The 99th Divorce Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Lin Wantings Consequences
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Tang Mengying was shocked and let out a yelp. "Five pills, you might as well kill him!"

Liu Anan was almost in tears. "What should I do? I will call an ambulance"

However, Tang Mengying immediately took Liu Anan's phone and said, "Are you crazy? If you call an ambulance, you might go to jail."

"Then what should I do?"

Tang Mengying's face looked gloomy as she said calmly, "Just pretend you know nothing and go back."


"You want to go to jail?"


"Then go back home and pretend that you know nothing."

People started to leave, but some close friends stayed around to drink. Almost everyone was gone at about 10 o'clock.

When the last few people were ready to leave, a man who was Fu Lengbing's friend suddenly asked, "What was the room number in the photo that Su Qianci sent to the group?"

"F 1805. What about it?"

"I don't think that is a random room. What do you think Li Sicheng would see if he had really bought the story and gone there?"

"Want to check it out?"

"Let's go!"

The few people went to the eighteenth floor and heard roaring and banging as they approached the room. The few people looked at each other and a girl suddenly hushed them. She leaned against the closed door and said, "I think I heard Lin Wanting's voice."

The guys were dazed, also leaning against the door.


A weak cry for help shocked everyone.

Since the girl was on good terms with Lin Wanting, she immediately called the police when hearing Lin Wanting's voice. A guy went to the front desk to get the room key. When they busted into the room, they immediately smelled blood.

Lin Wanting was already very weak and cried immediately seeing the door opened. "Help me" Her voice was hoarse and desperate, different from her usual sweet voice.

It sounded terrifying.

Her friend almost cried, exclaiming, "Lin Wanting!"

Ding Haibo took no notice of what was happening, moving his hips relentlessly with blood dripping down his legs. When the men pulled Ding Haibo away from Lin Wanting, they were even punched in the face by Ding Haibo. It took three men to take Ding Haibo away. Lin Wanting was half dead when she was carried into the ambulance, leaving blood everywhere as she went. The crime soon caught the attention of the upper level of the police department. Ding Haibo's father, Director Ding was called into question and then suspended.

Walking out of the ballroom holding Li Sicheng's hand, Su Qianci felt she must be in a dream. Glancing at her husband's face, Su Qianci's heart raced out of control. However, she could not fall for him. Taking her hand back, Su Qianci asked, "Why are you here?"

Li Sicheng looked down and answered, "To find you."

Su Qianci felt her heart had skipped a beat. His simple answer led to ripples in her heart
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