The 99th Divorce Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Time to Go Home, My Wife
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Su Qianci suddenly felt something hit her heart, and an unspeakable feeling suddenly took over her. He was calling her? Su Qianci felt dazed, as if she was in a trance. However, his body temperature left on the jacket was so real

As Li Sicheng said that, some people couldn't help letting out small cries.

"What the f***, Su Qianci's husband is Li Sicheng?"

"Really? What does he see in that kind of" The person stopped himself immediately, looking to Li Sicheng's direction timidly.

"Mr. Li" The girl who had just cursed Su Qianci suddenly became worried. "I was just joking with an old friend Not really trying to insult her Mr. Li"

Seeing the girl's reaction, Lu Yihan felt sullen. Although Li Sicheng said nothing and did nothing, those people were already pleading and trying to flatter him. At the moment, Lu Yihan felt like he was a joker.

How pathetic!

Li Sicheng stood next to Su Qianci, looking quite the match. Indeed, with such a man next to her, Su Qianci did not need his protection and help, did she? But he did not want to give up

Li Sicheng did not seem to hear the girl and whispered to Su Qianci, "Let's go." His rough hand held Su Qianci's nervously curled fingers, pulling her away. Su Qianci caught up with Li Sicheng, with all sorts of looks cast at her, her head bowed and her heart racing. She seemed to be the girl that everyone envied. But she felt everything was so unreal, as if she had stolen this happiness from somewhere.

Subconsciously, Su Qianci turned her head back and saw Tang Mengying standing still with Liu Anan, whose cheeks were swollen, next to her. Tang Mengying, too, looked jealous of Su Qianci. That cheered Su Qianci up. Su Qianci trotted to keep up with Li Sicheng, held his arm, and smiled away.

With some documents in her hand, Tang Mengying gritted her teeth. Anger and hatred were growing her heart like weeds. If there were no Su Qianci, Tang Mengying would be the one who was enjoying all this glamour.

As the couple were about to leave the ballroom, the girl who cursed Su Qianci suddenly heard her phone ringing.

"Hi dad." However, in less than two seconds, the girl's expression suddenly changed as she screamed, "What? How could this be? In the morning everything was fine. How are we bankrupt in just one day?"


Everyone looked to her.

"Who did I offend? I didn't" As the girl was about to talk back, she suddenly saw Li Sicheng and Su Qianci leaving and became pale.
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