The 99th Divorce Chapter 106

When Su Qianci was about to go back to her seat with a cocktail in her hand, Liu Anan walked up to her. Glancing at Su Qianci's glass, Liu Anan raised her own glass to Su Qianci and said, "I was being bitchy that time. And I want to apologize to you. Qianci, can we go back to being friends?"

Su Qianci did not want to drink with her, looking at Liu Anan, feeling amused. Friends? Liu Anan had always treated Su Qianci like an idiot. If it were the old Su Qianci, she might be tricked by Liu Anan, but now…"Have we ever been friends?"

Not expecting that from Su Qianci, Liu Anan squeezed her glass tightly and smiled reluctantly. "Of course, aren't we good friends?"

"Are we?" Su Qianci curled her lips. "I must have forgotten." Then, Su Qianci tried to go around her.

Looking at the untouched drink in Su Qianci's hand, Liu Anan was nervous. She saw Su Qianci getting a drink from that waiter. However, Su Qianci did not drink at all. Did she find out? Feeling uneasy, Liu Anan felt Su Qianci had become mysterious. She had only felt this way when around Li Sicheng before. May be Su Qianci had learned a thing or two from her husband? However, no matter what, Su Qianci must drink this glass of beverage today.

"Liu Anan," Lin Wanting called. Liu Anan turned her head back and saw Lin Wanting coming over, whispering, "I have already drugged Ding Haibo and made him get a room. As long as we bring Su Qianci over, she would not be able to run away given how strong the drug is. Next, it's up to you."

Liu Anan smiled with approval. "Well done. Let's enjoy the show."

Although it was important to take care of Ding Haibo, it was not enough to ruin Su Qianci. However, if Su Qianci and Ding Haibo could be caught in bed when doing it, that would be a different story.

Seeing them talking to each other, Su Qianci knew they were up to something.

But what is it?

The events had been quite different already from her previous lifetime. Su Qianci had no idea what was going to happen. Being alert, Su Qianci took a sip from her glass, deep in thought.

As Liu Anan turned her head back, she saw Su Qianci drinking. Although it was just a sip, Liu Anan was overjoyed. She drank it!

Su Qianci had been paying attention to the two girls. When seeing Liu Anan's look, Su Qianci had a sinister feeling.

Noticing the gaze from Su Qianci, Liu Anan was surprised. Did Su Qianci really suspect something? Feeling both guilty and excited, Liu Anan said, "Su Qianci, although you did not recognize our friendship, I meant it when I said you are my good friend. Here's to apologizing to you!"

Then, Liu Anan drank all the wine in her glass. Seeing Su Qianci not moving, she pleaded, "Su Qianci, we do know each other well, don't we? Please just drink with me."

Feeling weird, Su Qianci still drank the beverage in her hand under the pleading gaze from Liu Anan.

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