Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 53

"Ms. Lin, let's make a toast!"

At this moment, Chu Yang went to Lin Wanwan's side with two glasses of wine in his hands.

Last year, he was awarded the top actor in the Osbar. Although he was not comparable to Luo Han, he held a rather high position in the entertainment industry.

He was attractive, gave off a Yuppie-like vibe, and easily lured young girls' attention.

Lin Wanwan blinked innocently. "Children are not allowed to drink. My father will be angry if I do."

Chu Yang paused for a second, then smiled apologetically, "Sorry, my mistake."

A woman's voice joined the conversation, Hai Lan responded, "A child? A giant baby like Ms. Lin is surely a rare sight."

Everyone could hear the mocking tone that Hai Lan intended.

Abruptly, the atmosphere grew a little strange

An Qiao frowned, but before he could say anything, Lin Wanwan had already put on her most angelic smile.

"Father said, there is nothing new under the sun. Sister Hai Lan, I've studied a lot in the past. Feel free to ask me if there is anything you don't quite know, I can teach you~"

Hai Lan took a while to get what she meant. Anger twisted and distorted her face.

Did I get mocked by a fool?

I'm a university graduate, so why would I need you to teach me?



An Qiao's face sank, and he shot a warning glare at Hai Lan, who had no choice but to shut her mouth.

"Director An, the investor is here," the vice director reminded.

An Qiao promptly got up and hurried to the entrance to welcome the investor, a chubby middle-aged man.

The investor did not want to sit in for the meal. "Carry on, guys, I'm just here for business, don't mind my presence."

An Qiao then realized that a thin man was standing beside the investor.

Sadly, it was the man's back facing them, and the investor's body was absolutely burly, providing full coverage for the man.

"Sir." Gu Mo lowered his voice, "Ms. Lin is inside."

Lu Zhanbei glanced into the room without turning back.

Lin Wanwan was trying to finish a plate of crystal grapes without letting her eyes off the rows of fruits on the table.

"Yes," he answered. Without another word, he stepped forward.

Gu Mo followed tightly after, and the investor also quit chatting with An Qiao.

Before the investor caught up with Lu Zhanbei, he looked at Lin Wanwan and wondered.

'Mr. Lu seems to be interested in this girl, does he like her? '

An Qiao watched speechlessly as the investor ran after the man like a loyal servant.

This investor was quite a powerful man in the Imperial Capital. An Qiao would never have thought that someone would treat him with such inferiority.

It was evident that that person was no ordinary man.

An Qiao went back to the room and continued tending to the staff.

This meal was a satisfying one for all but Hai Lan.

After the meal, Lin Wanwan waved goodbye to everyone and strolled along a dark road with phoenix trees planted at the sides. She wanted to get a taxi at the other end of the road.

Suddenly, her lazy eyes expanded! Looking at the tall shadows on the ground, she turned back immediately!

Two strong men leaped fiercely onto her

Meanwhile, at the VIP exit, Lu Zhanbei pulled the door open and was about to board the car.


Gu Mo, who just came back from the washroom said hesitantly, "When I walked past the first floor, I saw two of Zhao Lin's men following Ms. Lin."

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