Swallowed Star Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192: Killing

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The news spread relatively slowly through Universe Ocean. Comparatively, the news spread most quickly within the races from the first universe era. The information systems of the two holy lands were both extremely powerful, as lots of powers were related to the Purple Moon Holy Land.

On the second day after the Divine Eye clan got the newswhich was also the fourth day after Five Chaos Master got out of Lava Oceanthe news spread by Yin Tuo was passed to Purple Moon Holy Land.

Purple Moon Holy Land was extremely prosperous, and there were many great beings. Purple Moon Cliff was a legendary place of the Purple Moon clan, and lots of universe masters from the Purple Moon clan gathered there. The cloud under the purple moon made the entire Purple Moon Cliff look cold. Over 100 beings were there, talking. Their endless lives gave them plenty of leisure time, and it was commonplace for them to just gather and talk for 10,000 years.

“I just learned some news! Big news! Big news!” shouted a silver-clothed woman with three heads and eight arms.

“What sort of big news?”

“Tell us!”

“That Silver Wing Horde Leader Luo Feng from the original universe made Yin Tuo, Five Chaos Master, and Ultimate Arrow Master suffer in God-Destroying Valley when Molten Lava Devil God showed up! Yin Tuo was severely injured while Five Chaos Master and Ultimate Arrow Master were trapped in Lava Ocean. Rumor has it that they died already!”


“That Five Chaos Master is extremely powerful! He died?”

Everyone was surprised. Some universe masters who were connected to the first universe era immediately started to inquire of others, and they quickly got some information. With all the information gathered, the story became more complete.

“I just asked a friend of mine from the Divine Eye clan, but he doesn’t know about it. However, the seniors in the Divine Eye clan didn’t refute it.”

“They didn’t refute it?”

“It seems that’s real, then. The news also says the wing true treasure Luo Feng has is more powerful than Water Ripple Prison of Five Chaos Master. Luo Feng’s godly power is weaker than Five Chaos Master’s, yet he can suppress Water Ripple Prison with that wing true treasure, so it seems that the wing true treasure can rival Extermination God Armor of Five Chaos Master and is only inferior to supreme true treasures.”

“That sort of true treasure is special, rare, and powerful.”


“Haha! It’ll be a waste for such a true treasure to be kept by that one. Where is Silver Wing Horde Leader? I’ll go get the true treasure now.”

“Count me in. I’ll go with you.”

“That kind of true treasure belongs to someone more powerful.”

The great beings from Purple Moon Holy Land had a variety of temperaments; some of them were peaceful while some were extremely aggressive. After living an eternity without having to worry about death, some universe masters became extreme, wicked, and crazy because they couldn’t become universe supreme masters.

A golden-haired man at a corner of Purple Moon Cliff frowned and whispered, “Luo Feng”


He teleported and left.


All-God Sector of Purple Moon Holy Land.

There were three levels of worlds in Purple Moon Holy Land. The first level was where all the undying fighters lived, and universe knights lived on the second level. Universe masters lived on the third level.

“Seal Huller, Seal Huller!” a golden-haired man shouted in front of a white godly palace with a dome.

There were countless servants outside the godly palace, but none of them dared disturb Seal Huller Master. They knew that it was Pan Ke Master, a friend of their master.

“Why are you here, Pan Ke?” Seal Huller Master asked as he walked out with a smile.

“Let’s talk inside,” said Pan Ke Master.

“Oh?” Seal Huller Master looked confused.

Inside the palace, Seal Huller asked, “What happened?”

“You told me before that you found a human named Luo Feng in the place you’re stationed in, right?” asked Pan Ke Master.

“Yeah. What’s the matter?” asked Seal Huller Master, confused.

“This is what happened. I heard some news in Purple Moon Cliff just now” After Pan Ke Master told the entire story, his eyes gleamed as he added excitedly, “Seal Huller, Blazing Water Lake belongs to Purple Moon Holy Land, and it’s a small gathering place of our inner domain. There are three universe masters including you and me. It’s a great opportunity. A special true treasure second only to supreme true treasures. It’s invaluable. Once we get that, we can control the space, and with a pinnacle domain type true treasure, we can be invincible in controlling the domain.”

Seal Huller Master was excited.

“Ask anyone,” said Pan Ke Master. “It’s a widely spread news, now. There will be some other universe masters coming to tell you later. We need to hurry. It’s said that Molten Lava Devil God and Luo Feng showed up in Blazing Water Lake. That sounds about right!”

“Okay.” Seal Huller Master nodded.

“It’s a very rare valuable!” Pan Ke Master exclaimed.

“Let’s do it!” said Seal Huller Master. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We need to do it now!”

“Where is Luo Feng?” asked Pan Ke Master.

“It’s only been a few days,” said Seal Huller Master. “He’s still in Blazing Water Lake. Based on where I met him last time and the direction he went, I can venture a guess as to where he is. Tell You Ya to stop him at a set of coordinates! We can encircle him.”

When Luo Feng had gained fame in Tilted Peak Sector, lots of great beings learned about his wing true treasure that could both control space and time and suppress top-tier domain type true treasures. Although that sounded precious, it still couldn’t attract Seal Huller Master.

But things were different now. Even Five Chaos Master, who used a pinnacle domain type true treasure, had been suppressed! And Luo Feng’s godly power was obviously weaker Which meant that wing true treasure was only second to supreme true treasures! Supreme true treasures were extremely scarce even in Purple Moon Holy Land, and true treasures like Extermination God Armor and that silver wing true treasure were also rare. At least Seal Huller Master didn’t have one.

How could he miss a chance like that?


Inside the first miniature universe of the Divine Eye clan.

Tens of beings were waiting.

“Ultimate Arrow’s already dead. Don’t know what happened to Five Chaos. We’re really anxious that Five Chaos still hasn’t come out of the godly palace.”

“Perhaps the original body of Five Chaos has died, or perhaps he’s still fighting for a chance to live. No one dares to bother him.”

“Just wait and see.”

That Ultimate Arrow Master was only a mediocre universe master, yet Five Chaos Master was one of the leaders of the Divine Eye clan, and his Extermination Godly Armor was renowned. If he died, both the reputation of the race and his valuables would be lost.


There was a space at the crossover of Lava Ocean and Blazing Water Lake. The space was twisted, and extreme cold and heat were combined here.

Hong! Long! Long!

A fierce, strange beast was torn the Lava Ocean and flew out into the space. It had four hoofs, three pairs of wings, and nine tails. At the same time, it had five heads and vines around them. A single-horned lizard. A dragon head surrounded in flames

Five heads, a lion body, four hoofs, six wings, and nine tails. And there was burning lava on his body.


The strange beast made five sounds, deep, high, or hoarse. There was madness and joy in his voice. His body trembled, lava flew out, and the beast immediately shrank. It transformed into strange godly armor, which fell onto a human-shaped being. It was the great being of the Divine Eye clan, Five Chaos Master.

The eyes of Five Chaos Master glinted with madness. There were some scars on the black armor.

“Aaah!” Five Chaos Master yelled with his head raised.

The space and the lake trembled. That roar contained five days’ worth of his craziness, anger, and suppression.

“I came out alive I came out alive! I survived it!” Five Chaos Master gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. His body trembled. “I haven’t been through something like this for a long time. Silver Wing Horde Leader Luo Feng, you’re indeed impressive. My Forbidden Palace is destroyed. Fortunately, my Extermination Godly Armor can become five beast gods, and five beast gods can rival pinnacle palace type true treasures. Even my Extermination Godly Armor is damaged, though it doesn’t have a huge effect. After all, it is Extermination Godly Armor.”

Five Chaos Master felt anguished. All his power depended on his Extermination Godly Armor, and he performed lots of his techniques through his Extermination Godly Armor to amplify the power.

“I regret it! I regret it so much! I should’ve performed Five Beast Extermination the second I met that Luo Feng!” Five Chaos Master was furious, yet he forgot that he had been very close to Luo Feng, so he wouldn’t have been able to perform that. He was only able to do attacks using Water Ripple Prison.

“I’m still alive!” he said. “I survived it! Luo Feng, I’ll teach you the meaning of regret!”

Five Chaos Master raged. He couldn’t just let something like this go. Otherwise, everyone outside would think he was afraid of Luo Feng. He had to kill Luo Feng himself to brush off this shame.

“Die!” Five Chaos Master waved his hands and took out a spaceship left by Ultimate Arrow Master. It was a top-tier palace type true treasure. Five Chaos Master went into it.


The spaceship went into the cold Blazing Water Lake.


A beautiful body with three faces appeared. The three faces were wicked, holy, and blurry, respectively. She wore a black fighting suit. A shining green light followed, and it was a domain type true treasure.

“Seal Huller, Pan Ke, I’ve arrived at the second coordinate, and I hope that Luo Feng is here. I’ve used my domain type true treasure to inspect the area, and it’s him! Seal Huller, you are right! Luo Feng is indeed here.”

Inside the All-God Sector, three of their avatars gathered there.

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