Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156 Hello Im Lu Chi


An Shuyue was the first to laugh out loud. Her tears were about to fall. "Oh my, Director. Where did you find such a person? In this day and age, theres still someone who drives a broken car that has long been eliminated in the Imperial Capital? He couldnt have picked this up from some junkyard, right?"

Meng Lu gave Lin Wanwan a side glance and said gloatingly, "Director Wu, how bad is Lin Wanwan in the market that you have to pair her up with such a ridiculous person? Could it be that no one else is willing to pair up with her?"

Wu Mingtian felt a headache.

He didnt find this male guest himself. He was appointed by his superior, who even instructed him to take good care of the man. He initially thought that this person was someone powerful.

He suspected, was a TV station executive holding a grudge against Lin Wanwan and thus deliberately arranged for this?

It was a short distance, but the QQ car drove for more than a minute.

"Let me see where this hobo comes from"

An Shuyue had not finished uttering her disdainful words when the door to the QQ car was pushed open. A long leg wrapped in trousers could be seen stretching out first. The man in a simple white shirt was completely exposed under the sunlight. His air of nobleness was impressive.

He had trimmed eyebrows, a high nose bridge, phoenix-shaped eyes, and thin lips. His facial features were exquisite and handsome. It was obvious he was favored by God.

Him standing there alone naturally formed a landscape.

"" Lin Wanwan was stunned.

Shocked, she rubbed her eyes and suspected that she was hallucinating.

Could someone tell her why Lu Zhanbei appeared here?

And in such a ridiculous manner!

Wu Mingtian recovered himself and quickly greeted him. He didnt know Lu Zhanbei. Neither did he know his full name. "You must be Mr. Lu."

"Hello, Im Lu Chi."

"" How shameless! He actually used their sons name!

"Mr. Lu, please follow me."

When Lu Zhanbei walked over, not only did the Zhao Keqing who wasnt interested in young men kept looking at him, even Meng Lu and An Shuyue didnt shift their gazes away. Their eyes were full of obsession.

It was just that when they saw that broken QQ car, they felt a lot better in their hearts.

So what if he was good-looking? He was just a pauper and wasnt worthy to stand next to highly sought-after female celebrities like them.

Lu Zhanbei stood next to Lin Wanwan and didnt look at her, as if they were strangers.

Lin Wanwan was full of doubts, but obviously, this wasnt the right time to talk about these matters.

Wu Mingtian said a few introductory words, then brought the four pairs in to familiarize themselves with the villas environment. This was also a chance for them to get to know each other.

The interior of the villa was huge and it was luxuriously decorated. Everything one needed could be found there.

The rooms were allocated beforehand. Lin Wanwan was about to drag her suitcase upstairs when a hand reached over.

"Let me do it."

Lin Wanwan glanced at Lu Zhanbei, then handed her suitcase to him. She asked naturally, "Why did Mr. Lu think of participating in this show?"

"I just felt like it."

"Your girlfriend doesnt object to it?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her with interest. "How did you know I have a girlfriend?"

Oh my!

She had blurted it out!

"I just feel that a handsome man like Mr. Lu must have gotten a girlfriend since a long time ago."

"Thats right."

Both of them came to room four. Lin Wanwan realized there were two beds inside and pretended to ask the cameraman, "During the recording, although Mr. Lu and I are a couple in name, this is still our first time meeting. It isnt appropriate for us to sleep in the same room, right?"

"Dont worry. There are surveillance cameras in the room and bodyguards patrolling outside."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders and didnt say anything else.

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