Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 448

Chapter 448: Showing Off in Front of a Master
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"I finally realized that the one who will be mocked the most in the Solar System team is not Lear, but Wang Zheng."

"Who's interested in taking bets?"

"Do you think anyone will bet with you? Who will bet on the Solar System, unless they are crazy like Wang Zheng?"

"Maybe he will create a miracle."

"Do you think that miracles are as common as your family's mineral water, produced one bottle after another? I don't doubt that Wang Zheng can use the Phantom King, but he is thinking things too simply. Everyone has their own specialty where with one look they can tell the strengths and weaknesses as clear as day. He will be suppressed to death. This Wang Zheng has been smart all the way, but in the end he will fall here. Is he trying to take all the blame?"

"This is for sure. At 2 to 1, they had already created such a good situation for themselves. Tsk tsk."

"Come on, how can you take that seriously? Look at their choices. Using a scout to commence their last ditch attack? Do they even know the capabilities of their own mecha? Are they trying to steal chickens? From the looks of the two teams, the Solar System team has already lost. Forget it, even the Phantom King was chosen. What's the point?"

Ye Zisu's jaw dropped opened. Tyrant Su shook and shook his legs nonstop. This was his habit when he was still young back in the days. After he became rich, he seldom shook his legs. But after Wang Zheng had chosen the Phantom King, Tyrant Su's old habits resurfaced. No matter what Wang Zheng used previously, Tyrant Su was very confident. But this was an Atlantean mech. Even in CT, Wang Zheng had not used it before.

Aina originally had mixed feelings of worry and excitement, but seeing this scene, she was a little dumbfounded. Only little Hui Yin was still quite optimistic. "This is called returning the favor, nice!"

The Aslan team members surrounding them did not know whether to laugh or cry. The little princess's use of the idiom was not... in the right place.

"If it were the Golden Wheel, no matter what, they would have 20% chance. Now, there is totally no chance." Oz shook his head.

"Aurora, what do you think?" Aina could not help but ask.

Aurora nodded. "Your highness, Bordia has a nickname in Atlantis the Phantom King. In the younger generation of Atlanteans, no one would dare to use the Phantom King in front of him. This is the respect for the strongest."

He did not need to explain further. Even the Atlanteans did not dare to use it. What could an outsider do?

Except Aina never thought that Wang Zheng was one to give up

More than 10 minutes later, the warriors from both parties in the competition had reached the venue. The mecha landed at the same time. Even the Solar System people felt that the Phantom King by their side was quite peculiar.


The Phantom King's rune formation flashed. Even though everyone knew that Wang Zheng could use it, seeing it light up still brought them a sense of relief. It looked like it could move.

The other mecha also started up. They waited for Markroff's orders. Actually, the generals originally wanted to make a bet. One portion of them still wanted to bet on the Solar System team, but after Wang Zheng chose the Phantom King, they felt that the result was clear.

"Start the battle!" With Lieutenant Markroff's order, the mecha from both sides immediately roared and rushed out.

Everyone wanted to force the battle to their opponents' half of the battlefield. This way they could attack by advancing and defend by retreating. They could also ensure the safety of the energy tower.

Both sides opened their investigative systems fully. Their battle formation was also in the shape of a semi-circle to ensure that no one would pass by them.

"This is interesting; they really have the intention to fight it out with us," Azhas said coldly. This was an opportunity for him to regain his pride.

Bordia was not that optimistic. The opponent had planned for a long time, so they would never easily surrender. But from the intel, the five opposing mecha did not spread out. Not only that, they did not seem to have any intention of spreading.

"Maintain formation," Bordia said. There was no need to overthink, because he did not feel that there were any tricks that his opponents could use.

Even though the venue was larger, in reality, it was nothing compared to opportunities in real battles.

One of the largest factors in sneak attacks was timing. And in such competitions, timing was not a factor, and they would have no other chances.

When both sides entered the range of 100 meters, the Atlantean mecha started to converge, preparing to meet their opponents in battle.

Even though the Solar System team were all scout type and lightly armored mecha, from the perspective of battlefield movement, the Atlanteans were on a different level. This was a little like bullying, but there was no other way.

80 meters...

The lasers from both sides began to roar. One after another, streaks of light swept through the forest. It was just that in this type of environment, at this type of level, it was unrealistic to try to get rid of opponents via long-range attacks. The fire power from both sides was more to create a domineering aura for themselves and suppress opponents at the same time.

Based on fire power, naturally the Atlantis team was fiercer. After all, the movement speed of the Solar System team was good enough, so even when they met in the middle, they would not be suppressed too much by the Atlantis team.

The mecha from both sides kept shooting while forcing the distance closer. To Bordia, his main aim was to observe the movement of his opponents. They actually still had no intention of playing tricks. Was it possible that they really wanted an ultimate battle to determine victory?

Wang Zheng did not do anything else in the Phantom King. From the way he ran, it was quite smooth. This showed that he really could pilot the mech. If this was a circus performance, he could already win the applause of the audience.

However, after Wang Zheng used the Phantom King, his suppressive power disappeared instantly. Atlanteans all knew the Phantom King very well. Comparatively, it was still his Wind God or Golden Wheel that caused headaches for Bordia and his team.

In terms of formation, Lear was in the front, coordinating the whole situation. Wang Zheng's Phantom King continued to fire out Mysterious Energy. It was very accurate but useless under such situations.

The distance between the two sides pulled closer to 30 meters. The exchange of firepower intensified.

"Bordia, let's rush over. Leave Wang Zheng to me!" Azhas wanted revenge. This was a golden opportunity. If he did not take it, he would definitely be left with regret.

"Don't rush, listen to my orders. Maintain formation. They definitely have some plan!" Bordia said. The other team members did not deviate from formation. If it were Azhas in the past, he would definitely rebel slightly. However, Bordia was definitely the only voice that the entire team would listen to. "Calm down, our opponents are not as weak as we think."

The viewing hall could hear the communication from both sides. Everyone was nodding their heads in agreement to Bordia's macro perspective and calmness. He was confident but not conceited, calm but not blind. These were all key elements to becoming someone great. This left even fewer chances for the Solar System team.

"F*ck, why are they still so calm? If this continues, it will not look good for us!" Zhang Shan shouted. At this distance, his mech's disadvantages were all exposed, and he was suppressed till he almost could not lift up his head.

"Wait for my command. Everyone, rush forward together, target your own opponent. Remember, our aim is to delay. Win some time for Wang Zheng at all costs. I didn't really believe in him this whole time, but this time I've decided to believe in him once. You people must trust him too!"

Lear said.

"Sh*t, are you Lear? Is it someone else in disguise?" Even Zhang Shan was excited. Lear had finally said something humane.

"Lear, we have always been a team, give it a go!"

"For the sake of pretty legs, for the sake of big bosoms, for the sake of hooking up and flying in a pair!" The last sentence was from Luo Fei. This fatty was so straightforward. Actually, he did not understand anything about flying alone or flying in a pair.

At this critical moment, the Solar System team's aura did not lose to their opponents'.

The five mech warriors exerted strong control and pushed forward. Lasers and Mysterious Energy roared. The courageous would win in a meeting of opponents on the narrow path!

Bordia's face was calm. "Converge formation, keep an eye on your target, don't rush for the kill. As long as we can delay them, victory will be ours!"

For the Solar System team, the only chance was to launch a sneak attack on the energy tower. It was a pity they would not have this chance. The Atlantis team was going to meet their assault with a stoic defense. They would see how the Solar System team could attack. They felt that this time, the Earthlings truly were the arrogant ones, daring to fight them on headfirst.

The Solar System's instantaneous advance pulled the distance closer by 10 meters, but they had depleted their energy shields while advancing. Other than both Wang Zheng and Lear having depleted their energy shields, Zhang Shan had also been forced to utilize a single warp. His control of the mech was still slightly weaker than the rest, such that he had to pull out his trump card already.

But their aim was achieved; they had entered close ranged battles. The Atlantis team members also changed their weapons. If they were not prepared, their opponent would not give them the chance.

The distance between the mecha was seven or eight meters. This was considered rather close. Perhaps the Solar System had some secret method for team battles?

Bordia did not care for such tactics. "Cang Yan!"

"Yes, Leader!"

A fiery red beam of light shot to the sky from Cang Yan's Flame Guard. At the same time, the five Solar System mecha that were rushing over were locked on immediately by fiery red light beams.

"Sh*t, what, this again!?" Tyrant Su jumped. This was shameless. Sh*t, wasn't this only exclusively used by Millsap?

The substitutes of the Atlantis team let out knowing smiles. Who said that only Millsap knew how to do a spiritual lock on? Every chosen member possessed abilities on the level of controlling a star beast. The reason they were not participating previously was not because they were too weak, but because there were too many strong people!

The Solar System team sacrificed their energy shields in preparation of attacking first in one go, but were caught off guard by this sudden attack.

Zhang Shan and Luo Fei had no way of blocking it. Lie Xin would be half-dead after bearing this attack, leaving only Wang Zheng and Lear. What was the use?

Seeing this scene, everyone understood. There was no hope at all. No matter what battle tactic the Solar System originally had, by gathering together like this, they had played straight into the hands of the Atlanteans.

It was at this moment Wang Zheng's Phantom King glowed with golden light. The runes lit up, but this type of glow was unlike the Atlantean type.


Cang Yan's mech suddenly vibrated fiercely. Shortly after, that fiery red light beam exploded.

Inside the mech, Cang Yan's expression changed. "He stopped my spiritual explosion!"

Bordia was slightly stunned. "Everyone, attack!"

The Solar System team, on the other hand, had their morale boosted. The viewing hall was rife with discussions. What was this situation?

Why had that light beam appeared and then disappeared again without anything happening?

What had Wang Zheng's Phantom King done?

Bordia rushed directly in Wang Zheng's direction, spiritually locking on. Both mecha entered a distance of 10 meters.

Everyone's hearts were beating wildly.


The five Solar System mecha started to move closer. The Atlantean mecha also moved accordingly. What were they trying to do?

Bordia concentrated fully. He did not believe that his opponents could play any tricks. His spiritual power was already clashing with Wang Zheng's.

He had never imagined that other than Atlanteans, there could be humans with such strong spiritual power as well. But even though the strength was there, the understanding of spiritual power could not compare.

Even though they had yet to cross paths, Bordia had already launched more than 10 spiritual attacks on Wang Zheng. Everyone could only see the Phantom King flashing but had no idea what had happened.
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