The 99th Divorce Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Blow Everyone Away
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The person everyone was looking at was wearing an expensive navy gown. Made of silk, the dress had an asymmetrical design. The fabric had a gradient effect and faded into white on the bottom. Layers of silk showed off her figure perfectly. Wearing a sapphire and diamond necklace, she looked both elegant and youthful. Her makeup was quite light, and her hair was in a chic updo.

Even though Yu Lili was a woman, she was attracted to this girl. How beautiful! Her features might not be perfect, but her elegance was undeniable. The room was quiet for a few seconds and then people started to discuss.

"Who is this? She looks so familiar. Is she our classmate?"

"I don't think so. Do we know someone like this?"

"What brand is she wearing? I can't tell."

Of course no one could tell, because Su Qianci was wearing the latest design of a designer from Milan. And her necklace was custom made by Tiffany.

Liu Anan wished to have any item that Su Qianci was wearing. How come a bitch like Su Qianci suddenly had everything? The world was so unfair! Liu Anan clearly had jealousy her eyes. Glancing at the man next to her, she suddenly had an idea. It was Lu Yihan.

"You came so late. I thought you were not going to come." Lu Yihan said jokingly, walking toward Su Qianci.

Liu Anan was dazed. This man who did not deign to talk to any girls suddenly walked to Su Qianci? Not only Liu Anan, but also the other girls who had failed to flirt with Lu Yihan were surprised by his approaching Su Qianci. Yu Lili, on the other hand, suddenly drank all the wine in her glass.

Seeing Su Qianci from afar, Lu Yihan was clearly stunned. He said exaggeratedly, "Wow, you're so pretty. You're not a woman, but a goddess."

Su Qianci giggled, making the guys around her even more intrigued. She looked like she walked directly out of a magazine, with incredible glamour.

"Is this Su Qianci?" Someone suddenly spoke.

Hearing that, those people who were trying to search their memories were suddenly enlightened. "Oh my god. This is Su Qianci? Such a huge change!"

Liu Anan gritted her teeth as jealousy burned in her heart. She smiled coldly and said, "Successful plastic surgery. Where did you do it?"
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