Swallowed Star Chapter 1484

Chapter 1484 The End Of Original Universe

Time passed. It was a period of peace, and more than six trillion eras had gone by silently.

Inside Luo Feng’s miniature universe, there was a blue sky and white clouds. Flying beasts and animals were everywhere. There were rolling hills with water flowing down from the hilltops. A white-caped man sat on a mountain. It was Luo Feng. A simple but giant guard stood beside him.

“Huh?” The guard looked into the distance. A teenager was teleporting toward him from several light years away.


The silver-haired teen showed up on the mountainside. He then stepped on the space and went to the peak of the mountain. The silver-haired teen said, “Father God!”

“Xi Mo, what’s been happening lately?” Luo Feng looked lovingly at the silver-haired teenager.

Xi Mo was exceptional. Luo Feng cared for him almost as much as he cared for his own son. Xi Mo was one of the first life forms that Luo Feng created, so he was technically Luo Feng’s own son!

Luo Feng had created many races, and he had combined them with Remote Ocean. More than ten billion eras after the crisis of the Sector Beasts, the first true god had been born from the Remote Ocean line, and it had been Xi Mo!

There were nine different powers in the human race, and each power had lots of true gods. The three powers that were the strongest were the virtual universe company, the Huge Axe Dojo, and Milky Way Kingdom.

Milky Way Kingdom centered around the earthlings, the Remote Ocean line, and the many other great beings who had joined. Luo Feng was the supreme leader of the kingdom. But that was only on the surface. In reality, Milky Way Kingdom was mainly led by Xi Mo.

To Luo Feng, the entire human race was influenced by him, so there was no need for him to have any separated powers. Xi Mo had once told him, “Father God, the earthlings and the Remote Ocean line don’t have enough say in the senior meetings in the human race.” And so, with Luo Feng’s permission, Milky Way Kingdom had been established.

Luo Feng knew that the earthlings had been created by Sitting Mountain Guest, and from them, many talents had been born. They were destined to be a powerful line.

As for the Remote Ocean line, it was a race he had created while attempting to pursue the perfection of the life structure. Each had its own advantages. They also had great potential. Both lines were powerful, yet they didn’t have enough say, so many great beings were discontent.

However, the true gods on Luo Feng’s side were limited to Luo Feng, Hong, and Fire Dom. Luo Feng was too superior and aloof, Hong was too detached from the power, and as for Fire Dome, he was neither an earthling nor from the Remote Ocean line, so he wasn’t influential enough.

After Xi Mo had become a true god, many universe masters had gathered under him, treating him as their leader. Everything went smoothly. Representing Luo Feng, they had established Milky Way Kingdom so they could have a great say, thus improving their status in the human race.

They had to fight for it. The humans were far too powerful now. After more than six trillion eras, there were 98 true gods in the human race and 1,222 universe masters! The humans were fighting for various resources, as well as authority.

“Father God,” said Xi Mo respectfully. “Another person became a universe master in Milky Way Kingdom.”

Luo Feng nodded. He didn’t care much about someone becoming a universe master.

“Brother Na Ke has been improving very quickly,” said Xi Mo. “If given enough time, he’ll become a universe master.”

“Na Ke?”

Na Ke had been the leading teenager in Blood River World when he had still been weak. Luo Feng was a superior being within the human race now, but he still paid attention to the development of Blood River World—including the growth of Na Ke. He had even helped him three times in secret, though Na Ke hadn’t noticed.

In Luo Feng’s mind, if Na Ke couldn’t become an emperor on his own, there was no need to guide him. Only if he could become an emperor would he be valuable.

Although Luo Feng had helped him three times in secret before, Na Ke was mainly on his own. He had been through a lot, and after billions of years, he had finally become an emperor. When Na Ke had become an emperor, Luo Feng had traveled to Blood River World in the flesh and had admitted him as his disciple! Luo Feng would provide him with guidance once in a while, while Xi Mo was responsible for most of the job.

“Although Na Ke has reached the limit of universe knights,” Xi Mo said, shaking his head, “he might not have enough time to become a universe master in this universe era.”

“Huh?” Luo Feng frowned. “It’s time?”

“In accordance with your order, I’ve been keeping my eyes on the original universe,” said Xi Mo respectfully. “Now, everything that’s happening in the original universe means that the original universe has reached the end. Soon, it’ll be destroyed.”

“Everything?” Luo Feng looked at Xi Mo.

Xi Mo nodded. “In many star domains, lots of stars have been destroyed! It’s normal for a star to meet its end, but it has never before happened on such a large scale. Besides, the probability of a talent being born is declining.” Xi Mo had outlined every situation.

“Finally, it’s going to be destroyed!” Luo Feng suddenly stood up.

He’d been waiting for this for a long time. He had reached the level of a top-tier true god of void space while fighting the Sector Beasts! He had been able to create top-tier level 12 techniques before.

After more than six trillion eras, he’d been talking with Morosa a lot, and Morosa kept showing him the destruction origin, allowing him to comprehend it. Luo Feng had made quite a few improvements. However, he couldn’t compare to Morosa. He was already at the level of limit true gods of void space! Yet Morosa advanced so quickly that Luo Feng was jealous. It had already been as powerful as a true god of void space when it first entered its growth period, and now, after more than six trillion eras, Morosa had reached the level of an eternal true god.

“Master,” said the guard standing to the side, also excited.

Luo Feng took a look at the guard. The guard was Morosa.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long.” Luo Feng smiled.

“Father God?” Xi Mo was dazed.

Little did he know was that the original mind had made a promise to Luo Feng—a promise that he could comprehend the destruction of the original universe. It was a supreme opportunity.

“However, I need to go to one place beforehand.” Luo Feng looked out into space. “You don’t need to follow.”


Luo Feng took a step and disappeared. Xi Mo and that guard gave each other a look.


In a silent, deserted star domain where no life forms could be born, Luo Feng appeared.

“It’s been a long time,” whispered Luo Feng.

He had been nothing but a bewildered brat from Earth when he’d entered the universe before. Now… Sitting Mountain Guest had been of great help to him in reaching this level.

“What does Teacher Sitting Mountain Guest want from me?” said Luo Feng. “I thought Teacher would come and find me after the crisis of the Sector Beasts, but he never did. I wasn’t in a rush, so I keep waiting, yet Teacher never called me.”

Luo Feng touched the space, as he could sense that there were dimming ripples in the space. The second he entered the original universe, he understood that the original universe had entered the final stage. It would be destroyed after a short while.

After he had comprehended the destruction… he wouldn’t suppress his power anymore. Instead, he would go and make a breakthrough to the level of a true god of void space. Then he would go transcend incarnation!

However, Sitting Mountain Guest had never instructed him on what to do or what he wanted. Luo Feng was willing to do anything for Sitting Mountain Guest, even if it meant risking his own life.


Luo Feng stepped through space and arrived in front of a palace. There was a giant fountain in front of the palace, and there were fish swimming in the pond. An elder stood beside the pond, gazing at it all, looking very relaxed.

Sitting Mountain Guest looked at the pond and said, “Here you come.”

“Yes, I have arrived now.” Luo Feng walked toward him.

Sitting Mountain Guest smiled and took a glance at him. “I’ve been wondering who had the greater patience between the two of us. As it turns out, I’m the more patient one.”

Luo Feng smiled. It had nothing to do with patience.

Teacher Sitting Mountain Guest had devoted so much energy to him, and he gave him a valuable like Star Tower. He had even been willing to sacrifice his own miniature universe to protect Luo Feng’s miniature universe during the crisis of the Sector Beasts. It all showed how much Sitting Mountain Guest valued Luo Feng. How could Sitting Mountain Guest say that this was only about patience—like a child?

“Teacher,” said Luo Feng. He couldn’t help but ask. “This universe era of the original universe is about to end. After I comprehend the whole process of destruction of the original universe, I won’t suppress my power anymore. I’ll go make a breakthrough and transcend incarnation. Teacher, if you want me to do anything for you, please just tell me now.”

“Hahaha…!” Sitting Mountain Guest laughed. “No need to rush things.”

“There’s still no need to rush?” Luo Feng was dazed.

Sitting Mountain Guest turned his hand, and a golden crystal appeared on his palm. He looked at the golden crystal for a long time before giving it to Luo Feng.

“What is this, Teacher?” Luo Feng took a look at the golden crystal. It did not appear to be a valuable.

“Take it,” said Sitting Mountain Guest. “There’s a virtual consciousness in it.”

“A virtual consciousness?” Luo Feng was confused.

Though the last generation of Duan Dong River was dead, it had left a virtual consciousness to select its inheritors. The Godly King of Jin had also left a virtual consciousness behind before he died. That virtual consciousness had all the memories of his original body, but it didn’t have any combat power. It was only an artificial intelligence—a machine with many memories.

“That’s my virtual consciousness,” said Sitting Mountain Guest. “I’ve told you that there’s something I can’t say out loud… I can’t do it under the supreme laws.”

Luo Feng was dumbfounded.

“When you’re transcending incarnation…” Sitting Mountain Guest smiled. “When you’re transcending incarnation, you won’t be restricted by supreme laws, and that is when my virtual consciousness can tell you everything. When you’re transcending incarnation, bring out that golden crystal. My virtual consciousness will appear, and you’ll learn everything.”

Luo Feng nodded, though he was pondering Sitting Mountain Guest meant. No wonder Sitting Mountain Guest wasn’t in a rush; he could only tell Luo Feng everything while he was transcending incarnation.

“Go,” said Sitting Mountain Guest. “Prepare yourself. The original universe is the most perfect and vast universe. Its destruction contains endless mysteries. It’ll benefit you in a way you can’t even imagine. Comprehend it carefully! After that, you can go transcend incarnation. Don’t be afraid of incarnation transcendence. It’s not a trap. Instead, it’s a good thing.”

Luo Feng was dazed. He bowed to show his gratefulness, then left.

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