Tales Of Demons And Gods I Become Chen Linjian Chapter 16

16 Intense Sparring

"Hmm. I don't know if I deserve to meet the City Lord" I said while heaving a sigh.

" Don't worry. I will accompany you there." Ye Shou said.

" Do I really need to go ?" I asked.

" Yes. I insist!" Ye Shou said.

" Well then, I will go, but please don't tell the City Lord that I deforested the Training Ground's forest" I said.

" Haha. Rest assured! Even if I tell him that, he will not make a big fuss about it. " Ye Shuo said as laughed.

" Alright then sir, I will follow sir." I said with respect.

After that, we leave the Training Ground and on the way, we kill any demon beast of Silver rank or higher that is wandering on outer part of the forest whole only leaving Bronze ranked demon beasts on the outer forest part.

After I get outside the training ground, I suppress my aura to that of a Silver rank. I passed the market and sold the materials that I gain, and take a look at the Divine Restaurant building progress. But when I am there, I realize that the workers too slow when working, but when I entered there, they suddenly speed up. I then get an idea to make the construction progress faster. I leave a shadow of mine using the shadow breath. I put some visual bending array, so it has colour and not pitch black. I set it's level to Silver Rank too, and ordered it to watch the mens when they are working. I also ordered it not to bother them when they are resting in the afternoon and let them go home when evening.

After that, I leave the construction site to meet Ye Shuo and apologized to him since I made him wait, but he didn't mind it at all, but he is impressed at my skills on making inscription. I thanked him and then we finally arrived at the City Lord's mansion.

When I arrived at the City Lord mansion, I am hit by surprise since my father is there wearing a smile, yet not a smile at the same time.

"Jian'er, where have you been?"

"Ahh. I have been training this morning and integrate with my demon spirit." I said as I understand the patriarch's rage, since I had disappeared this morning without telling him, and the elders are probably the one who tell him.

" So, you have integrated with your demon spirit eh? Well now I have a reason to spar with you then!" the patriarch said as he merges with his Crimson Jade Dragon. Crimson shining scales started to form on his skin as his body is emitting a Peak Black Gold Rank Aura.

" Wait father! Isn't this too unfair? How can I win against a Peak Black Gold Rank while I am still a gold Rank? " I asked with a dissatisfied tone.

"Haha. Don't worry. This old man know how to hold back." As he finishes his word, he swing his broadsword while it is sheated.

I then merge with YinLong, but I ask him not to grow wings after merging to avoid any commotion. I cover my palm and hand with shadow energy only and catch his broadsword. When my claw comes into contact his broadsword, I realizes that the patriarch's strength is that of a Legend Rank, so I redirect the sword to the ground while I am doing a sidestep.

When the patriarch sees that, he smiled and his broadsword glowed, and when it slammed the ground, the ground is destroyed causing rocks flying to every direction. I dodged the rocks and realize the patriarch is swinging his sword to my abdomen, so I used the enhanced void form and the sword passed through me.

After the broadsword passes my body, the patriarch is confused why he couldn't hit me and the sword clearly passes through my abdomen. I don't waste this moment as I took out my katana, while sheated, I slashed his shoulder, but as if he knows I will do that, he use his broadsword to his back to party my sword, then I used enhanced void form and after my katana passes his broardsword, I release my void form and my katana materialize and when it almost landed at his shoulder, he releases Legend Rank Aura and blow me away.

Sensing the aura, I then asked Great Sage to boost me perception.

"Haha. You have grown up Jian'er! now I will get serious." the patriarch said as he steady his stance and leap to me while swinging his sword.

'Too Fast! I can't dodge in time!' I thought as I activated the void form.

When my body started to blur, the patriarch grinned as his sword started to shine.

'Danger!' is what I heard before I vomit and lost consciousness.

20 minutes later.

"Ahh.. What happened? Did I lose?" I asked

"Haha.. Yes, you lost. But you put up a good fight. You really don't slack for a moment huh! Until some time week ago, you are still a brat, but to think that you grown this much is already exceeding the old generations expectation." he said as he heaved a sigh.

"Well it is unfair for a Black Gold Rank to fight against a Legend Rank!" I said as I grumbled.

" Hmm. Never mind that, but what demon spirit you integrated with? It has such a frightening ability! But from what I remember is you choose a peacock that time right?"

" Ahh. This demon spirit is the demon spirit I found before I choose the peacock, so I integrate with it first."

" Then do you still need the peacock then? "

" Yes. "

" What for? "

" A Secret "

After hearing my answer, the patriarch heaved a sigh and then congratulate me for reaching a Black Gold Rank, and j also congratulated him for reaching Legend Rank.

"Father. It looks like that you are the one going out without any notification." I said as I stared at him. " Well, I have no right to say anything about father's action, so I will stop there."

After hearing this, the patriarch laughed and take me to meet the City Lord.
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