Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305 The Appearance Of The Oracle

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Punk, dont try to be a hero before you are ready. Eh, the chick beside you looks good as well Why do I find her familiar

B Boss, this person is also familiar

Rascal, tell me your name. Im the number one boxer in Lan Kao, and I dont just hit anyone! Big Brother Tie howled. Sh*t, this rascal did look familiar.

Lan Ling smiled. Hes Wang Zheng. A causal beating will suffice


The minds of these small thugs went blank, as though they were hit by lighting. No wonder they found him familiar. It was the Great Demon King indeed

Then wouldnt this woman be Lan Ling from the Lan family!?

Drip, drip

A strange sound and a weird smell. Big Brother Tie was so scared that he pissed his pants.

Wang Zheng shook his head helplessly. It wasnt worth it to get his hands dirty over such a thug: however, he couldnt just leave things like that. The police came in a very timely manner to take them all away. Obviously, they should stop thinking about making trouble.

In the next few days, Wang Zheng, Rara Durai, and Mu Zhen started the selection of the Saruman Snake Corps. Wang Zhengs presence boosted the morale of the giants. After the SIG, numerous Titans wanted to meet Wang Zheng. His appearance was of great help to the Tita Stars urban and army development. However, Wang Zheng was still controlling the scope. He didnt want to be too eye-catching yet.

In an unknown star.

There were floating ice and debris everywhere. This was a world null. There were no surrounding planets, no gravitational force, and all kinds of trash surrounding it. It was just like a messy room that no one bothered to clean up.

A space shuttle suddenly appeared.

Protective energy gave a slight glow around the ship.

Lear gazed at the emptiness outside, causing a ripple in the well of his heart.

He had finally decided.

The Oracle Star!

Boom, the tail of the space shuttle suddenly spewed a white beam, hitting a piece of inconspicuous meteorite.

The meteorite was only the size of the fist of an ordinary person on the surface. It was plentiful in this void. However, under the illumination of the trailing beam, it changed rapidly. Honeycomb-like light patterns gradually formed a light blue space portal.

The space shuttle entered the portal quickly and, in a blast of light, the void returned to its previous state. That meteorite turned into dust, as though there was no trace left.

Luo Fei looked on at the light pattern outside, which was completely different under curved flight. Usually, the lights would be stretched, as though time was compressed. Here, however, light twisted and changed constantly, as though watching through a kaleidoscope.

Luo Fei felt that things were spiraling out of control. He felt that Lear was just like a gambler who had many chips at first and then lost more of them as time passed and was now desperate. Luo Fei was not that holed-up fatty anymore. He had stood on the stage of SIG, but he would always be that little fatty in front of Lear.

Lears path was his path, even if it was a dead end.

The Oracle Star was Lears last hope. Lears future would be dark if he was unable to obtain the support of the Saint. The Solar System was now in a new era. The conservatives were dying and the Locks family had to be wary of how they acted to survive. Ye Bingwen was now an important figure as a member of Parliament. He had obtained the support of the people, and the relationship with Mars and the Moon made him really powerful.

Wang Zheng had already done the things that Lear wanted to achieve.


He could no longer return. Wang Zhengs influence was everywhere. His old camp was now someone elses.

That wasnt that bad, however. Lear gave up completely on any form of insistence. What family glory, what bottom line?

These things were unnecessary!

He needed only strength and power!

Contact from the Oracle Star gave Lear a way out from his chaos and anger. It kept him sensible. Humans had to have hope to survive. It was the same for Lear.


The space shuttle shifted slightly and flew out of the distorted fissure in space. A blue planet appeared in the view of the porthole.

They had arrived at the Oracle Star.

Lear was confident that he could fulfill the request of the Saint even if they were just using him. At least they would be able to provide him with power, and he would have the title of the candidate of the Son of Saint. At least his performance in the SIG was pretty good.

These were all chips to be used!

It was different from his expectations though. No one was there to greet him. There was no applause, only busy people walking past briskly.

Spaceship number nine, are you from Earth? Name?

A middle-aged man in an old-fashioned military uniform walked over.

Im Lear.

Alright, Lear, your information has been refreshed. This is a Skylink that can be used on the Oracle Star. It includes your initial capital. Ge Luo, bring him to the special exchange of the temple, he is a candidate of the Son of Saint.

That middle-aged military man got a young soldier over to bring Lear and Luo Fei around.

Such a tepid attitude fizzed out the fire in Lear. Luo Fei thought that Lear would be treated differently here. He might have been shocked by the scenes along the way, but it had also given him hope. Given his talent, Lear could create a miracle as long as he mastered these.

However, these were just in their imaginations. The people here didnt seem to think much of them.

Everything went according to a procedure. The soldier named Ge Luo was polite but didnt care too much about them. He brought them for a change of clothes, told them how to use the Skylink, gave a simple explanation about the Oracle Star, and arranged their lodging.

It was a very small room, which he got them to wait in.

Luo Fei wanted to ask other questions. For example, why had they brought them there? Luo Fei gazed at them as if they were fools when it was brought up.

Fate had suddenly reversed. There was no law, no fairness here. They were just lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Lear was very calm throughout the journey, which creeped Luo Fei out.

A storm was brewing in the higher echelons of the Oracle Star. The Circle of Elders was debating fiercely.

The prophecy is very clear. The Oracle has appeared. We just cant find it because we are being blocked by some factors. It can be confirmed by the recent reaction. I think everyone should be clear about this! the third elder said.

The thirteen elders of the Circle of Elders had different identities. The only one who understood everything was the Great Elder, the only one in white robes.

We believe it, but this will expose the Saint and make it a target of the Milky Way Alliance.

Fifth Elder, you are getting more cowardly as you become older. The Oracle has appeared. It is the reason for our existence, the first opportunity to revive the Saint over the past hundreds of years. No one can stop it! the Sixth Elder said, his voice bordering crazy.

Finding the Oracle would grant them eternal life. That was the only goal they had.

Faith? Successor?

These were just ploys to fool the believers. They stood at the pinnacle, maintaining this organization, enjoying the highest authority, and doing whatever they wanted. They didnt care about anyone else.

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