The 99th Divorce Chapter 113

Everyone suddenly felt a chill down their spine, gazing at the couple leaving.

The girl's mind had gone blank. All of a sudden, she chased after the couple like crazy, shouting, "Mr. Li, Mr. Li!"

However, before she approached him, a woman stopped her. Cheng You blocked her way with a poker face, saying coldly, "This is useless."

However, the girl would not give up, trying to push Cheng You away.

However, someone was even faster than her. Fu Lengbing stopped the girl and pretended to comfort her. "Instead of apologizing, you should think about the crisis your family is facing right now. Isn't that right, Cheng You?" Fu Lengbing put on his best smile, but Cheng You only glanced at him and nodded.

Cheng You then said to Tang Mengying, "Mrs. Tang, please get the files ready as soon as possible. I need them by ten."

Treated like a subordinate in public, Tang Mengying felt a bit embarrassed. However, Cheng You was her supervisor, so she only nodded. Gazing at Tang Mengying deeply, Cheng You turned away.

Fu Lengbing's eyes lit up as he admired her. "Gorgeous."

"Let go of me," the girl cried, wanting to chase after the couple, but Fu Lengbing would not let go of her hands in order to impress Cheng You and Li Sicheng.

Cheng You soon disappeared from everyone's sight.

Tang Mengying gave Liu Anan a stare and commanded, "Come here!"

Liu Anan shuddered and immediately followed Tang Mengying to a corner.

"I have already given you the drug. It was a simple task and you messed it up." Tang Mengying deliberately lowered her voice, but the anger was obvious.

Liu Anan felt a bit sullen. "I have already told the waiter to give her the vodka soda and saw her drink it I don't know why"

"Vodka soda?" Tang Mengying bristled. "Su Qianci never drinks vodka. Don't you know that?"

Liu Anan was dazed. "No way I saw" However, she was suddenly reminded of something. Indeed, the beverage that she tampered with was vodka soda, but Su Qianci seemed to be drinking champagne. However, how did Su Qianci have the time to switch the drink? Liu Anan thought hard and recalled a gap in time when Lin Wanting called her to talk. It was less than a minute. However, that was the only period of time that her eyes had left Su Qianci.

"Idiot. You can't even do a simple task right. I shouldn't have wasted all the effort to clear your name on Weibo. If I knew you were so useless, I should have done this myself."

Tang Mengying sounded furious, which made Liu Anan become pale. She immediately said, "Cousin, don't get mad. I have something else."

"They have already left. What can you possibly have?"

"The room! I asked Lin Wanting to steal Su Qianci's ID to get the hotel room. That is proof."

Tang Mengying was almost speechless. She grit her teeth and said, "Idiot. Can't they check the surveillance camera footage? Also, where is Lin Wanting?"

Liu Anan was dazed, then suddenly realized that Lin Wanting was long gone. Thinking of something, Liu Anan's looks suddenly changed as she said, "Ding Haibo is still in the room. I drugged him with five pills!"

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