The 99th Divorce Chapter 100

"Ha ha, don't be so mean, even if it's the fact."

As people heard that, everyone was looking at the girl behind Liu Anan. Her short hair was quite stylish, but her childish wide face did not match that at all. What she was wearing was obviously extraordinary. The black dress had rhinestones glittering all over, with its tube top being made of dedicate lace. Her skin was not fair enough for the dress. She looked like someone coming from a small town that had suddenly become rich. No taste at all. Everyone was ridiculing her, with despite and sympathy.

"Isn't that Lin Wanting? I remember her being pretty before. She has changed so much."

"That's right. We don't recognize her anymore."

"Liu Anan has become more elegant and beautiful, while Lin Wanting…"

All sorts of discussions were heard by the two girls at the door. Lin Wanting's eyes became bloodshot and her fingernails dug into her skin. She wanted to pinch her dress, but it was too expensive. If she ruined it, she would not even be able to recover part of its value by reselling it.

Liu Anan, on the other hand, was smiling brilliantly. She turned her head and said to Lin Wanting politely, "Let's go inside together, Wanting."

The so-called high school reunion was just a club for people to vie with each other. People were not really there to bond with their old classmates, but to get a sense of accomplishment by checking out those who did not have a life as good as them.

Liu Anan grabbed everyone's attention immediately. Her blue dress made her look tall and pretty. Fu Lengbing touched up his hair before walking up to Liu Anan with a glass of champagne in his hand. However, before he got close, others had already started to woo Liu Anan.

"Liu Anan, long time no see."

"Yeah. You have become even more pretty."

Seeing them, Fu Lengbing paused and became pissed off. What a gorgeous girl! And he broke up with her because of nonsense. What a loss! As he was regretting, he suddenly heard a cry from the door. Fu Lengbing looked at the door and was stunned.

A red cold shoulder dress showed off her fair skin. With the long wavy hair and gorgeous features, she smiled and said, "It's been quite a while, my friends. Do you still remember me?"

"Yes!" The boy answered immediately, which caught the attention of everyone. He then bowed his head, blushing out of embarrassment. Fu Lengbing was now glad that he had not got an opportunity to flatter Liu Anan, walking to Yu Lili instead with the glass in his hand.

Liu Anan was very offended by that. Initially, she wanted to make Fu Lengbing feel jealous and beg her to come back. However, Yu Lili had come out of nowhere. What she did not expect was that someone more glamorous would surprise her even more.

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