Swallowed Star Chapter 1190

The bloody pyramid was sucked into the center of the lava whirlpool kept moving to the depth of the whirlpool.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

The deeper it was in the whirlpool, the more terrifying the swallowing, gravitational power was.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Luo Feng and the Golden Horned Beast were both standing in the control room could feel the bloody pyramid (Star Tower) still spinning.

How terrifying! It can definitely rival that wing space, that endless blade storms, Luo Feng thought.

Only in those blade storms would Star Tower fly so out of control. Now, Star Tower wasn’t able to control its own direction, and it completely followed the course of the swallowing, gravitational power.

Speed up! Speed up!

300 times faster than light speed! 500 times faster than light speed! 1,000 times faster than light speed! 2,000 times faster than light speed! 5,000 times faster than light speed! The power in the center of lava whirlpool had made the laws retreat, and the bloody pyramid became a bloody light.

Tong! Tong! Tong!

Luo Feng stayed in the tower as he felt a force like Star Tower being hit by billions of hammers.

“Jie Fanzi was indeed right!” exclaimed Luo Feng. “The center of the whirlpool is indeed the most terrifying place in Lava Ocean. Even pinnacle palace type true treasures will be destroyed Only supreme palace type true treasures can traverse this path safely.”

He was lucky enough. Even though there were several supreme true treasures. There were different types of supreme true treasures. Five-Color Aurora Lake of the Ancestral God School, the protecting armor true treasure of Virtual-Real Devil Master, the axe true treasure of Huge Axe Foundernone of them were palace type true treasures. There were quite a few supreme true treasures from the three incarnations and the two holy lands. However, there were only a few of each type.

What happened to Five Chaos Master? Did he die? Luo Feng wondered. He also delved into Lava Ocean and tried to seize a chance to survive. He’ll be extremely lucky if he survives.


Five Chaos Master and Ultimate Arrow Master sat in Forbidden Palace, and they weren’t able to speed up at the center of the whirlpool. There were plenty of obstacles in Lava Ocean itself, so it was relatively slow.

“Be careful.”

“Ultimate Arrow, you’ll be in charge of this side, and I’ll be in charge of that side.”


Five Chaos Master and Ultimate Arrow Master both performed their pinnacle domain type true treasures. However, the lava outside was too terrifyingly powerful, so even pinnacle domain type true treasures were only able to penetrate a small area.

“How long will it take for us to get to Blazing Water Lake?” Ultimate Arrow Master couldn’t help asking.

“Blazing Water Lake? We’re traveling tens of times faster than light speed, so it’ll take a much longer time to go through the entire Lava Ocean! We’ve only traveled less 1/10,000th!” The eyes of Five Chaos Master glinted with madness.

“Less than 1/10,000th?” Ultimate Arrow Master was in despair.

That short moment already intimidated him. The rumor had been false. It was indeed a land of death! If he had traveled alone, he would’ve died.

“Strive!” Five Chaos Master glanced at him fiercely. “Don’t worry! I’m here!”

“Okay! Okay!” said Ultimate Arrow Master anxiously. “Five Chaos Master, I don’t have another bodyI only have an original body! You have to withstand it!”

“Of course, I’ll strive! Do you really think I can let my Extermination Godly Armor go? Do you really think I’ll let all my accumulation go?” Five Chaos Master said, glancing at him.

“Okay, okay.” Ultimate Arrow Master nodded.

He tried his best to perform his pinnacle domain type true treasure Core of Blade sector. However, the one with bodies and the one without had completely different mindsets Besides, those dangers made Ultimate Arrow Master despair. That sense of despair and the fact that he might die anytime drove Ultimate Arrow Master mad.

“Humph!” Five Chaos Master devoted all his attention and energies to it. He sometimes controlled Forbidden Palace, sometimes controlled Water Ripple Prison, and sometimes performed his technique using Water Ripple Prison. He had created lots of techniques in the past three incarnation eras, and he performed them one after another based on the situations.

As for Ultimate Arrow? He was useless.



The bloody pyramid kept getting faster at the center of Lava Ocean whirlpool. It was already 100,000 times faster than light speed, and the way it traveled against laws dazzled Luo Feng.

Five minutes and the 33 seconds after it entered Lava Ocean


A trace of bloody light flew out of Lava Ocean, flew across the space, and went into the cold water

Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!

It hit the waters at a speed of more than 100,000 times light speed. Each drop of water was heavier than neutrons. The power from that hit could have cracked a top-tier palace type true treasure. Fortunately, they bloody pyramid was Star Tower, and it was able to withstand that power.

It immediately slowed down, and under that resistance and suppression, the speed of the pyramid plummeted. 10,000 times light speed, 1,000 times light speed, 100 times light speed

Besides, he traveled from Lava Ocean, which could immediately annihilate godly bodies of universe masters, from the water that could freeze godly bodies of universe masters to death The immediate change was luckily borne by Star Tower.


One minute and 58 seconds after the bloody pyramid entered the cold waters, it was traveling 100 times faster than light speed. It broke the waves, which sharply slowed down the bloody pyramid. Then it came down and landed out of the sky, floating around several hundred million kilometers above the lakes.

A human flew out of the bloody pyramid and became ten meters tall.

“Wow! Although this path is safe, I don’t know if it’s changed after all those eras.” Luo Feng looked down on the lakes and smiled. “Good. I arrived at another dangerous place: Blazing Water Lake.”

He had dared to do this not only because of the map left by Jie Fanzi, but also because he had Star Tower, which could at least save his life. Even if he ran into some special situations, he found them to be worth it, as he could avenge himself against Five Chaos Master.

“Humph. Five Chaos Master.” Luo Feng looked out over Blazing Water Lake. “That Forbidden Palace can only travel tens of times faster than light. It might take you several days to get through Lava Ocean. All those dangers Haha! Hope you can make it.”

He indeed felt great after taking vengeance on Five Chaos Master, who could rival his teacher. Only those universe masters with supreme true treasures could surpass Five Chaos Master.

“Blazing Water Lake.”

Luo Feng stopped thinking about that Five Chaos Master, and he started to contemplate a new path. From God-Destroying Valley to Lava Ocean, then arriving at Blazing Water Lake. He needed to slightly alter his path.

“Good. I’ve been through more dangerous places, but those were not as dangerous as God-Destroying Valley.”

Luo Feng looked around at the endless Blazing Water Lake. He saw bubbles bursting on the lake, and there was blue fire on the surface of the water like alcohol burning.

Blazing water, blazing water It was named such because of the flames.

“Blazing Water Lake” Information flooded Luo Feng’s mind.

Though Blazing Water Lake was dangerous, it was much safer than God-Destroying Valley.

Though there were hundreds of kinds of danger, they were nothing to universe masters who were adequately prepared. The only “danger” that might be a handful was the so-called Frozen Lake Fire, which would suddenly show up above Blazing Water Lake once in a while.

Frozen Lake Fire was blue fire with lightning inside. It was extremely cold, and even universe supreme masters didn’t dare resist it directly. Frozen Lake Fire was able to destroy even top-tier flying palace type true treasures. It would keep going down, and when it touched Blazing Water Lake, it would freeze the entire lake immediately.

However, it wasn’t dangerous to universe masters. First of all, it moved slowly! It moved tens of times faster than light speed, and universe masters were able to see them from a distance, so they could avoid them easily.

Secondly, lots of areas in the Blazing Water Lake allowed teleportation, except for those areas close to the water. Which was why lots of universe masters ran away when they saw Frozen Lake Fire from a distance. As for some supreme beings, they could hide in pinnacle palace type true treasures, which could withstand Frozen Lake Fire.

That was why Blazing Water Lake was only moderately dangerous in Universe Boat. It was close to God-Destroying Valley where lots of powerful true treasures were born, so Blazing Water Lake could have some advantages because of that too. Some true treasures would show up from the lake. It was safe, and there was a relatively higher chance for true treasures to be born. That was why there would be powers stationed around Blazing Water Lake based on the records of Jia Fanzi.



There were space ripples above Blazing Water Lake, and a being showed up.

“I was stationed in this area, and I felt a ripple. Could it be a true treasure?”

A giant man with four faces and sixteen arms appeared. The facial expressions on the four faces were all different.

He glanced around. He immediately sensed another entity.

“There it is! Huh? It looks like a human”

The great being immediately flew toward the human like a beam of light.

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