The 99th Divorce Chapter 116

Chapter 116: An Overseas Call
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In the car, Su Qianci felt so embarrassed that she wanted to hide herself. So embarrassing! Her reputation must be ruined.

Li Sicheng was calm as always. He loosened his tie, glanced at Su Qianci's embarrassed look, and said with a subtle smile, "I'm going on a business trip tomorrow."

Su Qianci was distracted and nodded. In her last lifetime, Li Sicheng had also gone on the business trip for some time after the high school reunion. However, he had not notified Su Qianci that time. In the end, Su Qianci had learned from Tang Mengying that he had gone to Australia. During that time, his secretary Tang Mengying had often reported to her his whereabouts, showing off her spending time with him every day and reminding Su Qianci of being a pathetic housewife.

"It's going to take about a month. If you feel bored at home, you could keep grandpa company in the old house."

Su Qianci nodded. Although she knew that he would go on this business trip, it bothered Su Qianci to think that he would spend a month with Tang Mengying. Su Qianci looked up at him and asked meekly, "Will Tang Mengying go with you?"

Li Sicheng nodded and noticed that Su Qianci was unhappy, explaining, "She had studied in Australia, so it would be more convenient with her around."

But she is wicked!

Su Qianci especially remembered that about three weeks after they had left for Australia, Tang Mengying "accidentally" called Su Qianci to make her listen to Tang and Li Sicheng making love. Although Su Qianci was never certain whether the man was Li Sicheng, she could still hear the panting and the moaning so vividly Su Qianci suddenly felt like her heart was wrenched.

"Does that bother you?" Li Sicheng was not completely ignorant of Tang Mengying's feelings for him, but he had always believed that they were harmless as long as he did not respond. He had always thought of Tang Mengying like a younger sister. For all these years, he had turned a blind eye to their families' effort to make them a couple. When his mother suggested Tang Mengying as his secretary, he did not refuse. However, it had never occurred to him that Su Qianci might feel uncomfortable.

Su Qianci heard the question and blinked. Could she tell him the truth? It does bother her! However, what reason does she have to be bothered? She was going to divorce him. They had less than ten months before the marriage ended. In addition, he had always liked Tang Mengying instead of herself, hadn't he? However, although she knew all that, Su Qianci still felt at a loss. Su Qianci eventually shook her head and said, "I'm not going to tell you what to do at work."

Li Sicheng did not answer. Silence fell.

Su Qianci spent half of her time at the old house in the following days. The other half of the time, Su Qianci took some classes in art. Very soon, new semester started. The summer vacation had passed, and Su Qianci was now a junior student in college. Her life became busy again.

The twenty eighth day after Li Sicheng left, at 8 o'clock, Su Qianci had got a call from Tang Mengying. The exact time as the call she had gotten in her previous lifetime
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