The 99th Divorce Chapter 10

Su Qianci was even more surprised.

"However, I do think the embroidery is the work of the dressmaker at Old Kingstown Qipao. Look, there is a little curve in the end, which is the unique technique of Mr. Ai."

Tang Mengying's smile froze. Mrs. Tang hit Su Qianci's hand and said, "All you do all day is brag. If you want to praise Mengying, you can just say so. Her techniques are great, much better than yours."

Mrs. Li was also a bit upset. She looked at Su Qianci coldly and said, "What do you know? You probably haven't even seen many pieces of qipao, and now you're talking about embroidery. Do not make a fool of yourself."

Hearing those words, Tang Mengying looked even more pleased. Although she did not know how the stupid girl found out, no one would believe a word Su Qianci said anyway.

As expected, all the ladies cast blaming looks at Su Qianci. Mrs. Mo said, "Mengying made so much effort to make the qipao for your mother-in-law. It is not appropriate for you to say that, don't you think?"

"If you are that good, you can make your own gift as well. But do not sabotage others. That is shameful."

"I was wondering why your mother-in-law did not like you. And now I finally have an idea. If I had such a daughter-in-law, I would not like her as well."

"Please don't say so." Tang Mengying had a look of compassion on her face. "Qianci did not mean to say that. Maybe she was mistaken."

"Mistaken?" Mrs. Tang's voice was shrill, "How could she say such a thing when she is mistaken? If she has her facts correct, what can she pull?"

Su Qianci glanced at Mrs. Tang coldly and said, "Mrs. Tang, this is indeed the technique of Mr. Ai. I have proof."

Mrs. Tang snickered and crossed her arms. "I thought the Su family brought you back and spent two years to put some education in you. However, now I know that the scum from the gutter can never be taught."

Her words were mean. The ladies became quiet. Looking at each other, they felt the atmosphere had become awkward. The words were so terrible that everyone looked at Su Qianci.

Su Qianci's face dropped as she dug her fingers into her arms. Everyone thought Su Qianci would be angry. After all, no one could listen to such terrible words. In addition, Su Qianci was famous for being short-tempered. However, she did not lose it.

Su Qianci looked at Mrs. Tang coldly and sneered. "It is true that the scum from the gutter cannot be changed. When a shrewd thief becomes a lady, I'm sure her children would steal as well."

Hearing that, Mrs. Tang suddenly changed her expression.

When she was young, she was a charged with stealing. However, after she married the father of Tang Mengying, that part of her life should have been purged. How come this foolish girl would know that? Unconsciously, she looked at the ladies, who were at a loss. Obviously, no one knew what Su Qianci was talking about.

Suppressing her shock and anger, Mrs. Tang dodged eye contact and screamed, "What do you mean?"

"I have proof that this garment is made by Mr. Ai at Old Kingstown Qipao, instead of Tang Mengying," Su Qianci stated clearly, word by word.

Tang Mengying looked upset and said, "Su Qianci, why would you say that? I know that you are unhappy that auntie likes me more. However, please don't make things up."

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