The 99th Divorce Chapter 101

Holding a glass of champagne, Fu Lengbing walked up to Yu Lili and showed his best smile. "Yu Lili, right?"

Seeing Fu Lengbing's handsome face, Yu Lili raised an eyebrow and looked at Liu Anan provocatively.

Next to Liu Anan, a guy was handing her a piece of cake. Not noticing that, Liu Anan bumped into the cake and bristled. "What's wrong with you? Watch where you go."

The guy paused and immediately tried to wipe the cake off of her.

"Like a crazy woman." Yu Lili said sarcastically, taking the glass of champagne in Fu Lengbing's hand.

Fu Lengbing shook his head as well. "She's always like this."

"I heard that you two had a thing. It's not that nice to speak this way about your ex."

"That was a while back. Now with a prettier lady in front of me, it is very easy for me to choose."

Looking at the handsome face of Fu Lengbing, Liu Anan became even more pissed as her fists doubled up. Damn Yu Lili! What a slut! Trying to steal her man. Squeezing the glass in her hand, Liu Anan caught a glimpse of a tall and slim figure. The man was wearing a navy suit, clearly handmade in Italy. Liu Anan was immediately blown away. The man was wearing a pair of rimless glasses and had a harmless smile on his face. He was chatting with another guy, while the girls around him all looked at him in admiration.

This is… Lu Yihan? When has he done so well for himself?

Liu Anan glanced at Yu Lili and was reminded of their romance.

Since you're stealing my men, then I will steal yours.

With her sweetest and most charming smile, Liu Anan swayed toward Lu Yihan. Many men were staring at her, and she also caught Lu Yihan's attention. "Lu Yihan, it's been a while."

Seeing Liu Anan, Lu Yihan still had the same smile. "Is that right? I see you quite often on Weibo. Now that you are a celebrity, how about a signature for me?"

Liu Anan heard that and could no longer maintain her smile. The fact that her high school abortion was exposed on the internet was no secret. Many of her high school friends knew about it. That was why many men were trying to ask her out, since they had found out that she was quite easy. However, Lu Yihan was the first to spell it out.

Seeing that she looked uncomfortable, Lu Yihan blinked and asked with concern, "Are you not feeling well? You look quite pale."

"Exactly. You need to go to the hospital if you don't feel well," said a girl.

"Is it the complications from your abortion?"

People started to laugh and looked at Liu Anan differently. Liu Anan could no longer keep calm. As she was shaking, the laughter suddenly stopped.

Lu Yihan's smiley eyes also looked to the door of the ballroom. Yu Lili, who had been watching Lu Yihan, clearly saw admiration in his eyes. Lu Yihan was quite a nerd, and Yu Lili had never seen him interested in something like this. Yu Lili followed his gaze and suddenly felt suffocated.

It was her…

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