Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 815

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For the Saruman Snake battle team, victory for this battle was very pressing. They seemed to be a team formed by geniuses but had always lost. Their frustration might gradually erode their confidence away. This match was undoubtedly a very beautiful victory.

As they were all geniuses, after the battle was over, everyone was quietly watching the replay of their victory. This wasn’t to experience their existence once again. Clearly, the five of them still didn’t need that. It was to understand why the tempo was so great this time.

Wang Zheng didn’t say anything. Even Takumi who was usually at the front line was of the intellectual type. He would definitely be better than that Hu Kan. In this match, the scout had played the role of being at the forefront and attracted the firepower of the other party.

However, this wasn’t the key point. The key was on the tempo. Saruman Snake battle team had allowed the Blue Shield battle team to enter their own tempo. This would allow them to take the initiative. Initially, Snow Li was considered to be a weaker existence. After all, she wasn’t a professional sniper and the pressure she gave others from pointing and shooting was rather lacking. She could be considered to be a weakness of the Saruman Snake battle team. However, this weakness had become their strength now. This type of zero exhaustion long range sniping could really give the other teams a headache. Once they were distracted from defending, they wouldn’t be able to use their full strength. The more equal the competition, the important this point would be.

As for Snow Li, she knew clearly about where her weakness was and knew she had to strengthen it. She didn’t want to become the burden of the team. With just a zero exhaustion sniping move, it wouldn’t be enough. Her shooting ability could be honed. She was still lacking in this aspect.

After watching it once again, everyone had their own enlightenment. It was just that their excitement had dissipated quickly. What remained was how they could cooperate to make themselves better.

In the future days, they could have targeted cooperation training. Obviously learning about the other battle teams was also very important. Team battle wasn’t the same as individual battle. Understanding the battle strategy and their opponents were all of utmost importance.

In this aspect, they had to trouble Eisen. This guy was the pro in this field. The reason why Saruman Snake battle team had managed to last this long was clearly because they had the help from everyone.

Your Highness, Huiyin, was both happy and unhappy. When everyone was praising Snow Li, Your Higness, Huiyin, was clearly not happy. However, she had no other solution.

The little princess had left without a word. This had gave the people of Aslan quite an amount of stress. However, if they were to send someone to challenge the Saruman Snake immediately, it would seem that they couldn’t accept the defeat. Moreover without the Princess giving her orders, they didn’t have other choices. The Aslan people could only wait and sent Lu Die and Angela to find out about Huiyin’s thoughts.

Within the boundaries of the Academy, team battles had also started. Olivios’ Asura battle team had re-emerged and was challenging a traditional power house, Star of Darkness. It was mainly made up of students from the Darkness Empire. Its style and team cooperation were also rather good. It was just that this match had surprised everyone. Arbiter had taken on an entirely new look. Olivios, as the captain, didn’t even have to perform and Arbiter had achieved victory in a total crushing manner.

With the individual strength and discipline of the members of Arbiter, once they had learnt about teamwork and cooperation, that battle prowess was very terrifying.

After winning a match, the Saruman Snake battle team did not immediately follow up and challenge others. They were researching into battle strategies instead. With the addition of Wang Zheng, it was like the team had the addition of a brain.

One match had attracted quite an amount of attention. Fiery Moon battle team vs Dynasty battle team.

This could barely be considered as an internal conflict of the Solar System. However, both teams were made up of different nationalities. Nothing much had to be spoken about the Dynasty battle team. Its name was well known. The Fiery Moon battle team was also very strong among the new team. Achilles’ performance in the Elite tournament was beyond doubts. Although he lost in the end, he had proven his individual strength. His performance in team battle was also very satisfying. One had to admit that there were a few exciting people that had emerged from the Solar System. Lie Xin had emerged in the new study term. Her terrifying flame ability was a little explosive. The Fiery Moon battle team had risen because of the leadership of these two people. This was also a battle with the highest standards in recent times.

The match was to be held in Hall 1 and seemed to be highly anticipated. It also attracted the attention of many others.

As for Lear’s challenge, Achilles didn’t have the reasons to be afraid. Although from the circumstances, he didn’t have an advantage, the people from the Moon was willing to face difficulties it wasn’t that he didn’t have the chance to win.

Fiery Moon battle team vs Dynasty battle team

Achilles (Moonlit Knight) vs Lear (Unbounded β battle mech)

Both of them were the captains and had taken the position of the free warrior.

Lie Xin (Fire Demon battle mech) vs Giroud (Heavenly Crystal King)

Attacker position. Recently, the strong momentum of the Fiery Moon battle team originated from Lie Xin’s explosiveness. She already had the title of Fire Witch within the Elite Academy. As for Giroud, he was the attacker of the Dynasty team. The Mayans’ understanding of energy allowed him to do very well in the attacker position. Obviously, it was the nightmare of his opponents.

Lu Bei (Wind Whisperer) vs Luo Fei (Wind Whisperer)

A contest between scouts. Lu Bei was number two in the Vermillion Bird Region. Achilles had been looking high and low for a scout. His understanding of a battle team was also very clear. A scout had to be able to control the battlefield. However, outstanding scouts already were in their teams. Lu Bei was also someone that Achilles had spent much effort to poach over.

As for Luo Fei, he was the hot topic recently. Other than him, there probably wasn’t many in the Elite Academy who could hold Olivios down.

Siscoco (Overlord) vs Peng Wu (Sacred Shield Type V)

Fiery Moon battle team did not have a standard tank. However, there was no other solution. The requirements for a tank pilot were very stringent. Once you didn’t meet the standards, it would be easy for you to become a burden. It might be better off finding someone with better mobility. Siscoco was from the Vermillion Bird Region but he was rather good in defence. Moreover, the mobility of Overlord mech was also slightly higher.

Peng Wu was from the Black Tortoise Region. He was also a top-notch tank pilot and his contribution value to the team was very high.

Milo (Hawkeye Type K) vs Subaru (Mayan’s Mantis)

As her abilities weren’t of the controlling type, Milo was more suitable in a position where her calmness and ability to see the big picture would be of better use. As for Subaru’s Mayan’s Mantis, it was also a super mech from Maya. Undoubtedly, at the attacker position, Mayans were unbeatable.

Members of the two sides had entered preparation phase. Naturally, Wang Zheng had brought the entire Saruman Snake battle team. This match might just be another match to others but it was extremely important for the Solar System. One could say that this was a duel between Lear and Achilles.

Wang Zheng would also like to see with his own eyes the level of standards of Lear and Achilles. Only watching live could allow him to really feel their improvements. This was something that watching videos would not be able to provide.

“Lear that brat. He really made others abhor him to form such a team. What do the Mayans see in him? This brat!” Zhang Shan was pouting. With the addition of the Mayans, the weakest part of the Dynasty battle team was able to become super strong suddenly. There were many combinations for Mayans in the attacker position. There was no clear weakness in the Dynasty battle team. As for Achilles’ Fiery Moon battle team, there were still issues. It was just that team battle was about staying away from the enemies’ main force and striking them at their weakest point. This would still be dependent on the two teams’ strategies.

Looking at Lear who was commanding calmly in the pilot cabin, Wang Zheng had to admit that Lear’s growth was very fast. This type of composure was still different from the way he acted cool in the past. Achilles was still as determined. However, he didn’t change much.

The line-up or whatsoever wasn’t the key. One still had to look at the battle itself.

No one had expected this battle to attract the attention of many people. However, after just a while, Olivios had also brought his Asura battle team over. Olivios wasn’t courteous at all and sat directly beside Wang Zheng.

Olivios scrutinised Wang Zheng for a while and his iron-plate like face revealed a faint smile. “It seems it would be time to make a conclusion. Individual battle or team battle? Your choice.”

Wang Zheng knew that some changes might be hidden from others but it not Olilvios. This person was also a genius and was the same type as him at the core.

“After waiting for so long, it’s natural that we can’t leave behind anything. However, we shouldn’t be rushing it too. I believe that the school would give us an explanation on this soon. Your Asura battle team and my Saruman Snake battle team hasn’t reached their most mature stage.”

Wang Zheng said. Olivios didn’t speak another word. This was also where Olivios was most terrifying. However from his style and appearance, people like Olivios should be rash and direct. However, it was the contrary. His patience was really really good. This was something typical people of Arbiter didn’t possess.

The style of Arbiter… was truly a little too strict. Only Olivios himself could speak here. The rest were all sitting upright. This was a simple military management style.

The others watching were mainly those who were interested in team battles. It was like this till another wave of people had arrived. They could be considered to be opponents.

Your Highness, Huiyin, was leading the group. Recently, the little princess’ interest in battle teams was very high. The Aslan team was greatly motivated by this with the exception of the unlucky Blue Shield.

The ones who were accompanying beside Huiyin naturally included Lu Die and Angela. Hocatolin was behind them.

Hocatolin and Wang Zheng truly had some animosity between them. After all, Hocatolin wasn’t Hu Kan. No matter if it was his strength or position, it could be considered as high above all others. The previous failure was a valuable experience for him. Hocatolin had formed the Imperial Glory battle team and gathered the Aslan elites. In the entire Elite Academy, within those affiliated with Aslan, Aslan was still the strongest. Moreover, a single defeat wouldn’t deny everything.

Other than masters from Aslan, there was also a good-looking teenager within the Imperial Glory battle team.

He clearly wasn’t from Aslan and was an Atlantean!

Suddenly, all the surrounding people were whispering. Everyone had seen the strengths of Mayans, and the Aslanians were strong enough themselves. Who would have thought that the Atlantean would join them too?

However giving it more thought, if Atlantean was going to join, he/she would have chosen Aslan.

If it was in the past, Huiyin would definitely have jumped and leapt happily to the side of Wang Zheng. However for this time, she had brought the entire team and sat far away. She didn’t even take a look at Wang Zheng.

This made Wang Zheng, who was preparing to greet, a little embarrassed. He didn’t even know where he had offended this little brat.

Ai Xiaolu knew it clearly. Sometimes Wang Zheng could be a little slow. Huiyin probably mistook that Wang Zheng had forged a relationship with Snow Li. However, this misunderstanding was pretty good.

Nonetheless, the affiliates of Hail Cloud Alliance and those affiliated with Aslan weren’t compatible at all.

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