Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 446

Chapter 446: A Team Battle to Decide Victory
Translator: Abyssruler Editor: Lucas

Lear walked out with that same mocking face. Except, his body was not as relaxed as it seemed. Engulfing was not absorbing. External powers were, after all, external powers. And this damn Atlantean idiot's Mysterious Energy was indeed quite fierce. The same time he was engulfing the Mysterious Energy, he still had to make an extreme attack. Lear had managed to do both in one breath. Of course, that last pierce was on purpose. Even though that pierce was not towards the pilot, his Ability X was targeted at the opponent. His method was the same as Bordia, he wanted to destroy the opponent's remaining strength!

All 12 members of the Atlantis team had reached the level of conquering star beasts. This meant that the other members would not be any weaker than Millsap. Even if their spiritual power were not as plentiful as Millsap, they definitely had something unique that was of equal levels.

No one dreamt that the Solar System Federation team, whom they expected to be losing badly, would lead by 2 to 1.

Was this the rhythm of surpassing normality?

Could that really be possible?

Everyone's eyes were on Wang Zheng. How would he choose?

Wang Zheng did not hesitate. He turned to the referee. "The Solar System Federation team asks for a team battle!"

To accomplish their goal in one go, this was the only opportunity for the Solar System Federation team.

You have to admit that Lear was quite ruthless because Bordia actually had no way of letting Millsap recover. Millsap's injuries were not from his body, but were spiritual. In other words, Lear's Ability X engulfed not only life force, but also spiritual power. Even Bordia would not dare to touch such a black hole.

Losing Millsap still had a slight effect on the Atlantis team.

At this moment, Lieutenant General Markroff from the Milky Way Alliance walked out. This battle was too exciting and too unexpected. The referee saluted and exited respectfully.

"The third round will be a team battle. This is also the first team battle in the semi-finals. This type of competition mode will continue into the finals. Everyone, please look at the big screen."

Markroff pointed, and a high-altitude aerial view appeared immediately on the big screen. "This is the venue for the team battle. The Solar System team and the Atlantis team will each defend one energy tower. There will be two sets of high energy laser cannons near every energy tower. The straight line distance between each energy tower is 3000 meters. To win, you will have to destroy your opponent's energy tower."

After the aerial view was a detailed scan. The laser cannon was the standard type. It would automatically launch defensive attacks against any unrecognized mecha within a 50 meter range. Its power was quite strong. Even the energy shields of high-end mecha could only withstand up to three cannon shots.

The entire terrain was nothing special. However, the forests provided shielding, and increase range. In other words, either both sides could choose to battle based on pure power, or they could choose to use battle tactics.

To Atlantis, naturally the best plan for them would be to go straight to their opponents and directly finish them off. Their strength was sufficient.

Bordia at full strength, together with Azhas, who had recovered 80%, plus three other Atlantean elites, faced against the Solar System team. They still had the absolute advantage.

The Solar System team was led by Wang Zheng. At the moment, Wang Zheng's situation was unclear. But it was unlikely that he was unscathed after his battle with Azhas. Lear was silent. He sat there after returning from the battle. Based on his character, he was most likely recovering, or else he would be mocking his opponent. However, Lear knew that he had to participate.

Achilles, who was injured, could not take part. They had thought that with Achilles' Ability X, even if he lost, he could escape unharmed. Still, the result was that Bordia injured him.

Both sides suffered losses, but the Solar System suffered a greater loss. They had to go for the next best alternative. Lie Xin would replace Achilles' position, but Lie Xin had also not fully recovered from her injuries yet. She could at most exert 70 to 80% of her abilities. Besides, she just had a breakthrough in her Lie Flame Technique. At the moment of breakthrough, there would definitely be a full blown outburst of power and strength. However, after the breakthrough, there would be a period of time where her abilities would be in a reduced state as it slowly recovered to a point above its previous peak. Another thing was that Lie Xin's style was not suitable for fighting against the Atlanteans. Atlantean mecha's movement functionalities were too excellent. If he could not catch up in terms of speed, this would be extremely dangerous in team battles.

The audience was all engrossed in heated discussions. Was this the final battle?

If the Solar System could win in this team battle, they would win the match and would be the first in history to enter the finals. On the contrary, if they lost, they would lose everything. The Atlantis team would definitely win. If the Solar System Federation had not exhausted all they could, they would not ask for a team battle.

Except, this team battle would still not be an easy one.

The Atlantis team had already chosen their team members.

Bordia, Azhas, Dotron, Emma, Cang Yan.

There was no hesitation in choosing their mecha as well. The Atlanteans usually trained with one mecha so as to achieve perfect synchronization between the spiritual and the mech. This way the power exerted was on a totally different level. Hence, they seldom considered choices that would target their opponent. Instead, they used what they were best at to force the opponents to follow their rhythm.

Bordia, the Phantom King.

Azhas, the Specter King.

Dotron, the Earth Guard.

Emma, the Wind Guard.

Cang Yan, the Flame Guard.

Earth Guard, Wind Spirit Guard, Flame Guard. These were the Atlantean mecha's famous series of Guard type mecha. They were one level lower than the King series mecha. They were different from the King series mecha in that these mecha specialized in balancing attack and defense instead of prioritizing overwhelming offence. Of course, operationally speaking, it was slightly easier to control than the King series mecha. After all, even if they were Atlanteans, not everyone could become super warriors.

However, when it came to battle field performance, the Guard series mecha were not any worse than the King series. Compared to the plethora of showy abilities the King series possessed, these mecha were more practical and easier to achieve victory with.

Hence, the scary thing about Atlantis was that even without extreme leaders, they had high quality teams. This stability also caused desperation amongst their opponents.

When Bordia chose such a team lineup, it also meant that they did not blindly seek victory, but had no intention of giving their opponent even the tiniest of chances.

Actually, at this step, there was no way of talking about being targeted or not. The other countries might be fine, but Atlantis' battle tactics were not among the conventional tactics of the Milky Way Alliance, so there was no way to restrain them. The only way was to maximize their own strengths.

Wang Zheng had also chosen the participating team members. This was the ultimate challenge. Even if they were up against Arbiter, it would not be harder than this.

Wang Zheng, Lear, Lie Xin, Luo Fei, Zhang Shan.

A clever woman could not cook without rice. As long as Lie Xin could take part, she would have to participate. If not, they had no way of blocking even one round of attacks. Luo Fei had to be used. This guy's wretched style would create trouble for their opponent. The last member of the team caused Wang Zheng some headache. In the end he still chose Zhang Shan. It was not because Zhang Shan was strong enough. Actually, if he only considered strength, Zhang Shan would not be chosen. However, Zhang Shan's combat intelligence, especially in his ability to adapt to various situations, was something others could never match up to.

Using Zhang Shan was like using a double-edged sword. To win would be them having to rely on Zhang Shan. However, if they lost, it would also most likely be due to Zhang Shan. However, Wang Zheng did not have much choice.

Lear still did not speak. Wang Zheng's hand rested on Lear's shoulders. Lear's first reaction was to glare at him, shooting daggers with his eyes, but closely followed was a feeling of warmth pouring into his body. His Refining Heaven Arts which were wreaking havoc within his body actually slowly calmed down.

A few minutes later, Lear pushed away Wang Zheng's hand and stood up. He gestured with a look and both of them went to the side.

The Atlanteans did not talk about battle tactics because they had the basis of great strength. If the Solar System did not have any battle tactics, there was no meaning to this round's team battle.

Pre-battle preparation was useless. Based on the actual team line-up and situation, if he wanted to make targeted arrangements, seeing his opponents' choices, Lear had a big headache. His ambition and his desires rose. For victory, he could sacrifice everything. Working with someone he disliked temporarily was nothing.

"Wang Zheng, what mech are you using?" Lear went straight to the point. He could make better arrangements for his role based on Wang Zheng's choice.

"The Phantom King," Wang Zheng said. His trump card would finally be used. This was their only chance.

Lear was stunned for quite a while, but he did not say anything else. "Okay, then I will cover for you!"

Even if you used your butt to think, you would know that there was no such thing as an advantage when going up directly against the Atlanteans. Prior to the competition, they had already discussed this. Atlantis possessed the scariest team battle potential not because of great team work, but because of the combined rune formation. They had heard of it but never seen it. But just hearing of it brought about despair

Hence, the Solar System team had to sacrifice four people, then use the fastest member to launch a sneak attack on their opponent's energy tower.

This type of tactic would definitely be considered by their opponent, so no matter whether this was a secret or open ploy, it all depended on whether it could work during battle time.

It was either Wang Zheng or Lear who could carry out this mission. Even if Wang Zheng used the Wind God, it would not be faster than the Unbounded Sky Chains. However, compared to the Phantom King, it might not have too big an advantage. But it was at least better than the Wind God. However, Wang Zheng chose the Phantom King. Lear had nothing else to say.

Lear was never interested in people who wanted to act as heroes. This was the best choice now.

He did not even have to ask Wang Zheng whether he could use it or not and to what extent could he use it. Even Wang Zheng thought that Lear would be puzzled, but Lear was not puzzled at all.

"Look out for the signal. You have to delay them for at least five seconds. Then I can make the sneak attack," Wang Zheng said.

Lear pondered for a moment and took a deep breath. "Alright, but, Wang Zheng, you must remember this. If you fail, I will settle our old scores and new scores together!"

Wang Zheng smiled faintly. When did he have any old scores with him? But he did not care. All the Earthlings knew of Lear's character.

The sneak attack could not be launched the moment the battle started. If they tried, the opponent would send people to stop the attack. They could only seek for chances in the midst of the battle.

Wang Zheng and Lear walked back, and everyone looked at them. They could see that Lie Xin was a little nervous and Luo Fei was looking like a coward. He really did not want to take such a heavy responsibility. If the sky fell, the tall ones would hold it up, so why look for a fatty like him?

Zhang Shan's face was full of excitement. He had no idea when to be cowardly. He was a natural-born, confident, happy-go-lucky person.

Wang Zheng laughed. "Well, we have reached this stage. We have nothing to lose, so there's nothing to be afraid of. Let's just give it a go. No matter the outcome, we have won already."

The Solar System team having such results was already unprecedented, and up till now, they were even leading. They were not embarrassed by their opponents. No matter what, they did not have to be disappointed anymore. At this moment, there was nothing to worry about.
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