Swallowed Star Chapter 1189

Luo Feng, Five Chaos Master, and Ultimate Arrow Master all looked at the towering Molten Lava Devil God. They all realized that they didn’t have time anymore, especially after the fight between Luo Feng and Five Chaos Master, which only took one second and crushed both Miniature Universe and Five Chaos Sector, and which blocked the safest route for them.

The safest route was to fly underground and to get into the underground cave Then they could teleport themselves and leave.

But after one second, it was too late.

Yin Tuo was closest to Molten Lava Devil God. He had become a golden horned lizard by using Golden Sulphone Armor. Luo Feng was the second closest, while Five Chaos Master and Ultimate Arrow Master were the farthest. However, they were all less than ten billion kilometers away from each other. That was only one step for Molten Lava Devil God.

Luo Feng had told them he would let them go if they gave him Water Ripple Prison, Forbidden Temple, Extermination Godly Armor, Core of Blade Sector, and Golden Sulphone Armor. But who was willing to give those up? They were their most important true treasures, and they would fight even if they had the slightest chance.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” the golden, one-horned lizard was yelling. His body quickly bulged. It was formed by the true treasure Golden Sulphone Armor, and it was turned into a beast god. At the same time, it became larger abruptly under Yin Tuo’s power. It turned into a golden, one-horned lizard 100 million kilometers tall.


“Come in, Ultimate Arrow Master.”

Five Chaos Master turned his hands, and a palace surrounded by lightning showed up. It was the pinnacle flying-palace type true treasure, “Forbidden Palace.”

“Okay,” said Ultimate Arrow Master and went in it without hesitation.

Five Chaos Master glanced at Luo Feng in the distance, then entered the Forbidden Palace.


Luo Feng turned his hands also, and a bloody pyramid showed up. That bloody pyramid was Star Tower.

Inside the tower was Golden Horned Beast body. The Golden Horned Beast had Blood Cloud Pearl. With it, he was able to disguise the godly body, its aura, and the shape of true treasures and armors. He had made Star Tower into the shape of a long shuttle, and now, he changed it into the shape of a pyramid.

It was easier to disguise it as a bloody pyramid.


Luo Feng went into the bloody pyramid.

Luo Feng had stalled the others, which had stripped them of their best chances of survival. However, the supreme beings wouldn’t just accept death like that. They would fight for their lives!

All of them were struggling to survive. They fought for the last chance to survive! At the same time

Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!

The rocks cracked, and the towering Molten Lava Devil God showed up. There was heated lava all over his body, and his three eyes burned, nearly bursting with mad hostility. Even Luo Feng, Yin Tuo, Five Chaos Master, and Ultimate Arrow Master didn’t dare look him directly in the eye. If they did, the mind attack would lower their power by half. His fangs were bared, and growls emanated from his giant godly body; the space was completely shattered.

“Larger, larger, larger.” The golden horned lizard was already almost a billion kilometers long.


The three eyes of Molten Lava Devil God were on the golden horned lizard in the distance, and a ripple came from his mouth. Though none of them had heard of it before, Luo Feng, Five Chaos Master, and Ultimate Arrow Master all knew what that meant.


The right leg of Molten Lava Devil God moved, and unlike before, the right leg moved extremely fast. That leg seemed to be able to destroy a small universe. It was irresistible. The mysteries behind this move were beyond Luo Feng’s imagination.


He kicked the giant lizard.

The golden lizard roared in agony and was shattered completely. The fragments of its body flew in all directions, and there were cracks on the fragments. Apparently, that attack was able to damage a top-tier pinnacle spiritual force true treasure weapon.

While the fragments were flying, so did countless drops of water. They rained down on the black ground. The drops of water slipped into the cracks and fell.

“Humph.” Molten Lava Devil God felt that there was still power underneath, so he trod down again. The rocks rumbled. The water was annihilated. Then Molten Lava Devil God raised his head as he noticed the two flying objects in the lava ocean. He could sense the creatures inside the flying objects.


Sou! Sou!

The bloody pyramid (Star Tower) held Luo Feng and the Golden Horned Beast, and inside Forbidden Temple were Five Chaos Master and Ultimate Arrow Master. The two flying objects surged almost at the same time.

Shua! Shua!

Just when Molten Lava Devil God crushed the golden horned lizard with his step, the two flying objects flew into the lava ocean.

“Die!” Molten Lava Devil God had ripples coming out of his throat. He waved his hands and reached toward the lava ocean.


Deep inside the black ground.

One drop had reached a very deep place There were space ripples.


It flew to an area in the distancea place more than 200 light years away from the battlefield, inside an underground cave deep under the ground. It was an exquisite cave, and a red, child-shaped being appeared in it.

“I came back.” Yin Tuo’s body trembled.

He was a unique life form from the first universe era, and he had gotten the name “Yin Tuo” because he was unique. He didn’t have a gigantic godly body. However, what was special about his body was that it was able to reduce any attacks to 1/10,000th! And with the true treasure armor, it could weaken it to 1/100,000,000th!

How incredible it was! That was why he was called “undying” Yin Tuo!

“No wonderit’s Molten Lava Devil God!” said Yin Tuo. “One attack damaged my Golden Sulphone Armor, and the second attack annihilated nine-tenths of my godly body. Fortunately, he only trod on the ground instead of attacking me directly. Otherwise, I would be dead already. Besides, Five Chaos Master and Silver Wing Horde Leader attracted him also, so I escaped death.”

Drops of water around Yin Tuo showed up and merged with his body, and his godly body recovered immediately. Those drops of water belonged to his godly body. And they would merge together.

Actually, he had two choices. The first option was to rely on his armor. However, he knew for sure that the armor was only able to weaken the attack to one-tenth at the most. If he didn’t dismantle his godly armor, he would die, which was why he had put back his true treasure armor. Just as the golden, one-horned lizard had crumbled, his godly body had dissipated and was turned into countless drops of water.

When Molten Lava Devil God stomped the second time, though 90 percent of the drops of water disappeared, some of the water was already deep in the cracks. Plus, it belonged to a universe master. Some of it survived.

“I only have 11.2 percent of my godly body left.” Yin Tuo’s eyes glinted. “My Golden Sulphone Armor is also damaged, and it can only wield one-tenth its power. I don’t even know whether I can get it back or not. Damn it! Damn it!”

Yin Tuo was furious. “Silver Wing Horde Leader! Five Chaos Master!” Grudges filled his heart. “That maniac! That human is a maniac! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have suffered this much! And that idiot Five Chaos Master! If he could have killed Luo Feng, I wouldn’t have suffered this much! My Golden Sulphone Armor! My godly body!”

Yin Tuo clenched his teeth. He had suffered huge losses this time.

“I won’t let you guys go this easily Silver Wing Horde Leader, your silver wing true treasure is impressive, yet you’ve been keeping it as a secret! Perhaps it’s as valuable as Extermination Godly Armor.” Yin Tuo’s eyes glinted fiercely. “You don’t want others to know? I’ll make it known to everyone! And Five Chaos Master! You have so much pride in yourself, but your original body might die! Haha! What a scandal! What a scandal! I’ll let everyone know as well! I’ll make life miserable for both of you.”

Yin Tuo hated their guts.


In the endless Lava Ocean.


The giant arm was waving in the lava. And that Forbidden Palace, which looked like a glass ball, was moving forward carefully. Five Chaos Master and Ultimate Master appeared solemn.

“Five Chaos Master,” said Ultimate Arrow Master.

“This is our only chance,” said Five Chaos Master. “I need to go through Lava Ocean. I’ll race to the top of Lava Ocean and arrive at Blazing Flames Lake. The worst we can go through is the seven-level calamities. The first level is Molten Lava Devil God. Now that Molten Lava Devil God has woken up, he won’t come to Lava Ocean. This is the rule.”

Ultimate Arrow Master nodded. From God-Destroying Valley to the endless Lava Ocean, he arrived at another dangerous place: Blazing Flames Lake. This was a path filled with hazards. Only universe supreme masters dared to venture there.

“Seven-level calamities. I have to go through it. I have to.” Five Chaos Master clenched his teeth, and his eyes glinted fiercely. “Human Silver Wing Horde Leader! Silver Wing Horde Leader!” he yelled crazily.

He would never forget that this had all brought on by that crazy human Silver Wing Horde Leader.


Inside the whirlpool center of the lava ocean.

The bloody pyramid was close to the lava whirlpool. Once it entered, it immediately neared the whirlpool and was sucked into the center of the whirlpool.

I can get to another dangerous place, Blazing Water Lake, from God-Destroying Valley, thought Luo Feng. There’s a shortcut to get out of the lava ocean. Based on the records left by Jie Fanzi, there are six calamities to get through. Even if I have Star Tower, I might be trapped in the lava ocean.

“The only way is to enter the center of the lava whirlpool,” said Luo Feng. “The center of the lava whirlpool can affect the space underneath and formed ‘Annihilation Whirlwind.’ The center of the lava ocean is more horrendous. The deeper it is inside, the more powerful the strangling power is, and even pinnacle palace true treasures can be damaged. Supreme palace type true treasures can resist it, and it’ll get faster the deeper it gets. I’ll go to Blazing Water Lake. It’s a path that leads to certain death for others, but this is the safest path for me since I have a supreme palace true treasure.”

Luo Feng’s eyes glinted with expectation. “Although it isn’t my place, it’s worth it!”

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