Tales Of Demons And Gods I Become Chen Linjian Chapter 26

26 Chest Unboxing And Kirin

Tommorow morning, when I wake up, I checked the content of my interspatial ring. There are my weapons, inscription patterns, Purple Haze Grass, cheat elixirs I, cultivation techniques, treasures from Ancient Orchid Ruins, 32978 Poor Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits, 32543 Ordinary Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits, 22375 Good Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits, 11533 Excellent Growth Rate Demon Spirits, 9571 Extraordinary Growth Rate Demon Spirits, 6 God Level Growth Rate Demon Spirits, Rubbles for creating grade 3 or higher artifact, Temporal Demon Sets and the mysterious box in the Rift.

Noticing the messy interspatial ring's content, I decide that today I will sort everything slowly. I brought 7 interspatial rings and then I started to keep weapon and inscription in the first ring, Purple Haze Grass in the second ring, cheat elixirs and cultivation technique in the third ring, treasures in the fourth ring, Demon Spirits in the fifth ring, rubbles in the sixth ring, and Temporal Demon Sets in the last ring.

After finish packing, I notices the box and asked Great Sage whether there is danger inside the box, and the result is no danger is detected and there is something inside the box that emits rich energy. A whole different level from the meteor I face yesterday. I then asks Great Sage to translate the letter.


Hmm, so is there anything wrong with this chest? I pondered and finally the scanning result is here.


Phew. Glad to hear that, now I wonder what kind of treasure is inside the chest. I open the chest slowly, and the rich energy, which is even stronger than heavenly energy bursting out of the box. After I opened the box, there are a weapon that looks like a rapier? or a pin? or estoc? Well, that doesn't matter because this weapon is top tier weapon inherited from an emperor level being. Next one is a fruit. I have a bad premonition about this fruit, so I asked the Great Sage to analyze it, and this fruit's name is Divine Phaseless Fruits, which can boosts the cultivation tremendously, but the consumer will die if they eat this fruit directly without dilutting it in Rootless water by 100 times and another 100 times, but for me, I think I need to dilute it by 100 times and another 100 times AND another 100 times again if I don't want to die from tremendous leap in cultivation that will blow my body. And there is an interspatial ring inside. When I check the content, I am surprised to find water inside of it. What is this water? Why is it in this interspatial ring?


.... F*ck you Luck Ex. You are making me having headache! Why the hell does someone keep water inside interspatial ring, moreover, how does he make this Rootless Water fresh like this? It is already like some thousand years ago, but it is clear and not smelly.

' ANSWER : IT USES.... '

Stop there!! I don't wish to know, since everything happens so fast and illogically. I then continue and found a book. When I read the content, my face becomes red and I directly keep it.

The name of the book is Four Beasts and the Ruler Pattern. Well the name is cool, but this Pattern require 4 people with different demon spirits, to be exact, a dragon type, winged type, canine type and shelled type. The cultivator cultivate together with the concept of Dual culti... wait! This isn't even Dual! It is a Quatro! So it is a Quatro Cultivation Pattern! There is no way I am doing it with stranger, so I think I will keep this to myself and see if I have a chance to use this Pattern.

And the last one is .... 5 Primordial Bloodline Demon Spirit! What's more the name of the Demon Spirits are from my previous world.

The first demon spirit is " Queen Of the Dragon, Dragon Monarch, Seiryu. " This dragon is even stronger than my Shadow of Death, YinLong. Its base elements are water, wind and lightning, since it is the dragon that governs the rain and storm.

The second demon spirit is " Queen of the Sky, Elemental Monarch, Suzaku. " This winged being is a phoenix, and the stronger version of FengDaJie who excels at every Element in the world. So it has high compatibility with someone who have winged beast soul form.

The third demon spirit is " King of the Wild, White Monarch, Byakko. " King of Wild? Really suits him, but White Monarch! Spare me! Anything but White! Anyways, This king of wild is not a lion, but a Tiger, it's fur is pure white! It gives off a majestic aura. It is not oprressing, but kind of charismatic aura befitting of being a ruler. Its base element is wind. It has high combat ability, and power output. So receiving a blow from Byakko is not recommended even if get hit by the wind inderectly will be enough to cripple the opponent if not handled correctly.

The Fourth demon spirit is.... " King of Shore, Black Monarch, Genbu. " As I expected. It is the Four Symbols? No it is the Four Animal Deity Protector. The Genbu is a combination of turtle and snake, its base elements are soil and water. It has a high Defense capability and also excels at counter. It can bounce elemental attacks or ranged attacks by using its intelligence and fast reaction. It also has a surprisingly high offensive ability, but its demerit is its slow movement.

The last demon spirit. " King of Balance, The Golden Dragon of Stability, Kirin. " When I touched the Kirin Demon Spirit, I feel a resonance from my Soul Realm, so I inject my consciousness inside and meet the Kirin.

" Ah! So you have come master....?" The Kirin said as it opened it's eyes and startled when he sees me.

" Who are you? How did you? Hmm.. I see so thousand years have passed. That means my master have passed away eh? " Kirin said disheartenedly.

" Hmm? Who is this master you are talking about? Is he the emperor realm expert that leave a chest containing Divine Phaseless Fruits, Demon Spirit, Quatro Cultivation Pattern, and weird weapon? " I asked.

" What? Quatro Cultivation Pattern? What nonsense are you talking about? And weird weapon? It is a needle made from Violent Queen of Frost Bees, an Deity Level Demon Beast! As for the Four Beasts and the Ruler Cultivation Pattern, it is a pattern that will help your cultivation and guarantee you breaking through to Emperor Realm with ease. " the Kirin said in a proud tone." Still though, you are quite interesting! Your Soul Realm's size and form are more unique than any humans I have ever encountered, except my master. He ever told me that one day, a human will find us and then will confront the Sage Emperor, so he told us to lend our strength to a human boy and 4 human girls." The Kirin added.

"*Gulp. Your master has a 1000 years future sight? How come he lost against Sage Emperor?" I asked in surprise.

"*sigh. Apparently the Sage Emperor used some underhanded tricks to weaken my master and his companions. So they fled to Tiny World and leave their legacies here. " Kirin said as he sighed.

" Hmm. So why does your master not notice his tricks?" I asked again.

" The Sage Emperor have an innate ability which make anyone is rendered unable to see his thoughts and movement. Such scary innate ability, yet that is one of his innate skills." the Kirin sighed.

" Well, do you want to help me to fight the Sage Emperor? " I asked.

" My master gives me this mission, so I will be cooperating with you, but until we finished fighting Sage Emperor." The Kirin said.

" Haha. Alright. Well then, let me introduce myself. I am Chen LinJian, currently at Peak Demigod Rank. " I said with a smile.

" A Demigod eh? " Kirin said as he finishes his word with a ridiculing ' heh '. " Well, as you have known. I am Kirin, a Deity Realm Being, I hope our cooperation somehow benefit each other. " the Kirin added as he introduces himself.

" Then, do you want to make a contract, so you can be freed from my body after defeating the Sage Emperor? " I asked.

" Hmm. Then I shall. " Kirin said.

" Alright then. " I said as I formed the contract, and finishes it, and integrate with Kirin. After that, I feel Heavenly Energy coming from my Soul Realm.

' Such tremendous Heavenly Energy! I am going to break through! This is bad! ' I thought as I seal off my cultivation.

' What are you doing? ' asked the Kirin.

' It should be me asking! Why do you release those Heavenly Energy? ' I asked.

' Well, I am helping you to break through Earthen Fate Realm. ' Kirin said nonchalantly.

' I have plans, and I can reach Martial Ancestor Realm in a week, and I have plan about when to break through to Heavenly Fate Realm in Tiny World, so for now, I don't need your help. Just read novel or something like YinLong or FengDaJie." I said.

' Hmm? Novel? what is that? Is that the writing that I see. Hmm. It has writings that I don't recognize, but it seems like I understand it. Hmm. Tales of Demons and Gods? Ah! Your name is here.' he said in surprise.

WTF! He just reads it and already found my name?

' Stop! That novel is off limit! ' I said.

" What? I have finished, but does this novel ends on this 'Mark' title? " Kirin asked.

' Well, Sadly, I died after it got released and got reborn in this world. The events will change, since I am the main character in this world now, and Nie Li isn't reborn in this life, so I will do events in the novel that I deemed important, and the unimportant part will be left. ' I said.

' Hmm! Eh! Hey brat! YinLong and Feng get to have privilege, but you don't give any privilege for me ? ' Kirin starts throwing tantrum.

' Hey, hey. You are already more than thousands of years already and still throwing tantrums like a kid? ' I asked.

' Wha! A kid! I am the Kirin , the creature of .... '

' Yeah yeah! Stop yapping, I will give you privileges to watch anime, read manga, watch drama, listen to songs, and play games that I ever played. Cool? YinLong and FengDaJie also have access to those things too, so don't start throwing tantrum.' I said.

' Yipee! I am very bored, since the anime, novel and manga is cliffhanging, and I am friggin irritated right now, since I am bored! ' YinLong said happily.

Hey, where the hell did ya learn those words!

' *chuckle. Yuuji is really understanding. That's why I accept you as my master. ' FengDaJie said as she giggles.

Hey. Don't make it sounds like you accept me only for exciting yourself.

' Hehe. But that is what we are doing right now. ' YinLong, FengDaJie, and Kirin said in unison.

' Well, I think I should limit the games for only 6 hours per day. I don't want you guys to play games and become too lazy and dumb. ' I said.

' Excuse us! ' they shouted.

' Ouch! Scream again, and I will cut your playing time for half hours.' I said coldly.

' Heh! We won't abide to your rule! ' YinLong said.

' Have you forget some statement in the contract I made? " I asked.

' We don't know. ' they said.

' You should abide your master's rule. So the memory of game is limited and have a countdown. Ah! There will be no stacking, so don't hope to not play for 4 days, so you get to play to your heart's content in the fifth day.' I said while laughing. ' Ah! Don't scream or else I will deduce your playing time by half an hour. This is a precious lesson, so read the contract next time before agreeing!' I warned them.

' Boooo! '

Ah, they start booing. ' Then, enjoy yourself. I am going to enjoy my one month until the examination day. '
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