Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Wang Zhengs Phantom King
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Lie Xin agreed. As the heir to the strong Lie family. "This is no big deal. Kill the Atlanteans, then your big sister here will reward you!"

Luo Fei was stunned. "What's in it for me?"

As soon as he heard that there would be rewards, and given by a beauty, Fatty was especially motivated.

Lie Xin winked and said, "You have to win first, Fatty. Perform well. I've already prepared 10 Martian Military School beauties. As long as you are not scared, no matter what, I'll let you leave with one."

"Are their figures as good as yours?"

"Better than mine. When have my words not counted before!"

"Awesome, I'll give it my all!" Luo Fei also wanted to show off his masculine side, and he would do that using this bunch of sharp-eared, pretty-faced Atlanteans.

As for Zhang Shan, he did not need any other motivation. As long as he did not get too overexcited, everything would be fine.

"Zhang Shan, you have to listen to Lear's commands!" Wang Zheng instructed. At this moment, team unity was the most important. No matter how Lear was, he would not try anything funny at this point. Everyone followed their own sets of morals, even Lear, although his was a little different from the rest.

Zhang Shan nodded and fell silent. What a grand scene. Everyone was waiting for this one battle.

One battle to fame, it all begins here!

Lear, the Unbounded Sky Chains.

Lie Xin, Lava Watcher.

Luo Fei, Crazy Demonic Spider.

Zhang Shan, Knight of Light.

Lie Xin's Lava Watcher was a scout type mech. It could counter auto targeting systems to a certain extent. Otherwise, with the Atlantean mecha, she could be easily tracked and destroyed. Luo Fei's Crazy Demonic Spider... This was an insect style mech from Arbiter. It was equipped with two puppets. This mech was considered to be very difficult to control. He had not heard that the fatty was good at this.

Zhang Shan chose a simple warrior type mech. He was not good with the others, but his spatial movement ability could provide assistance. It could make up for the lack of mobility.

"Boss, the Solar System Federation could stir up quite a bit of trouble. But this is good too, it benefits us. This Bordia is quite inhuman, not easy to handle." Beo laughed. The Arbiter team members' focus was all on battling. There was nothing that could be said about Bordia's powers, especially his ability to suppress Ability X. This was unheard of. If Ability X could be suppressed, given the Phantom King's abilities, he would be undefeatable.

Even if it were Olivios, he would most likely have a headache too.

In fact, ever since Bordia showed his battle moves, Olivios' expression was frozen. Beo knew that this was Olivios' habit when he was met with challenges. Many times, it would be difficult to say who would be stronger; you could only say who would win. Bordia was that type of opponent that would cause his opponents to have nowhere to exert their powers. If he were to make up his mind, most likely his opponent would not even have the chance to show anything.

Olivios himself was close to being flawless. He was not afraid of spiritual explosion and many other Atlantean abilities, but could any Arbiter mech match the might of the Phantom King?

At least if it were Olivios, on the surface he already could not find a way out. The only chance for victory was to discover opportunities during the battle. In a fight between strong warriors, victory was earned in an instant.

But this was expected too. This round, Atlantis was no doubt the master of all battles. This was why he had come here.

Everyone was predicting the Solar System team's battle tactics, but no matter how they discussed, a sneak attack was the only way. If even they could predict the strategy, of course Bordia could too. However, what kind of mech could escape from the clutches of the Phantom King. The Wind God?

That was unlikely. If they were in the city, the Wind God might stand a chance, but in the wild, with the obstacles of various trees, the Phantom King's displacement was unbeatable. This was the difference between having a form and being formless. The higher the level the battle was fought at, the more obvious the disparity was seen.

Ye Zisu was aware of this too. Her Wind God design prototype was based on the Phantom King. Except, she had taken into consideration the problem of humans' abilities before designing the magnetic source. While it was true that Wang Zheng had already used it to the point of perfection, there was no way he could escape the physical limitations of the mech.

Bordia would definitely be focused on Wang Zheng the whole time.. If it were Lear to advance, perhaps there may be a miracle. But there was Azhas at the opposite side. That guy's Specter King was not just for display either.

What a headache.

The Solar System side could not think of anything even if they exhausted all their brain juices. Others were obviously not thinking because they wanted to help, rather, they were thinking of the battle tactics as participants. Obviously the Solar System team had no intention of surrendering. They wanted to make this final gamble.

Aina had already gotten into the mood. She felt as though she was a member of the Solar System team. They had already battled to this stage, but could they create a miracle?

At this moment, the whole hall fell silent instantly.

This was because everyone saw Wang Zheng's choice. He had made a very strange choice the Phantom King!

No matter how good another person's wife was, you could not take her as your own! Immediately, the whole hall burst into conversation.

Those that were completely standing at Wang Zheng's side, like Vincent and the others, were as though struck suddenly by lightning. They were just discussing the battle tactic of Wang Zheng to choosing the Golden Wheel to do a complete suppression while the Unbounded Sky Chains would advance. This was definitely worth a shot.


Wang Zheng had actually chosen the Phantom King.

He was definitely looking to die!

Humans using Atlantean mecha?

Yes, each country actually had such cases. The most impressive thing about humans was that there were many of them. There would always be a few unique ones who could pilot these. But other than providing a bit of research reference, there were absolutely no value. Because mecha were not maglev cars, where as long as you could drive, it was fine. For mecha, you needed to be able to maximize its fighting power.

Was there not a saying that only the most suitable mech was the best mech?

If this was not your forte, one should not force themself!

This was definitely an insult to everyone's intelligence.

But when Wang Zheng chose this mech, the members of the Solar System team changed from being mildly stunned to extreme delight.

Had Wang Zheng already found the way to pilot the Phantom King?

Putting aside whether Wang Zheng knew how to use it, or how well he could use it, even the little friends from Atlantis were stunned.

"What the heck? If his Phantom King is half as good as Bordia's, I will eat that mech!"

"This is just a comedy. Who does he think he is? Even if he can use it, Bordia is the person from Atlantis' younger generation who can use the Phantom King best. He has even understood the essence of the mech. He could definitely spot any strength or weaknesses with just one look!"

"What is wrong with him? He should use the Golden Wheel to suppress his opponent. You used what the opponent understands the most; isn't this just asking to be suppressed? Even if the specifications of the mech are good, what use does it have? Such a waste of my support for the Solar System team."

The two teams' participating members had already stepped into the helicopters. They would be sent directly to the competition venue that Aslan's military had already prepared long ago. It was finally going to be used.

Team battles were much more important than individual battles. This was the competition that could best show combined abilities. Simply depending on bravery was definitely not the way. A combination of intelligence and strength was the reason why humans now led the Milky Way.

Wang Zheng making the choice to have a team battle was no doubt the correct one. This was the only way to have a chance to win. He was not tempted by the appearance of them leading 2 to 1. But him making the choice of Phantom King was indeed... very stupid!
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