he had suddenly remembered something.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know anything about computers. Most people in Donglu Town could barely make a living and most households didn’t even have electricity, so he had never heard of computers.

“It only costs about 1,000 dayuan. If Mr. Luo needs one, I can help him purchase a portable one from the market. All you need to do is charge the batteries at our bank. You can use your elite card to go online.”

When Luo Yunyang had walked far enough, Fang Zhongyuan pumped his fist in the air. He was even more excited than he would have been if he’d sealed a big deal.

“He was just a child, Manager Fang. Why were you so polite to him?” one of the ladies asked Fang Zhongyuan in confusion.

That particular lady was among the most beautiful in Donglu Town, so she was quite proud.

Fang Zhongyuan would usually treat her courteously, but unlike other men, he would pay her less compliments.

She had just seen Fang Zhongyuan fawn all over a young man, which was a little strange.

Fang Zhongyuan grinned. “He is an elite martialist. Understand? He might only be a G-rank elite right now, but he will only get better with age. If Mr. Luo visits in the future, you all have to treat him properly.”

Luo Yunyang had no idea that the bank employees were talking about him. He was just strolling through town cheerfully.

Although he had always dreamed of the day that he would become an elite, having 50,000 dayuan in his hands was a completely different feeling.

Luo Yunyang was hungry. He would get some food first and then pay a visit to Luo Chang’s place. Afterwards, he would get someone to help him purchase a better apartment in town.

Although Luo Yunyang wanted to move his mother and little sister closer to the city, the environment in their little house still needed to change.

“Stop right there, you wretched child!” a voice suddenly shouted.

When Luo Yunyang heard it, he raised his head and saw Luo Chang run over from a distance. She looked panicked.

A plump man with an oily face was chasing after her.

He appeared to be in his 40s. His belly was jutting out, yet his speed wasn’t slow.

“Luo Chang, what’s going on?” Luo Yunyang couldn’t leave her in the lurch. She had given him her unwavering support at his most frustrating time after all.

“This has nothing to do with you. Just hurry up and leave!” Luo Chang gazed at Luo Yunyang before turning to face the plump man behind her. “Dad, slow down!”

She said this so Luo Yunyang would hear. She wanted to let him know that this unpleasant-looking man did not pose a threat to her.

Luo Yunyang had a faint notion that Luo Chang’s current situation might have something to do with him having that energy bar.

“You wretched child! Do you think money grows on trees? That was 500 dayuan! You.” The plump man had slowed down, but his cursing could still be heard.

Luo Chang’s face turned red when she heard her father’s scolding.

She had not wanted Luo Yunyang to see her in this state!

Luo Chang had already reached Luo Yunyang’s side. She was about to walk past him, when Luo Yunyang blocked her way.

“Who are you?” The plump man seemed to sense something from his daughter’s expression, so he wasn’t too friendly with Luo Yunyang.

“I am Luo Yunyang. Hi, Uncle Luo,” Luo Yunyang answered the plump man politely with a smile.

The plump man’s face, which was red from panting, quickly became malevolent. He pointed a finger the size of a carrot at Luo Yunyang and said, “You You are that disgraceful fellow! You are so young, yet you seduced my daughter! I’ll beat you to death!”

As soon as he was done speaking, the plump man rushed over.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t afraid of an ordinary person who wasn’t even a martialist, but this was Luo Chang’s father, so hitting him wouldn’t be right.

“What’s the matter? Who are you and why are you trying to beat my son?” Just as Luo Yunyang had been about to evade the man’s blow, he saw his mother Shen Yunying rush over.

Shen Yunying was usually a timid person, but right now she was seething like a snarling lion.

The plump man recognized her. There were only a few thousand people in Donglu Town after all. He immediately pointed his finger at her and said, “Your son seduced my daughter, old woman. He He even made her buy an energy bar for him! You tell me what’s the reason behind this!”

“Not before you tell me why you are handling matters this way!”

Many people had already stopped to watch the plump man chase after his beloved daughter. When they heard these words, they approached to watch the fight play out.

Shen Yunying glanced at her son and then said solemnly, “This is a matter involving two kids, so I wouldn’t make assumptions about who is right and who is wrong. As for that sum of money, I will compensate you for it.”

Shen Yunying’s attitude made the plump man calm down a bit. He groaned, but he didn’t say anything else.

However, even though he didn’t say anything, there was someone else who did.

“You just got fired, Shen Yunying. No one in Donglu Town will hire you. You ruined someone’s fur coat and did not even admit your mistake. How disgraceful!”

The person who had spoken was Cheng Daren, who was currently feeling indignant.

The onlookers started talking a mile a minute. Shen Yunying was a fellow town resident and everyone knew she wasn’t a shrewd person, so fingers started being pointed until the whole thing became an embarrassing predicament.

Suddenly, a heavy slap landed on Cheng Daren’s face resoundingly, Cheng Daren, who was caught off guard, was sent flying.

“You You actually dared hit someone!”

Cheng Daren spat out a mouthful of blood and gnashed his teeth in rage. There was a gap in his mouth, and some people saw a few teeth in the bloody saliva he spat out.

“I hit you. If you keep talking rubbish, I’ll slaughter you!” Luo Yunyang was furious.

“Li You, you You heard him! He said he would kill me!” Cheng Daren yelled miserably when he saw a middle-aged man in a police uniform walk over. “You have to discipline this sort of hoodlum properly, Li Tou. He loves to create trouble!”

Li Tou was a cop in charge of that area. A number of people suddenly sighed. They felt bad for Luo Yunyang when they saw the policeman walk over.

Li Tou and Cheng Daren were on good terms.

When Li Tou’s gaze landed on Luo Yunyang, he paused for a bit. Then, he flashed a faint smile. “Are you Mr. Luo Yunyang?”

“Yes, I am!” Luo Yunyang looked at Li Tou as if he understood what was going on and nodded his head lightly.

Li Tou slapped Cheng Daren in the face without a warning. “How dare you threaten Elite Luo, Cheng Daren? This accusation would be enough for you to get locked up for 100 days. Get on your knees and apologize!”

Elite Luo? As Shen Yunying looked at her beloved son, a proud smile appeared on her face.

“Mr. Luo Yunyang has already comprehended the Ape-Dragon Blueprint and he will be taking part in a Rising Dragon Army Assessment. He is now an elite student of the Da Alliance.”

Li Tou brandished his arms around as he added, “He is the second elite student in Donglu Town in almost 20 years.”

Luo Chang was stunned. Luo Chang’s father was dumbstruck. Actually, everyone around seemed flabbergasted.

Luo Yunyang was an elite student!

Luo Yunyang opened his little bag, took out 5,000 dayuan and handed it to Luo Chang’s father. “Luo Chang has always looked out for me. She even spent some money on me yesterday. Take this money and use it.”

5,000 dayuan was a large amount that many people in Donglu Town coveted. Everyone’s gazes turned on Luo Chang’s father right away.

“Mom, this is a job application for a position at the bank. Fill it in when you get home. You can start working at the bank tomorrow. I have already arranged it.” Luo Yunyang took the job application out of his bag and handed it to his mother.

No one was brainless enough to question him. They were all aware that his elite status would award his mother some special treatment as well.

The bank was the only place in Donglu Town that everyone was jealous of.

The residents of Donglu Town considered the people that worked at the bank superior. Now that Luo Yunyang had become an elite martialist, his mother would be able to work at the bank.

Shen Yunying held on tightly to the job application. She felt dizzy from this wave of good fortune.

Cheng Daren’s eyes were full of dread as he watched the scene. He had never imagined that someone as insignificant as Luo Yunyang would get a second chance and become a massive beast one could not offend.

“Shouldn’t Cheng Daren be detained for 100 days? Detain him then! I’m not such a magnanimous person!”

Luo Yunyang glanced at Li Tou with a faint smile.

“No worries, Elite Luo. I will take care of Boss Cheng,” Li Tou replied respectfully as he smiled back.

As he watched Li Tou drag Cheng Daren off, Luo Yunyang felt an even more intense thirst for power.

He had to reach the summit of power!

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