Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Sir What Did You Drink?

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Lu Zhanbei received it over and opened it calmly.

"Sir, be careful. There might be a bomb in there. Do you want me to check on it first?"

"No need." Qi Junze wouldnt use such a childish method to prank him.

As Lu Zhanbei opened it, he walked to the study room. Before the study table, he took out what was inside the box.

There was a small bottle filled with an unknown liquid and two cards that were labeled "1" and "2" respectively.

He started to read the first card.

"Lu Zhanbei, I believe youve already guessed who I am. Ill skip the nonsense. Once the drug in the bottle enters the human body, the organs will start to lose their functions. Within three months, you will die. If you want to see Lin Wanwan, drink it immediately. You can try to deceive me, but on the condition that you pay the price for deceiving me."

Lu Zhanbei picked up the second card.

Besides an address, there was also a sentence.

"After drinking this, come here alone. Ill bring you to see Lin Wanwan."

Lu Zhanbei dug out a lighter. He burned the card with the drug instructions and left the second card behind.

He swirled the liquid in the bottle and looked calm.

"Three months"

He didnt hesitate. He uncorked the bottle and swallowed the liquid as if he was drinking water.

"Gu Mo."

Gu Mo entered upon being summoned. When he saw the empty bottle in Lu Zhanbeis hands, an ominous feeling arose in his heart.

"Sir, what did you drink?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows. He no longer looked cold and even teased leisurely, "Its a newly-developed kidney supplement. One day when you have a girlfriend, Ill send you a box too."

Gu Mos lips twitched. Lu Zhanbei returning to his original state made him believe that he had Lin Wanwans whereabouts, and his mood lightened as well.

"Sirs abilities are falling short of his wishes lately?"

Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly. "I just dont want to reject any possibility of making myself stronger."

Gu Mo was speechless. He talked about serious matters. "Do you have news of Ms. Lin?"

Lu Zhanbei picked up the suit jacket on the back of his chair. "Im going to pick her up now."

Gu Mo immediately prepared the car. Lu Zhanbei sat in the drivers seat and didnt get anyone else to follow him.

"Sir, youre going alone?"

"Ill get Jiushang to coordinate with my movements."

"Thats good"

Gu Mo watched as the car traveled farther away. He stretched his back in relief.

Half an hour later, Lu Zhanbei arrived at an abandoned factory.

Once he appeared, the few men who were standing guard near the factory immediately aimed a gun at him.

"Dont move!"

Lu Zhanbei raised both arms and walked forward casually.

Although he didnt have any weapons on him, that natural superiority still made some of them tense.

Only when his hands were electronically cuffed and theyd finished searching his body did the fear in their hearts lower.

They brought Lu Zhanbei to an unlicensed van.

"You are going to get me to ride this?"

Lu Zhanbei walked around it and used his hands to pat the car door and the front of the car from time to time. He had a look of disdain.

"Is your boss going to be bankrupt soon?"

"Youre about to face death. Why do you have so many lame requests? Get in!"

Lu Zhanbei shrugged his shoulders and slowly got on the car.

Compared to them being combat-ready, Lu Zhanbei leaned back and closed his eyes. "Im going to sleep for a while. Call me when weve arrived."

A young man refused to comply and was about to roll up his sleeves to teach him a lesson.

Another man stopped him. He said warningly, "The orders we received were to send him back. Dont create trouble. If anything goes wrong, will you take responsibility?"

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