Sweet Love 1v1: Spoiled By The Executive Chapter 841

Chapter 841 The Greatest Hidden Danger 4

Chapter 841: The Greatest Hidden Danger (4)

Ming Li laid on the floor for a long time, but no one helped her up.

This was the second time that Ruan Fusheng had hit her since he had arrived home before dinner. The last time, she had been able to bear it and had directed all of her hate towards Ling Tianya. But this time, she finally understood that she was nothing to Ruan Fusheng.

Likewise, not a single person in this family saw her as a human being. When she fell, her mother-in-law was right behind her and could have helped her up just by extending a hand. Yet, that old woman whom she called mother dodged away and told her to change into a clean set of clothes with a look of hatred.

She had lived her life carefully since she married Ruan Fusheng, because every time she made any small mistake, she would be scolded.

Ruan Guosheng, Ruan Fusheng, the second Mrs. Ruan, Qin Shi, everyone could scold her. She was nobody in this family. She was only a baby-making machine.

Now that Ruan Fusheng had seen Ling Tianya, it was obvious that he would rather chase that other woman than touch her. What future did she have in this kind of family?

The second Mrs. Ruan really disliked the smell of disinfectant on Ming Li. "Go and shower and change your clothes quickly!"

Ruan Fusheng kicked Ming Lis body impatiently. "Didnt you hear what my mother said? Go now!"

Ming Li gritted her teeth and stood up, then went to the bathroom with red-rimmed eyes.

The second Mrs. Ruan frowned. "What a childish girl!"

Ruan Fusheng was breaking out in cold sweat as he held up his dislocated shoulder. Since this was a critical juncture, Ruan Guosheng wanted to avoid any unnecessary trouble and thus didnt call a doctor for Ruan Fusheng.

Qin Shis heart ached for her grandson. "We cant just let him bear the pain forever! We must think of a solution!"

"What in the world happened? Why did that huge foreigner come out of nowhere to beat up Fusheng?" the second Mrs. Ruan asked.

"It was because of that b*tch Ling Tianya!" Ruan Fusheng said. He was still in pain. "Who knows what method that b*tch used to seduce Mark? Why else would Mark beat me up? He even gave that woman medication to stop the bleeding!"

"Is that really what happened?" Qin Shi looked towards Ruan Guosheng.

Ruan Guoshengs expression was grim, and a chilly gleam was reflected in his eyes. His whole head was filled with questions of how that man had known that Ling Tianya was in danger.

"Anyway, I wont let this matter go!" Ruan Fusheng said in a cold voice. "I will definitely take my revenge! If Ling Tianya had been cleverer and knew whats good for her, I might have let her off and been nicer to her! Now, no words will help her case! I will definitely have her!"

"Nonsense!" Ruan Guosheng scolded Ruan Fusheng. "Im warning you, youre not allowed to have any ideas about Ling Tianya. Dont make things difficult for her!"

"But Dad, I even got"

"Shut up! If you dont listen to me, you can scram back to North Africa!"

Seeing that Ruan Guosheng was being serious, Ruan Fusheng hurriedly nodded his head. He definitely didnt want to return to North Africa. There was nothing there.

Qin Shi and the second Mrs. Ruan were confused. Why had Ruan Guoshengs attitude changed so much?

"What exactly happened?" Qin Shi asked.

"You guys dont need to know about this," Ruan Guosheng said solemnly. "You two as well, dont make trouble for Ling Tianya, no kind of trouble at all."

After he finished, Ruan Guosheng left. When he reached the door, he turned around and told Ruan Fusheng, "Ill find someone to fix your shoulder. Bear it with for now."

Although they didnt know what had happened, since Ruan Guosheng had warned them so seriously not to look for Ling Tianya and make trouble for her, then had to do what he said.

Qin Shi was dissatisfied, but she couldnt do anything about it.




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