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The Su Family was one of the affluent family in the country.Evan Su is the current head of Su Corporation and, he's married to a genius and extraordinary woman named Daniella Chen.Their love and trust for each other made everyone in their inner circle to feel jealous. Having tremendous wealth, admiration from their circle and, intelligent children. A lot of people wished to have their life.But their children's way of living was way too much to handle.Ethan, Leo, and Alexandria were triplets. Since they were kids, they were taught to love and protect each other. But, the triplets seem to misunderstand their mother's words since they've done nothing but trouble. And the youngest member of Su, Louisa. A girl who doesn't want to speak and interact with a human. She hides her face with her long bangs, plays with human's skeleton and having organs as her toy, Louisa was a weird kid. No one wants to befriend with her, and she didn't mind it.On the triplet's 16th birthday, a day which they supposed to celebrate with their family and friends was interrupted when Ethan gave his sibling explosives gift which supposed to be a prank.Standing by the end of the stairs, Alexa and Leo stared at each other. Their hands slowly moved to open the gift Ethan gave to them while in the background, they could hear Ethan's voice shouting, 'Not Now idiots!'A loud explosion, blue smoke, guest screaming and panicking. The triplet's party has turned disaster.Their parents had no other option than to cancel the party. Hours after the explosion, their mother has announced that they will be moving.Living on a budget, having to work on the coffee shop their parents started, transferring to a mid-class school. The triplets have realized they had pushed their parents to make them change their life in just one day."None of us will have access to your father's money until I say so. No one will ask for your uncle's help. We will live a simple life where you need to clean, and cook for yourself, which means there will be no maids."Everyone in the bas.e.m.e.nt was shocked except Evan. The triplets looked at each other while Louisa started writing on her pad."Mom, what do you mean by no maid? Who will cook my bacon?" Alexa spoke in horror after hearing the news.The triplets, Louisa and their parents will move in the province and start a new simple life.But not only that, their cousin Selena Su, will also be living with them.This is a family novel, full of comedy, romance and, drama.The first volume will focus on Selena's romance. Followed by Alexandria, Ethan and, Leo.Release schedule:6 chapters / week.Monday, Thursday and Saturday1000-1500 words per chapter.Author's note:English is my fourth language so please excuse any grammatical mistake but, I will appreciate if you can give me hints or notes on what needs to be edited to correct.I am human too, I have feelings so please when you leave a comment or review about my mistake, I hope you can be a little gentleI can't afford to hire an editor so if you have time and can't bear the mistake, please send me the edited version.

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