The 99th Divorce Chapter 115

Chapter 115: A Shame
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Sicheng said calmly, "let's go home."

Su Qianci nodded, regarding the black Maybach that had been waiting in front of the hotel. Yang opened the door for them. Everything felt so real.

"Ms. Su?" Su Qianci heard a familiar voice. It was Sheng Ximing. "What a pleasant surprise." Sheng Ximing sounded glad.

However, the moment he saw Li Sicheng, Sheng Ximing's smiled disappeared a bit as he asked Su Qianci, "this is your husband?"

Su Qianci nodded, glancing at Li Sicheng. In her previous lifetime, Su Qianci had never been permitted to introduce Li Sicheng like this. But now

Li Sicheng frowned slightly and reached out a hand toward Sheng Ximing. "Hello. I've heard a lot about you."

"Pleasure to meet you." Sheng Ximing shook hands with Li Sicheng, with traces of hostility in his eyes. "How's your marriage?"

Li Sicheng was immediately reminded of the divorce contract in the drawer of his nightstand. It was stamped by this lawyer right in front of him.

What is he trying to say? Isn't he too old to have any intention about a twenty-year-old woman?

Li Sicheng held Su Qianci's hand gently and announced, "Thanks for asking. My wife and I completely enjoy our marriage. Isn't that right, darling?"

Su Qianci was caught off-guard, and her heart skipped a beat because of what he called her. Blushing a bit, Su Qianci nodded.

"Let's go home." Li Sicheng let go of Sheng Ximing's hand and put an arm around Su Qianci's shoulder, whispering in an erotic tone, "Go home and feed me."

Blood rushed to Su Qianci's face. Feed him? Clenching her legs, Su Qianci pushed Li Sicheng. "Nonsense"

Li Sicheng regarded her seriously, pretending to be puzzled. "I meant noodles. What were you thinking?"

Yang couldn't help chuckling, making Su Qianci blushed even more.

Seeing Sheng Ximing's gaze, though, Su Qianci felt mortified. Staring at Li Sicheng, Su Qianci stomped her foot and pushed him away, getting in the car herself.

Seeing how shy Su Qianci was, Li Sicheng had a subtle smile on his face.

Sheng Ximing's feeling was complicated. He initially thought the couple must be having a terrible relationship, so that Su Qianci would go to him with a divorce contract just a few days after the wedding. However, it did not seem to be true.

"Your wife is lovely."

"Thank you. I think so as well." Li Sicheng said calmly, "I need to go now. See you next time."

Li Sicheng joined Su Qianci in the car.

The black Maybach went away, leaving Sheng Ximing alone. He took out a pocket watch and saw the old photo inside it. The woman in the photo was almost the replica of Su Qianci. "She looks so much like you"
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