Swallowed Star Chapter 1191

Luo Feng was preparing to take flight when he saw, from afar, a golden streak of light flying toward him at high speed. It was different from him. While he had shrunk himself to a mere ten meters in height, this towering figure maintained its size at 1,000 kilometers in height, which was why it was easily spotted at first glance.

“Four faces with 16 arms?” Luo Feng was secretly shocked. “It must be from the Purple Moon Holy Land universe!”

Purple Moon Holy Land was one of the universes of the two Holy Lands. Within Purple Moon Holy Land, the Purple Moon clan dominated over a few other vassal clans that formed the minority. The living spaces of these vassal clans were small, and the resources they received were little. In Purple Moon Holy Land, the vassal clans had little power where the full force of all their powers combined would still be a far cry from that of the Purple Moon clan.

Great beings of the Purple Moon clan had very unique looks. Purple Moon clansmen of the purest bloodline had eight faces with twenty-four arms. The second-purest group would have four faces with 16 arms, and the next would have three faces with eight arms. The most ordinary ones would just have one face with two arms. This also meant that, internally, the Purple Clan Moon was divided into four classes The ones who had eight faces and twenty-four arms were a rare class, but their bloodline was the purest, and they had the greatest potential.

However, to the weaker ones of the Purple Moon clan, once anyone became a universe master, then there would no longer be a differentiation between high and low class. After all, everyone would be a super great being.

The two holy lands were extremely powerful, but because the holy land universe was a miniature universe, there was no way it could cultivate universe supreme masters. So, for countless years, the great beings of Purple Moon Holy Land who managed to cultivate up to the level of universe masters would have reached their limits. They would never be able to achieve a breakthrough.

“Universe masters from the two holy lands universes are all so extremely strong,” Luo Feng said, astounded. “It is said that every single universe master who ventured out always succeeded in comprehending supreme techniques. There are close to 100 groups of powers in Universe Ocean. Without a doubt, the two holy land universes are the strongest.”

Maybe it would be good to learn a little about the universe era.

For three reincarnation eras, anyone could easily suppress a holy land universe; yet not a single reincarnation era was able to absolutely unite! This was why, out of almost 100 groups of powers, the two holy land universes remained undoubtedly the strongest two powers. Furthermore, they were extremely detached because they did not have to worry about meeting “doomsday.” They could survive for generations of reincarnation eras This made the great beings of the two holy land universes develop unique characters of their own.

Some were gentle and were willing to make friends with any universe master they saw. Some were ferocious and engaged in crazy and rampant killings. Some strange, with capricious moods that were always changing.

In conclusion, there was no absolute power pressurizing them. Their universe masters did things according to personal preferences, and they were all different. The only common point wastheir innate arrogance! Being part of the two holy lands, they looked down on the three reincarnation eras, but more of the high-and-low comparisons were made between the two holy lands.

“It’s him, Sealed Huller Master,” Luo Feng identified quickly.

He was on alert right away. Sealed Huller Master was ranked middle among the few hundred universe masters of the Purple Moon clan. His power would be comparable to both Star River Master and Five Chaos Master.

Actually, it was very normal for him to have such strong powers. This was because any universe masters who emerged from Purple Moon Holy Land would at least be of a top-tier standardIce Mountain Master was of that standard! That meant if Ice Mountain Master was placed among the ranks of Purple Moon Holy Land universe, he would be at the bottom of the list. And Luo Feng knew that previously, if he had not had Shi Wu Wings, he would definitely have been at the absolute bottom of the list.

Ice Mountain Master was at the lower level. Primal Chaos City Leader was at the superior level. A universe master with a supreme true treasure would be ranked at the pinnacle level. This was how the holy land universe differentiated their great beings.

Yes, within the holy land universe, there was a handful of universe masters who had supreme true treasures! These were the three different categories of universe masters in a holy land universe. Apparently, in terms of quality, these groups were much stronger than those of the three reincarnation eras.

“That’s right,” Luo Feng said to himself. “After cultivating for umpteen reincarnation erasafter cultivating for tens, or hundreds of reincarnation erasI think even the dozen universe masters of the human race would be able to attain Sealed Huller Master’s standard. They were not any stronger than us. All they had was the abundance of time to cultivate.”

“You are the human, Silver Wings Horde Leader from the primal universe?” asked a human figure flying over from afar.

“Sealed Huller Master.” Luo Feng suspended in mid-air, high above Blazing Flames lake and flashed a friendly smile.

Sealed Huller Master came to a stop and looked at Luo Feng. His eyes rested on the silver wings as he commented, “I heard your wings treasure was quite good.”

Luo Feng felt a knot in his chest.

He did not leave immediately, as he did not want to incur the wrath of a great being of Purple Moon Holy Land. Given their arrogant nature, a few who were on good terms would gather and attack him. This was a very common occurrence. Although Luo Feng was not afraid, he did not want to offend them, either. After all, Purple Moon Holy Land was much stronger than the Divine Eye clan. In terms of quality and quantity, Purple Moon Holy Land had accumulated more!

“Haha! What is it? Worried that I will snatch your wings true treasure from you?” Sealed Huller Master looked at Luo Feng and let out a snort. “There are so many great beings from Universe Ocean, and many of them own superior true treasures. Would it be possible for me to snatch every one of them? Haha. You should leave. This Blazing Flames Lake is the territory of my Purple Moon Holy Land. You should hurry to leave this place.”

Inwardly, Luo Feng was delighted. “I was only passing by. I will leave at the fastest speed possible.” He smiled.

“That’s best!” Sealed Huller Master replied.

Luo Feng gave a brief smile, transformed into a streak of light, and took flight.


“How rare to be lucky enough to run into Sealed Huller Master of Purple Moon Holy Land. Compared to Yin Tuo and Five Chaos Master, he was much easier to talk to. But that makes sense; since the great beings of the first reincarnation era had to eventually meet their doomsday, the majority of them were crazy.”

Luo Feng continued to fly higher into the sky while maintaining a speed of 100 times light speed. After a while, he started to sense the appearance of space ripples in his surroundings.

“Golden Kingdom!”

Luo Feng first executed Golden Kingdom. Endless hazy, golden light spread outward, enveloping a domain as big as ten light years.

“Finally, I can teleport. Let’s go!”


Luo Feng teleported as far as a few light years right away. With Golden Kingdom, every teleportation could only take him as far as a couple of light years, which was why he had never made a one-time, long-distance teleportation with this true treasure before. Although there were many places that allowed teleportation within Blazing Flames Lake, there were still close to 100 dangerous areas. Some of these dangerous regions were frozen without any space ripples. So long as a region did not have any space ripple, and transmission of ripples was cut off on both sides. There would be no way to skip across this particular region and teleport away.

In a single teleportation, he had made it to a distance of over 300 light years away to reach a frozen, lightly-fogged void space. The thin fog was filled with countless streams of light icicles, which were comparable to a full-force strike by an ordinary universe master. Therefore, Luo Feng started flying again.

There was nothing he could do. Even for those as powerful as Huge Axe Creator, taking thousands and millions of years to reach the deepest region of a dangerous land was normal. Based on Luo Feng’s estimation, to cross an area of Blazing Flames Lake for a width spreading over 10,000 light years would take him a month or two, as that was a relatively dangerous place.


As Luo Feng was making progress, advancing within the space of Blazing Flames Lake, a piece of news had started spreading through the first reincarnation era. This piece of news alarmed the many super great beings of the first reincarnation era.

“How is that possible?”

“That Silver Wings Horde Leader, Luo Feng, is merely a young fellow, yet he is that powerful? Causing severe injuries to Yin Tuo and annihilating Five Chaos Master and Ultimate Arrow Master?”

“This news came from Yin Tuo personally, and he is now in hiding so he can recover his power. How can this be untrue? Besides, Five Chaos Master is not dead. He has several bodies.”

“The Silver Wings true treasure executed Golden Space, which was so strong that it could suppress Five Chaos Master’s Water Ripple Prison? The purity level of Luo Feng’s godly level was not as high as Five Chaos Master, so does this mean his wings are extremely powerful?”


“Yin Tuo also said that the Silver Wings were comparable to Extermination Godly Armor and that it would most likely only be second to a supreme true treasure.”

“Let’s go ask Divine Eye clan, to see if Ultimate Arrow Master and Five Chaos Master were truly annihilated.”


Because of the news Yin Tuo brought, and because it was within the first reincarnation era, which happened to be an era with various means of communication, the Divine Eye clan caught wind of the news soon enough too. However, this was already the third day since Five Chaos Master and Ultimate Arrow Master had entered Lava Ocean.


“Saying that Five Chaos and Ultimate Arrow have been annihilated?”


“Hurry up.”

The Divine Eye clan was anxious. Although they were extremely powerful, Five Chaos Master was the top great being among them all. His position was much higher than An Yong Master.

Soon, on the first miniature universe of Divine Eye clan

12 figures teleported to the gates of Five Chaos Master’s Black Palace.

“Five Chaos.”

“Five Chaos.”

From the Black Palace, a figure flashed by. It was Five Chaos Master.

“Has your master body for battles been annihilated?”

“Annihilated by that Silver Wings Horde Leader?”

The twelve figures, all of which were either other bodies or avatars of universe masters of the Divine Eye Clan, were all highly anxious. Wearing a white, full-length robe, bald, and with a complexion like rocks, Five Chaos Master shouted, “Don’t annoy me. Leave! All of you, go away!”

“Five Chaos”

They were all in shock. Why was Five Chaos Master so agitated? Could it be that his master body for battles had really been annihilated?

Five Chaos Master got even more furious. He shouted, “My master body for battles has yet to be annihilated but is in a life-and-death situation amidst Lava Ocean, struggling to stay alive. Now my life is hanging by a thread. All my consciousness is focused on that body. Don’t bother me. You will cause me to lose focus.”


Realization dawned upon them, and they quickly retreated. They did not dare bother him again.

However, simply talking had taken up quite a fair bit of his consciousness. What made the Divine Eye clan angry was merely half a day after these universe masters went looking for Five Chaos Master for answers in the sixth miniature universe, the avatar of Ultimate Arrow Master was annihilated and vanished into thin air. Before vanishing, he only left one line of utterance: “Kill Silver Wings Horde Leader Luo Feng and avenge me! Kill him!”

Then he was annihilated.

The annihilation of Ultimate Arrow Master and his last words were evidence that Ultimate Arrow Master and Five Chaos Master being in jeopardy was certainly caused by the doings of Silver Wings Horde Leader.

“What should we do? Ultimate Arrow was annihilated! What about Five Chaos?”

“Let’s not ask Five Chaos. Five Chaos needs to go full-force now. He cannot be distracted. If his master body for battles is really annihilated, we will know soon enough. If he is not annihilated yet, then he must be in an extremely dangerous environment now. Let him do his best.”


Within Lava Ocean.

Forbidden Temple was swaying haphazardly while flying at high speed. It was in a ruinous state. There were many scars, the most conspicuous of which were the four holes that bore through the entire Forbidden Temple.

“I must survive. I must make it out of here alive. I must.”

Five Chaos Master was within the badly wrecked Forbidden Temple. He gritted his teeth hard, going crazy beyond help.

“Silver Wings Horde Leader, Luo Feng! Luo Feng! Luo Feng!”

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