Swallowed Star Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124: The Might of Blood Cloud

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“You want me to stop him?”

Sinking Fire Master expressed his unwillingness at once. Although he was a member of the Demon Alliance, he was not actually of demon origin. Instead, he was a leader of a strong race. Blood Cloud Palace Master was infamous, and he had previously killed two universe masters. How strong he was He definitely belonged to the ranks of pinnacle universe masters. Sinking Fire Master might not be weak, but upon comparing, he still lost to Blood Cloud Palace Master.

“Just to pin him down!” Dream Demon Ancestor ordered, “Besides, you still have your other bodies.”

“I may have my other body,” said Sinking Fire Master, “but this old fellow has not shown himself for more than three million eras. There is no way I can predict what he is capable of. If this body of mine is annihilated, my true treasures shall fall into his hands, too! Furthermore, I have a token of ‘Zhen Chang Valley’ with me.”

Sinking Fire Master was unwilling to take the risk. He was the leader of a strong race, the entire race depended on him.

“Even if this body of yours were to be annihilated, when Blood Cloud Palace Master is killed, all your true treasures will eventually be returned to you,” Dream Demon Ancestor said. “Even if Blood Cloud Palace Master survives this ordeal, whatever loss you incurred, my Alliance shall compensate half the amount! Humph! You are the renowned Sinking Fire Master. Is it possible that you cannot even protect yourself from Blood Cloud Palace Master?

“All right!” said Sinking Fire Master. “Since Demon Ancestor has promised, I shall make my advances.”

Sinking Fire Master ceased to hesitate.


He transformed into light and speedily gave chase after Blood Cloud Palace Master.


Luo Feng and Sinking Fire Master were not that far apartprobably only a few dozen million miles awayas Luo Feng sped through space.

“Blood Cloud Palace Master, hold it!” A booming voice resonated in his ears.

“Humph!” Luo Feng sneered and continued moving forward.

The booming voice spoke again. “Blood Cloud Palace Master, I, Sinking Fire Master, would like to speak with you.”

It was obvious that Sinking Fire Master did not really want to fight Luo Feng; after all, the top powers were the ones who bore deep hatred for him. Personally, he did not bear such great enmity toward him, but so long as he could pin him down, he could claim credit for his work done. Even better, if Blood Cloud Palace Master was killed, henceforth, when the time came for treasures to be split and distributed, Sinking Fire Master would naturally be able to claim his share.

“Sinking Fire Master! You think I am as foolish as you are?” Luo Feng brushed him off lightly.


Sinking Fire Master was so mad that he momentarily went speechless. He could not help letting out a sigh. No wonder Blood Cloud Palace Master had enemies all over the universe. He was truly a mean-spirited character. There was no bad blood between the two of them, but in this short exchange of words, Blood Cloud Palace Master had already crudely called him foolish. Wasn’t this an insult to a universe master like himself? If it were some other great being saying the same words, Sinking Fire Master would have roared in rage and prepared for battle, but as it had come from the notorious Blood Cloud Palace Master, his rage dissipated fast.

After all, Blood Cloud Palace Master was naturally cruel-natured. If not, how would he have offended the various top powers of the universe?

One flew ahead while the other gave chase behind. Sinking Fire Master was lagging far behind in his pursuit. At the same time, he was constantly reporting to Dream Demon Ancestor and Shock Demon Monster to update them about the latest situation.

“Blood Cloud Palace Master is escaping as fast as he can move,” said Sinking Fire Master. “I am unable to keep up, so keeping him in view may only be temporary.”

After a short moment, Luo Feng flew right into a whirlpool tunnel.

“He has entered a whirlpool tunnel that leads to Original Star Number 06231,” Sinking Fire Master reported immediately.


This news from the Demon Alliance was immediately disseminated out among the super beings, and it took only a short moment for various parties to know that Blood Cloud Palace Master had entered Original Star Number 06231.

“Star River Master, we are about to arrive at Original Star Number 03129, the coordinates of Blood Cloud Palace Master’s whereabouts.”


Six universe masters of the Northern Territory Alliance were flying together in the original stars. The leader of them was Star River Master, who had the highest status in the Northern Territory Alliance. Although there was a total of twelve universe masters from the Alliance involved in this operation, the other six were originally in the original star and were thus making their way from the various original stars they were on to join the group.

“Stop!” Star River Master ordered.

The other five towering figures halted in midair at the same time and looked toward Star River Mastera looming black space.

“Blood Cloud Palace Master has already left Original Star Number 03129 and has gone through a whirlpool tunnel to arrive at Original Star Number 06231,” Star River Master announced.

“What should be we do?”

“This spells trouble.”

The other five universe masters all felt that things were looking extremely bleak.

“Get the coordinates of the whirlpool tunnel leading to Original Star Number 06231,” Star River Master barked out his orders. “What is the fastest route to take?”

“If we take a turn after passing by eight original stars, the time we spend on traveling would be the shortest,” a universe master spoke up to answer at once.

“Then let’s take off,” Star River Master ordered.


All six universe masters changed their course of flight right away.


The news spread, which indeed caused much dissatisfaction among various powers who were after Blood Cloud Palace Master’s life, but they were all at their wits’ end, too. Every original star had a total of 10,081 whirlpool tunnels. This was the greatest problem when it came to hunting him down for the kill. Maybe. This was what Blood Cloud Palace Master had counted on when he showed up on the original stars.

Sinking Fire Master’s towering figure also went through the whirlpool tunnel and entered another original star. He had just stepped in and had yet to control time and space to conduct his search.


Sinking Fire Master looked around in surprise. He could see that, at a distance of approximately 60 million miles away, an endless dark mist pervaded the air. Amidst the dark mist, an ancient palace loomed indistinctly; and in front of that palace, a lone figure stood upright. Shrouded by the dark mist, the figure seemed vague and only faintly discernible.

“Blood Cloud Palace!” Sinking Fire Master recognized the famous treasure right away.

Blood Cloud Palace was a top-tier flying-palace type true treasure! It was an entire level higher than Sky Wolf Palace. Its sturdiness was unmatched even universe supreme beings would find it hard to cause damage to Blood Cloud Palace. It could release a dark mist over an area as far as hundreds of billions of miles away. The combination of lingering dark mist and towering palaces That had to be Blood Cloud Palace. By making use of Blood Cloud Palace, one could continuously avert death.

“Blood Cloud Palace Master did not escape?” Sinking Fire Master was secretly taken aback.

“Hahaha! Sinking Fire Master! Why, are you scared?” The dark mist suddenly spread out to envelop Sinking Fire Master as a voice resounded, saying, “Aren’t you after me? It’s been a long, long time since I fought a battle. Now, I am giving you the chance to fight me!”

“Hmph!” Sinking Fire Master roared in rage. This Blood Cloud Master disregarded him without a trace of respect.

Blood Cloud Palace Master’s voice was transmitted over to him. “Haha! As expected. You have no guts at all. I will leave you here, then.”

Sinking Fire Master saw how Blood Cloud Palace Master continued flying away, and let out an angry roar at once. “Blood Cloud, don’t make haste in escaping if you truly have the guts!” Transforming into light, he gave chase right away.



Blood Cloud Master waved his hand and stowed Blood Cloud Palace in a long shuttle he held onto. Then he charged over with a flash.

“I shall let you taste my might,” said Sinking Fire Master.

Sinking Fire Master held onto two large hammers. The nine tentacles on his head blazed with more flames as he roared.

Luo Feng charged over at high speed with his long shuttle in hands. At the same time, he sighed inwardly over the fact that out of the 100 million of races in the universe, an extremely large number of great beingsespecially those of super beingswielded hammers as their weapons.

A distance up to 60 million miles apart, yet the two dashed in each other’s direction and were face-to-face in a split moment.

“Blood Cloud, time to die!” Sinking Fire Master roared.

A wave of his hammer was, naturally, followed by a ferocious roara roar that seemed to have come from the primordial age of the universe. Sinking Fire Master had come to exist upon the completion of Beast God Path between fire and space. One strike with his hammer, and the stability of the space in the surroundings would be shattered like glass being cracked, shattered, and crushed beneath a tank.

“Just you alone?” Luo Feng was as tall as 600 miles at that moment, but it was likewise for Sinking Fire Master.

Luo Feng was holding on to Star Tower, which, after being disguised by the “Blood Cloud Pearl,” took the form of a shuttle more than 1,800 miles long.

“Meet your doom!” said Luo Feng.

Luo Feng stared at his opponent from afar. The godly power of his entire body was already burning up and gushing in a continuous stream into the long shuttle he held. Until that very day, Luo Feng could only fully comprehend the first level of the sculpture of complicated secret engravings on the Star Tower. He might have been close to full comprehension of the second level, but he was still a little shy of completion, so he could not fully activate the power on the second level. This, in turn, would require him to consume more godly power, as the power on the first level was simply not as strong as that of the second level.

He activated the Star Tower long shuttle! With the long shuttle, Luo Feng used his ultimate technique of a universe master, “Blood Light.” It was newly created. Thus, this was the first time it was being used in battle.

“Shatter!” Sinking Fire Master roared.

The might of his godly hammer was immeasurable. At that moment, it was as though the skies were falling apart as the earth shattered But suddenly, a dazzling, blood-red light shuttle flashed by. The speed was frighteningly fast. There was no way the two godly hammers of Sinking Fire Master could block the blows.


The blood-red light shuttle pierced right through Sinking Fire Master’s chest.


Sinking Fire Master gritted his teeth and rammed his godly hammer onto Blood Cloud Palace Master’s body.

Hong! Hong!

The two rebounded in opposite directions.

How could he be so fast? thought Sinking Fire Master in amazement. So fast that I didn’t have time to block his attacks.

Sinking Fire Master had expected that there would be some changes in Blood Cloud Palace Master since he had not been seen for more than three million eras. However, he had never expected that the use of a new true treasure, “Long Shuttle,” would bring about such a fast speed. He may not have been adequately prepared; this was simply too fast.

Sinking Fire Master was shocked. Well-deserving of his title, this Blood Cloud Master Given the size of my godly body, he could still cause me to lose 1 percent of it. His capability certainly falls within the pinnacle list of universe masters. Luckily, it’s only this one time. I will not allow him to attack my godly body directly again.

The two continued to exchange blows, purely using their weapons to fight. The remaining power after blocking off the attacks of the weapons was certainly much weaker, but at least the injuries were purely physical injuries. There were no other weapons to help them dodge blows from one another. It was Luo Feng’s long shuttle piercing into Sinking Fire Master’s body and Sinking Fire Master’s heavy hammer crashing down on Luo Feng’s body.

Force Armor is simply incredible, thought Luo Feng. It can reduce the impact of attacks to 1/10,000, so that one blow of the hammer would practically seem harmless to my godly body. I can recover in no time. Luo Feng looked at the long shuttle he held. This is undoubtedly a supreme true treasure. I only activated the first level to drive the supreme true treasure, so the supreme true treasure was only unleashing part of its might. Nonetheless, it was already more powerful than the greatest blow I dealt during my battle with Master of Banff earlier on.

Luo Feng had prepared well for this fight. Force Armor was, after all, stronger in defense compared to Beast God Armor, so Luo Feng temporarily swapped his original earthling body with Blood Cloud Palace Master so the latter would be able to wear Force Armor! And in his hand, he wielded Star Tower long shuttle!

“Blood Cloud Palace Master, you have my respect,” Sinking Fire Master bellowed. “But you are simply out of changes.”

“Hahaha!” laughed Luo Feng. “Anyone can blow his own trumpet.”

Luo Feng and Sinking Fire Master continued to exchange blows.


Sinking Fire Master put in his utmost effort to ward off the blows from Luo Feng; the first godly hammer failed to do so, but the second one did, albeit to a most insignificant degree. Sinking Fire Master was completely thrown off by the force of Luo Feng’s attacks.

Star Tower is simply too powerful, thought Luo Feng. To think I have merely used part of its might. Previously, when I was fighting Master of Banff, I had the additional support that my miniature universe rendered, but all I could do was suppress Now, I’m practically trampling on Sinking Fire Master.

Luo Feng could feel the enormity of the power of Star Tower. Every pierce was so fearfully fast, and every impact was able to send Sinking Fire Master flying off into the distance. This was complete suppression and belittlement of his opponent. It gave Luo Feng a sense of unprecedented pleasure and satisfaction.

In the form of Blood Cloud Palace Master, Luo Feng was greatly at ease. As he held onto Star Tower and trampled on a universe master, Luo Feng was gleeful.

Regarding the second level of secret engravings, Luo Feng was only a finger’s breadth away from full comprehension; besides, he had already comprehended the fifth form of Beast God Path earlier when he was on the original star, so he was quite accomplished in his studies of the pictures of secret engravings. Now, in his current state of mind, at the 35th exchange of blows between him and Sinking Fire Master, he had unknowingly activated the second level of the sculpture of secret engravings to its entirety in a split second.

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