The 99th Divorce Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Well-Deserved
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As soon as the door was open, the noise immediately stopped. Lin Wanting remained calm and said with concern, "Rest well." Then she pushed Su Qianci into the room.

Su Qianci's eyes became cold as she heard someone panting. Although the noise was slight, Su Qianci suddenly felt a sense of crisis. Something was definitely off. Stepping back, Su Qianci got rid of Lin Wanting's hand and twisted her arm. Lin Wanting let out a cry and was shoved into the room by Su Qianci instead. The room was all dark, but Su Qianci could hear the panting getting close.

Under the light from the hall door, Su Qianci could see Ding Haibo's meaty face shaking in pain, his eyes bloodshot. Shocked, Su Qianci stepped back immediately. Lin Wanting, who was already in the room, did not have time to escape. She exclaimed, "Go away!" However, she was pulled inside abruptly by Ding Haibo. "No!" Lin Wanting struggled, her legs kicking. She looked up at Su Qianci desperately, pleading, "Save me. Qianci, please!"

"Give it to me!" Ding Haibo breathed heavily, his thick hands quickly ripping Lin Wanting's clothes apart. The expensive gown was shredded. Seeing that, Su Qianci was speechless. She had no idea that she would see something like this. As an adult, Su Qianci knew what Ding Haibo's reaction meant. However, she suddenly felt a chill. Abruptly, Su Qianci grabbed the doorknob and closed the door behind her. The screaming immediately disappeared. Su Qianci had never been so glad that she had learned jiu jitsu. Lin Wanting almost succeeded in ruining her life again.


Su Qianci could still hear Lin Wanting's voice vaguely. Each call was like a hammer, making Su Qianci scared. If she had not acted fast enough to push Lin Wanting inside, it would be her struggling against Ding Haibo. Thinking of the miserable scene she had just witnessed, Su Qianci couldn't help feeling disappointed and sad. However, the only thing she did not feel was sympathy. That was well-deserved!

Liu Anan was holding her phone with a content smile. However, when she saw Su Qianci's elegant figure entering the bar room, her smile immediately froze. Su Qianci walked steadily, her eyes cold. How was that possible? Liu Anan saw Su Qianci drinking that beverage with drug.

Why is she sober?

Shocked, Liu Anan couldn't help feeling nervous as Su Qianci approached her. Su Qianci looked down and saw "sent" on Liu Anan's phone and immediately snatched the phone. With one click, Su Qianci saw two photos. Her eyes colder, Su Qianci raised her hand and slapped Liu Anan right in the face.
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