Supreme Uprising Chapter 87

Chapter 87


Luo Yunyang, who was left speechless by Xu Zhong’s constant badgering for a good beating, pulled back his arm again.

This time, he used his full strength.

Although he didn’t make any adjustments by using his attribute regulator, the force of his punch sent Xu Zhong flying in the air.

As Xu Zhong landed on the ground, his expression turned very odd. He suddenly let out a maniacal howl and flashes of dark silver light rays started to converge around his body.

A set of dark silver armor formed, using the source power that had appeared on Xu Zhong’s body. Although the scars on Xu Zhong’s face made him look really ugly, anyone looking at him right now would see him in an awe-inspiring light.

“He’s become a second-grade martial master!” someone said with a hint of envy in their voice.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know what to say as he watched Xu Zhong’s gloating expression. He had only struck the guy a few times, yet he had actually made a breakthrough!

The higher the level of the cultivation, the harder the cultivation got for martialists. Forming a source core was something that the majority of martialists found very difficult to achieve.

The status of a martial master who possessed a source core was 10 or 100 times better than a first-rate martialist’s. However, that didn’t mean that everything was just fine and dandy afterwards.

The formation of a source core was only the first step in a martialist’s path. As one climbed higher, the going got even tougher.

Many people were unable to achieve a source core breakthrough and remained third-grade martial masters well into old age.

The source core that Xu Zhong had formed had been of a very low grade, so many people had reckoned that he would just remain like this for the rest of his life. However, he had unexpectedly made a breakthrough and advanced to a second-grade martial master in one go.

“Ha ha ha! This is really refreshing, Brother Yunyang. You must be furious. Don’t you find my gloating annoying? Why don’t you hit me again?” Xu Zhong smiled wide as he shouted loudly.

Luo Yunyang still had nothing to say. He just didn’t know what to say to this fella.

“Hit me, Luo Yunyang. Let me check if that’s really the case!” Another person looked at Luo Yunyang excitedly.

“Don’t hit him, he has thick skin. Take a look at me! I am the best target for a beating. My skin is crispy and my flesh is really tender!” an officer with a large mustache told Luo Yunyang with a chuckle.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How could he say that he has crispy skin and tender flesh?

“Alright, stop disturbing Luo Yunyang. Everyone out!” Chief Instructor Lu waved his hands around. “Yunyang, you go find a place to rest first. I will report this matter to the Viceroy.”

Then, he turned and stared at Xu Zhong, who was still making a ruckus. “Shut the hell up! If I hear any more of your nonsense, I will throw you into the black forest!”

When Chief Instructor Lu left, Luo Yunyang’s surroundings became much quieter. He sat cross-legged on the bed and quickly raised his Mind Attribute and started to observe what exactly was going on in his body.

When his Mind Attribute reached 60, Luo Yunyang could sense clearly the situation in his body.

He saw a glowing green dot of light within his dantian. This glowing dot, which was about the size of a grain of rice, kept swallowing whatever energy was around it.

At the top left side of the green spot was a bright scarlet light speck. The radiance of this speck was twice as bright as the green spot’s.

At the top right side of the green light spot was a silvery-white light spot. Its illuminance was a little weaker than the scarlet spot’s, but its glow was stronger than the green light spot’s as well.

The green light spot had to be the source core he had formed, while the scarlet and silvery-white spots were the source cores formed by the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move and the Golden Sun-Devouring Dragon Move.

This meant that Luo Yunyang had actually formed three source cores.

No matter how hard he tried to recall the records he had found in books, Luo Yunyang couldn’t remember a similar phenomenon taking place before. As he thought about this, he instinctively brandished his fists.

Although his Power Attribute had decreased quite a bit, when he struck out, he saw a band of green energy flow from his source core to his fists.

The source power he had instinctively used originated from his green source core. What if I want to use the power of the scarlet source core instead?

As he thought about it, Luo Yunyang brandished his arms once again. When he struck out this time, a scarlet light flowed out of his scarlet source core and gathered in his fists.

When his bright scarlet fists struck the air, several blazes sprouted up.

If he had used this power earlier, Xu Zhong wouldn’t have been as pleased as he was now.

Power: 66 ( Fire: 7; Ice: 6; Wood: 5)

Speed: 11

Mind: 16

Constitution: 78 (Golden Body: 18)

Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator and discovered that there were three new categories next to his Power Attribute.

Fire, ice, and wood!

The scarlet source core was fire, the silvery-white core was ice, and the green one had to be wood.

Three source cores, all classified as Power.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t very satisfied with his current Power, as awakening a source core was like soaring a great distance for martialists. However, it seemed like his advancement wasn’t very big.

He had only gained 5 Attribute Points compared to when he had been cultivating the Golden Moon-Devouring Dragon, which made Luo Yunyang feel somewhat displeased.

It seemed like the formation of this source core had been dominated by the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move and the Golden Sun-Devouring Dragon Move.

As Luo Yunyang started to mull over the attribute regulator in his mind, he transferred his 7 Fire Points to Ice. His Ice Points now became 13. When Luo Yunyang also added the 5 Wood Points, the figure became 18.

When Luo Yunyang was done with this adjustment, he used his internal vision to check the situation in his body and found out that there hadn’t been much of a change. The three source cores in his body still seemed the same.

However, when he brandished his fists, his palms turned sparkly and translucent and his entire arm was enveloped by a layer of white frost that looked like armor.

His entire arm was full of Frost Power. Delighted with what he saw, Luo Yunyang kept raising his Ice Attribute.

18, 19, 20…

Luo Yunyang raised his Ice Attribute to 36, before it could no longer increase any further. Suddenly, he realized that his Golden Body had reached 0.

His Power, Speed, Mind and Constitution could be mutually converted, so when these main attributes increased, their secondary attributes increased as well.

These secondary attributes could also be adjusted through the attribute regulator.

Could this be because these powers belonged to the same grade?

While Luo Yunyang pondered this, the Frost Power covered almost his entire body.

A set of silvery-white armor had formed on his body!

It was the source armor of a second-grade martial master!

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