Swallowed Star Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125: Kill

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Luo Feng was completely devoted to killing, and he was extremely stimulated. He made his breakthrough and completely understood the second level of law engravings on Star Tower. After getting Star Tower, Luo Feng had been following the engraving-picture path to understanding the mysteries behind Star Tower. He knew clearly that Star Tower was his trump card!

Luo Feng had created techniques like “Level Mountain,” “Golden Mountain,” and “Blood Light” because of temporary inspirations, and Luo Feng didn’t even study into the second level of Shi Wu Wings even though it was easier than the second level of Star Tower.

Luo Feng kept studying the mysteries of Star Tower. It was even more difficult than creating ultimate techniques of universe masters! Until today He roamed the universe disguising himself as Blood Cloud Palace Leader, and he was able to crush universe masters.

Hong! Long!

Boundless burning godly power flooded Star Tower, and the heaven pillars and seal stars started to shine! Its power surged! The godly power required was much more than when he had only cracked the first level of engravings, but the power was gushing!

It was the 35th time Luo Feng and Sinking Fire Master clashed!

It’s little wonder he’s completely suppressing me, thought Sinking Fire Master. It’s Blood Cloud Palace Leader. However, I can withstand him. I can resist every attack from him, and the attacks have only consumed a little of my godly body. I can stall him until the other universe masters arrive.

Sinking Fire Master didn’t feel ashamed even though he was being crushed. It was, after all, Blood Cloud Palace Leader! The same Blood Cloud Palace Leader who killed two universe masters and became an enemy to almost all the powers in the universe! It was not surprising for him to be crushed by Blood Cloud Palace Leader. On the contrary, he would have felt weird if he were Blood Cloud Palace Leader’s equal.

Hong! Long!

They hit each other again like traces of light. Luo Feng triggered the second level of Star Tower. Following a deafening noise, the long shuttle of Star Tower immediately became much larger. The shuttle, which had only been thousands of miles long, immediately became tens of thousands of miles long, and Luo Feng had to become larger as well to feel comfortable holding such a gigantic shuttle.


The long shuttle caused terrific whirlpools that dismantled the space around it, together with the lands and grassed on the original star.

Sinking Fire Master opened his eyes wide, and the antennae on his head started to burst aflame. “Impossible!” he roared and put his godly hammer ups in front of him as if to form a wall.

The shuttle stabbed the center of the hammers, and the power hit the chest of Sinking Fire Master.


Sinking Fire Master shot back like a beam of light.


Although Luo Feng was thrilled by the power of the second level of Star Tower, he knew now was not the time to be thrilled. “It’s time to kill him!”


Luo Feng quickly followed him.

Sinking Fire Master was completely stupefied. The power from that attack terrified him. The hammers hit his chest, and the power immediately ravaged his top-tier true treasure armor, hitting the armor’s limit. His godly body trembled.


“32 percent of my godly body is gone?”

Sinking Fire Master was shocked. He was a universe master and had been one for an eternity. He had a life gene level of more than 1,000 times. Besides, he was also wearing top-tier true treasure armor and had a godly body more than 600 miles tall! Yet 32 percent of his godly body had been consumed with one attack.

Blood Cloud Palace Leader was indeed powerful, but the Blood Cloud Palace Leader known to history wasn’t this powerful

“Take another one!” The bloody being arrived again, and the shuttle slashed the sky, forming whirlpools that crushed the space on the original star.


It was irresistible. Sinking Fire Master bounced away, and Luo Feng followed him like a bolt of lightning.

“How can he be so powerful?” wondered Sinking Fire Master, realizing his godly body was down to 29 percent already. He transmitted his voice, looking at the bloody being racing toward him, and said, “I didn’t expect Blood Cloud Palace Leader to have gotten stronger. It’s not shameful for this body of mine to die at the hands of Blood Cloud Palace Leader.”


After an explosion, the body of Sinking Fire Master was annihilated.

“Haha! True treasures of a universe master.”

Luo Feng reached out his hands and took the world ring, the giant hammers, the top-tier true treasure armor, and a green bean into his world ring. Then he flew away like a trace of light.

A sense of refreshment wafted with a breeze in the sky as Luo Feng flew toward a space whirlpool in the distance.

“I I killed a universe master,” Luo Feng said.

He was still excited. Although he realized that Sinking Fire Master had multiple bodies the moment he killed himas there were still life imprints on the true treasuresSinking Fire Master wasn’t able to retrieve those true treasures. He was too far away. Luo Feng would certainly be able to break those imprints.

“He isn’t dead yet. After all, he’s a universe master.” Luo Feng was thrilled, and he looked at the shuttle in his hand. “Supreme true treasure Star Tower No wonder it’s a supreme true treasure! My human race doesn’t even have a supreme true treasure, and one supreme true treasure can be a guarding treasure No wonder.”

It was too powerful. When Luo Feng was only able to drive the first level of Star Tower, Sinking Fire Master’s godly power surpassed Luo Feng! And they had techniques at the same level. However, Luo Feng was at a great advantage with his true treasure. Sinking Fire Master was also using a pair of top-tier true treasure hammers, but the power of them was nothing compared to that of a supreme true treasure. The supreme true treasure at the first level not only completely made up for the disadvantage Luo Feng had in terms of godly power but also gave him a great edge!

And after he cracked the second level Luo Feng, whose godly body was only at 100 times, was able to rival the most powerful universe masters with Star Tower. The difference in godly bodies was made up for by Star Tower.

Even Primal Chaos City Leader, Star River Master, and Nine Remoteness Master didn’t have supreme true treasures! Even Huge Axe Creator didn’t have one, yet Luo Feng had one!

“Supreme true treasure!” Luo Feng exclaimed. “The second level of engravings were much more complicated than those of the ultimate techniques of universe masters, and they can rival those of ‘I Am the Universe.’ Fortunately, there are engravings already, and I only need to learn how to utilize them. I can’t even imagine how terrific the third level of Star Tower will be.”

The second level of engravings could rival I Am the Universe, and after the engravings were combined with Star Tower, the power was much stronger than I Am the Universe.

What about the third level?

“Haha With Star Tower, I can go everywhere in the universe!” Luo Feng was amazed.


Hong! Long!

A powerful force arrived, and the original star was controlled. The ruins were completely recovered.

“Control over space and time? Universe masters are here.” Luo Feng immediately realized that they were only the first group of universe masters. They would be followed by numerous others.

“Blood Cloud Palace Leader!”

“Blood Cloud Palace Leader, don’t you dare run!”

“Who are you to yell at me?” Luo Feng guffawed, and the whirlpool portal appeared. He flew toward it and went into it, leaving the original star and arriving at another.

Two universe masters tens of billions of miles away from Luo Feng were furious, but they could do nothing about it. They had to report it.

“Blood Cloud Palace Leader entered Original Star Number 08625.”


Sinking Fire Secret Region had a diameter of 800,000 light years. It was the center of the Nine Huo Race, and their leader, Sinking Fire Master, also lived there. Every 10,000 years, a group of peerless talents would be led to the Sinking Fire Secret Region to receive the best training.

Inside Sinking Fire Secret Region, a giant mountain range hundreds of millions of miles long floated in space, and suddenly, an eye on the mountain opened.

“What a pity!” Sinking Fire Master exclaimed. “I chose Li Volcano as my body, and it was destined to move with difficulty. Otherwise, my Nine Huo original body wouldn’t have been killed so easily.”

He had gotten lucky while adventuring through the universe as a sector lord and had been bestowed with a second body by the universe. He had bred another body, ultimately choosing the gigantic Li Volcano.

However, the larger a godly body was, the less flexibility it had. This one was so inflexible that it was too difficult to fly. It couldn’t even move at its own discretion. Like World Tree, although it could move, it remained on that island.

The Li Volcano body of Sinking Fire Master was a 60 million miles long, and it was difficult to even move itnot to mention going to that original star.

“Regardless, that Blood Cloud Palace Leader is indeed powerful,” he said. “Impressive. He suppressed me the whole time, and his shuttle dismantled the surrounding space and turned it into whirlpools. Is that a more powerful technique?”

Sinking Fire Master felt that that attack was different the ones he had encountered in the past. “Perhaps a universe master will die this time. He killed two universe masters before. Will he kill a third this time?”

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