Supreme Uprising Chapter 835

Chapter 835 The Heaven Roll Changes Again

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The huge monument tablet continued to grow higher, so even well-known Heavenly Venerates couldnt help but look up at it.

This was not only because of the might exuded by the monument, but also because every name on the Origin Martial monument tablet was awe-inspiring!

Leaving a name on the sacred tablet was earthshaking!

Many Heavenly Venerates had only heard of the Origin Martial monument tablet. Hence, they were very excited to be able to witness someone leaving his name on it.

This wasnt just simply leaving a name on the monument tablet. This was leaving a mark, a timeless mark that would be revered for generations to come.

"How is this possible?" someone cried out in astonishment!

Yin Yang Zongzi looked up, stunned by what he saw. He couldnt believe it, but he knew his eyes werent playing tricks on him when he saw that dazzling name!

"Luo Yunyang, he How could he leave his name on the Origin Martial monument tablet?" Yin Yang Zongzis voice was shaking in a way it never had before.

However, he was really shaking in disbelief this time.

Besides Yin Yang Zongzi, even Li Jiuyue and the others were staring blankly at the Origin Martial Monument Tablet in disbelief.

This had to be an illusion!

Although they were crying out in disbelief, the golden characters burning brightly told them that everything before their eyes was the cold, hard truth.

"Congratulations to Luo Yunyang for passing the sixth stage of the 13 Origin Martial Stages! He is the first to do so and he will continue to shine!"

The message was announced throughout the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Wu Xuanghuang didnt have a tall stature, but his expression was always bright and alert. However, he immediately became sullen when he saw the message on his communication device.

He had originally thought that he had surpassed that person. He had never expected that Luo Yunyang would silently sprint forward while everyone assumed he was lagging behind.

"One day, I will leave my name on the monument tablet as well!"

At Xuantian Zhaoxings residence, the servant holding onto his communication device finally knocked on the door of the room where Xuantian Zhaoxin was cultivating in seclusion.

"Whats the matter?" Xuantian Zhaoxing was annoyed, as he had just attained some enlightenment during this session before he was interrupted.

The servant, who had made up his mind, stuttered when he saw the cold look on Xuantian Zhaoxings face, "My lord, theres. theres some news regarding Luo Yunyang."

Xuantian Zhaoxings face stiffened and he almost flared up at his servant. Luckily, he was able to calm down quickly because this servant had followed him for a long time. He knew that his servant wouldnt disregard his instructions for no good reason. Thus, he said grimly, "I hope you can give me a good explanation."

"Luo Yunyang has broken through the sixth stage of the 13 Origin Martial Stages and even left his name on the monument tablet!" the servant said hurriedly.

Xuantian Zhaoxing was stunned by what his servant had said. He had never thought that Luo Yunyang would do something like this.

"What? Say that again!" Xuantian Zhaoxing said in disbelief.

The servant could sense that Xuantian Zhaoxing wasnt in a good state of mind based on his response. Although he knew that he had been right to interrupt his masters training, he was still very worried about Xuantian Zhaoxings reaction.

"Zongzi, Luo Yunyang has left his name on the monument tablet!" After hesitating for a moment, the servant spoke solemnly to Xuantian Zhaoxing.

"Leave!" Xuantian Zhaoxing instructed him after taking a deep breath.

The servant wanted to say more but he chose to leave after seeing the expression on Xuantian Zhaoxings face.

Xuantian Zhaoxing gripped his communication device as an unprecedented sense of defeat washed over him. He clenched his fists tightly and made a decision.

He would take on the sixth Origin Martial Stage!

Although Xuantian Zhaoxing knew that the chances of him failing were really high, he still decided to attempt it, as he wanted to know the level of disparity between him and Luo Yunyang.

Perhaps, the sixth stage wasnt as scary as it was made out to be.

"I think my foresight is not too bad." A faint voice spoke in the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

The voice came and went discreetly, but every prominent figure within the Rising Sky Feather Sect knew who had spoken.

Furthermore, many people from the Rising Sky Feather Sect were excited about the news.

Meanwhile, in the Longlin Great Cosmos, the Long Family was dead silent. Those that knew what had happened shut their mouths, while those that didnt know were being extra careful with everything they did.

They didnt have a high status in the Long Family, so they were afraid of being killed for unknowingly saying the wrong thing.

The Long Family Patriarch had an ugly look on his face as he addressed Longteng and the others before him. "This person cannot live a second longer."

"Patriarch, should we?" a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate asked.

"Fool, how can we do that directly? Do you know what would happen to us if Hong Meng Sacred Hall found out? Wed get our entire clan wiped out!" the Long Family Patriarch snapped.

A seventh-level Heavenly Venerate was considered a supreme being by many people. However, he didnt even dare to defend himself now.

The old Patriarch was enraged as he fumed. "Many beings around us do not want the Human Race to rise again. You should all use your brains harder."

Most of the members of the Long Family understood what their Patriarch was scheming after hearing that. They shot glances at each other, as they also believed that this was a window of opportunity for them.

Although the three sect masters of the Three Era Supreme Sect werent Heavenly Venerates, they still received the news through their own means.

They found it so hard to accept this news that they felt uneasy. However, after having a discussion among themselves and failing to come up with any solutions, they concluded that things were already beyond their control.

Yuan Venerate White Crane and Yuan Venerate Violet Sky were still sitting in the huge palace hall. However, while Yuan Venerate Violet Sky looked as calm as ever, Yuan Venerate White Cranes expression contained a hint of awkwardness.

"I never thought that I would do something to smack myself in the face." Yuan Venerate White Cranes expression returned to the way it should be as he mocked himself. "I really did underestimate that kid."

Underestimating someone was very normal for a Yuan Venerate Almighty, as they had the ability to do so.

However, this time, Yuan Venerate White Crane had made adjustments to the three rolls of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, so it would be a little humiliating for him to make adjustments again.

"You have to make more adjustments," Yuan Venerate Violet Sky said in a deeper tone, "After all, he left his name on the monument tablet, so he will shine for generations to come!"

Both Yuan Venerate White Crane and Yuan Venerate Violet Sky fell quiet.

"Indeed, I have to make some adjustments regarding Luo Yunyang. He will have the highest chance of becoming a Yuan Venerate Almighty in a single Yuanhui if he keeps up this pace."

Yuan Venerate White Crane continued speaking with determination. "It will be impossible to hide the news about Luo Yunyang. I believe that now that he left his name on the monument tablet, the Mysterious Underworld Race will hunt him down at all costs."

"Although Hong Meng Sacred Hall is safe, it is impossible for Luo Yunyang to stay here forever, especially when he becomes a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate. Hell have to go through intensive fighting training on the Starry Battlefield then."

"We will also have to make adjustments for his safety."

Yuan Venerate Violet Sky nodded his head in agreement. "The Sacred Hall shall discuss this matter."

After their conversation, Yuan Venerate White Crane instructed, "The following adjustment will be made to the Hong Meng Sacred Halls Heaven Roll: Luo Yunyang will be moved up to the first position on the Heaven Roll and the other four will be moved down accordingly."

After Yuan Venerate White Crane issued these instructions, the newly-released Hong Meng Heaven Roll appeared on most peoples communication devices.

No one was surprised by the adjustment, as Luo Yunyang had already left his name on the Origin Martial monument tablet. It would have been wrong if there had been no changes to the Hong Meng Heaven Roll.

Li Jiuyue, Yin Yang Zongzi and the rest decided to train in seclusion after seeing the news. It was better to cultivate rather than feel envious or jealous. They still harbored hope of surpassing Luo Yunyang one day.

All the 30 or so Zongzis recruited by Hong Meng Sacred Hall decided to train in seclusion. They could feel the widening gap between themselves and Luo Yunyang. All of them had been chosen ones in their respective regions, so they were reluctant to fail.

They had to improve!

Luo Yunyang realized that his name had now moved to the top of the Hong Meng Heaven Roll when he exited the 13 Origin Martial Stages. He had expected this, so he did not pay much attention to it.

"Xuantian Zhaoxing has suffered a serious injury!" The communication device rang as Luo Yunyang received a message. One of the 32 Zongzis had sent it. Luo Yunyang had never had many dealings with this Zongzi in the past.

"Brother Yunyang, Xuantian Zhaoxing is not aware of his strength. He took on the sixth Origin Martial Stage and even used a forbidden power."

"Ha ha He has met his match this time." The Zongzi sounded like he was trying to suck up to him. "He really is overestimating his capabilities."

Luo Yunyang, who did not care about that Zongzis intention, merely replied with a smile.

He paid no attention to Xuantian Zhaoxings situation after hanging up. What he had to do now was ignore Xuantian Zhaoxing and find ways to become the first to develop a second-level universe.

Based on Luo Yunyangs estimation, Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others must have gotten their huge opportunities and shouldnt be far from becoming second-level Heavenly Venerates!

He couldnt slack off, even though he was in the lead!

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