The 99th Divorce Chapter 107

After a business event, Li Sicheng got a message. It was a photo. The number was unknown. Li Sicheng downloaded the photo and saw a familiar figure. In a navy gown, Su Qianci looked very charming. She was blushing a little with a tall and handsome man wearing glasses in front of her. They were looking at each other and smiling. The two were standing in a corridor. Judging by the decorations, they should be in Royal Hotel as well, same as Li Sicheng. Then, he got another message. This time, it was a picture of the room number.

F 1805

The two photos would be completely innocent if received separately. However, they were sent at the same time. Obviously, the sender was trying to prove something. Li Sicheng's heart suddenly sank. Uncontrollable anger took over him.

Tang Mengying had known Li Sicheng for more than a decade, so she could immediately tell that he was in a bad mood. Feeling excited, she knew that Liu Anan's plan must have started. Glancing at his phone, Tang Mengying organized the files quietly and said, "I heard there's a high school reunion of Su Qianci's class today. They are also having an event here. I believe it's not over yet. How about we go check it out?"

"How did you know?" Li Sicheng's voice was so cold that it could freeze her.

Tang Mengying's heart suddenly raced as she explained, "My cousin is her classmate, so…" So it was natural for her to know that Su Qianci was in the same hotel.

Seeming to accept this explanation, Li Sicheng got up and raced to the door.

Tang Mengying felt relieved, took up the phone, and saw a message from Liu Anan twenty minutes ago: "We are ready." Curling her lips, Tang Mengying deleted the text and trotted to catch up with Li Sicheng.

Seeing Su Qianci had drunk the beverage, Liu Anan smiled gratefully and said, "Su Qianci, I knew we are good friends. You agree with me, don't you?"

Su Qianci felt a bit creeped out by her smile and stepped back. "I only felt thirsty. Don't read too much into it." Then, Su Qianci quickly returned to her friends.

Ignored like that, Liu Anan did not feel annoyed at all, but giggled triumphantly.

You will be ruined very soon…

Clearly noticing the odd movements of Liu Anan and Lin Wanting, Su Qianci wondered what they were expecting. Under their watch, Su Qianci deliberately walked toward the door of the bar room. It was a glass door, clearly showing what was happening behind her. Su Qianci immediately saw Lin Wanting catching up with her. Sneering inwardly, Su Qianci pretended to lose her balance and reached for a chair.

Seeing Su Qianci like that from afar, Lin Wanting quickly held Su Qianci's arm, looking concerned. "Qianci, are you okay? Are you drunk?"

Su Qianci waved her hand but was forcefully pulled up by Lin Wanting. "I will take you to rest. You should lie down a bit."

Something must be off!

Su Qianci let Lin Wanting take the lead, soon entered the elevator and went to the eighteenth floor, in front of the room F 1805.

Lin Wanting heard some noise from inside, ignored it, and took out a room key from her purse, scanned it at the door.


The door was open…

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